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Dancing with a tornado: a true story in photos (large jpgs)

It started as a one night camping trip to blue lake in Colorado. I had brought along a disposable camera to record the fun. But it wasn't fun. It was crappy up untel on the next day, when i saw some thing i had never seen in real life before. A tornado. It was far away but big.

Thats me on the right.

Soon after noticing the tornado, we see a dirt devil just on the other side of the lake gaining power.

Then more small tornados appeared all around the lake.

The one just across the like moved on to the water and started to gain more power.

Soon there was a spire of want reaching beyond the clouds.

The next thing we know is moving at us with speed so we retreat to the car. I stay outside and keep shooting.

Click! Its on the hood. (Notice the antenna ball).

Click! Looking straight up.

Click! Looking away from the lake as it continues onward.

A great experience. If only i could tell you all of it.
That would be a rare experience but could be a little scary if it were a very powerful one.

Nice pictures and some cool ones of the water and little wind swirls on the water.

That will be something you remember. Too bad you didn't have a good camera with you. Sad
Thanks, it is great to experience it, I guess that is why you bother to post it.

Thanks for the sharing this, which I have not seen in real life.
Shocked Surprised aaaaa, just look at the 7th picture, Surprised

and then the 4th one, Surprised

kinda breathtakingly scary.


thanks for sharing!
Scary stuff. That must be a one-of-a-kind-of experiment.
Nice to share this with us. The photo with the 3 tornadoes is the best.

You were lucky to see a small tornado. If it was bigger, probably we wouldn't saw this post Wink
This looks a little dangerous. Have you tried sky diving yet Question
Oh,I even can not believe that is true.I think maybe that is your work by Photoshop.
But if that is true,you are very lucky to experient it.
They are real. I wish i was that good with photoshop. The twister in the first 2 photos wasbig, just really far off. An official tornado at least, the local news said it was a F2. Tore up some farm land but thats it.
Great experiences, dunno how all those tornados came over there. And watch your finger next time Razz
It was pretty intense. The last thing i was thinking of was if my phalanges were in the way. Wasn't used to the disposable anyways.
Wow, too bad the quality isn't that good, but still very rare and awesome photos Shocked
I wonder how it feels like sitting below that thing. Glad it wasn't a powerful one, but it could be...

Very nice!
This reminds me of Twister, except a lot smaller. It's a good movie, if you haven't seen it.

On a side note at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, they make a little tornado in the room with a really really large fan. Does anyone know if this is at all dangerous?
Wow.. Great shots. I've always wanted to see a tornado in real life. Tornadoes are very rare here in Sydney. Must be very scary and exciting getting that close to a tornado.
#1 we both know you got really lucky. I'm from Oklahoma, and I know first hand what they are capable of doing to large amounts of land in the blink of an eye, but I'm happy for you that it seemed have become dosile enough for a breef moment not to have totally ripped your card to pieces and you with it.

#2 I'm happy that you kept your head about you enough to get pictures that you will remember and enjoy sharing with others your whole life. I give your photos a thumbs-up!!

Wow, still shivering at the thought of getting to watch one let alone be close enough to feel one again.
Wow nice man! You had some balls to get out of the car with a tornado, I'd be ****** scared! Nice shots, though. I've always wanted to see one.
Those shots really impressed me! Weren't you scared at all? Gosh I'd be terrified!!! It is an one in a life time experience!
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