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Sim and Sim New Relaunch!

Let me know what you think:

Sim and Sim has a host of features including:

1. Image Hosting
2. Video Hosting
3. 10 Post Blog
4. Translation of Pages into French and German
5. Unlimited Commenting System
6. Profile Builder
7. Real Time Stats
8. Extensive Forum
Euhm, nice...
But maybe some more html and css might do the job to you know Wink You're site is very heavy to load and generates a lot of traffic. You can use a few small pictures, but the mainpart has to be in html. It's also easer to get a rank in a search-engine, when using html.

*Doesn't this topic belongs here?*
Link is dead.
Kit wrote:
Link is dead.

I now fixed the link.

Your website looks nice, but not finished. Like blackshad said, it would be better to replace the giant image by html, css and text. That would be much better for the search engines.
I changed it back to the way it was
Simulacra wrote:
I changed it back to the way it was

Uhh your website also?

Regardless you need to make you site acessible to those poor people using Internet Explorer. They vastly outnumber those lucky ones using firefox and we must accomodate to their misfortune.
Sorry Kit I don't, its either Firefox or nothing
Moved to advertise your website Smile
its good. And In firefox this site works very good, in ie no, but if you dont want to fix the problem... the layout is good. Razz
Ya I like it, and I'm not fixing the IE problem
I must be missing something! I was under the understanding that the purpose of a web site was to attract traffic and compell visitors to view your whole site. If your goal is Trying to get folks to jump on the firefox band wagon, You should at least drop the attitude aginst other browsers. But it is your site and if your goal is to limit your viewing audience, That is your choice.
The site does look good in firefox, But it sucks in IE. Sad
Internet Explorer doesn't render the site properly because Microsoft adheres to it's standards, not the standards set down by the W3. I agree with the guy, it Internet Explorer doesn't work correctly, well, get a better browser. It's not like you have to pay for it.
Yes you are right. It doesn't render it the same. But when a web design has display limits. so does it's visitors. If a site chooses to limit it's visitors, that is the designers privilege.
If Microsoft fix it then it will work, but I'm not, Everyone should get Firefox,
Sim and Update:
The Media section for Pictures is now in
Have a look, you can also register for the
members section but the members
section itself is not up yet
Massive update:
Site has gotton a brand new cool blue look
Proper Image hosting service installed
Video upload service fully up and running now with integration to your Sim and Sim Ste
Pages can be translated from English to German and French
Blog commenting system has been put in
And the Stats to images have been added
So, noone gona take a look....
Simulator wrote:
Sorry Kit I don't, its either Firefox or nothing
Hmm, way to ignore 80% of internet users...

The site is pretty boring, might think of giving it a less boring design.

Also, you might think about developing your own color scheme and graphics, your site looks like a default installation of phpBB.
Thats fixed now, all Microsoft and Linux browers that I have tryed work in it, And I know, I never knew that till I converted over to phpBB! I asked around and they said that blue is way better than the old Black and Red
What's the point of having a 10 post blog?
Well were not really a Blog service, we are more of a "hosting" service, we bring together several services on the one site
Yeah, but limiting the number of posts to such a small number, or limiting the number of posts at all sort of defeats the point.

Where did you purchase your hosting?
The only thing I paid for was the domain name, and I don't think that Bondings would let me give out free Blogs, which is why it is limited to 10, but if you could help me to get him to say otherwise....... Very Happy
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