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Movies I have seen in the past year:

[American History X][1999]
[Assault On Precinct 13][1976]
[Assault On Precinct 13][2004]
[Beavis And Butthead Do America][1996]
[Bill Bailey - Bewilderness][2001]
[Blade II][1998]
[Blade III - Blade Trinity][2004]
[Bottom Live - An Arse Oddity][2001]
[Bottom Live - Hooligan's Island][1997]
[Bottom Live - The Big Number 2][1995]
[Bottom Live - Weapons Grade Y-Fronts][2003]
[Bottom Live][1993]
[Bottom Movie - Guest House Paradiso][1999]
[Bridget Jones' Diary I - Bridget Jones' Diary][20
[Bridget Jones' Diary II - The Edge of Reason][200
[Bruce Almighty][2003]
[Chris Rock - Bigger And Blacker][2004]
[Chris Rock - Bring The Pain][2002]
[Chris Rock - Never Scared][2004]
[Chronicles of Riddick][2004]
[Collateral Damage][2002]
[Comedian Jerry Seinfeld][2002]
[Cruel Intentions][1999]
[Cube 2 Hypercube][2003]
[Cube Zero][2004]
[Darkness Falls][2003]
[Dawn Of The Dead][2004]
[Deep Evil][2004]
[Dude Wheres My Car][2001]
[Finding Nemo][2003]
[Finding Neverland][2004]
[Flight Of The Phoenix][2005]
[Freddy Vs. Jason][2003]
[Full Metal Jacket][1987]
[Garden State][2004]
[Ghost Ship][2003]
[Hackers 1 - Hackers]
[Hackers 2 - Operation Takedown]
[Hackers 3 - Antitrust]
[Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets][2002]
[Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone][2001]
[House Of 1000 Corpses][2003]
[House Of Flying Daggers][2005]
[House Of The Dead][2004]
[House Of Wax][1953]
[House Of Wax][2005]
[How High][2001]
[In Good Company][2004]
[Into The Sun][2005]
[Jerry Seinfeld - I'm Telling You For The Last Tim
[Layer Cake][2004]
[Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels][1998]
[Man On Fire][2004]
[Matrix Revolutions][2004]
[Me, Myself and Irene][2000]
[Meet The Fockers][2004]
[Million Dollar Baby][2004]
[Monty Python - And The Holy Grail][1975]
[Moulin Rouge][2001]
[My Babys Daddy][2004]
[My Big Fat Greek Wedding][2002]
[My Bosss Daughter][2003]
[Napoleon Dynamite][2004]
[Nine Lives][2004]
[Not Another Teen Movie][2001]
[Oceans Eleven][2002]
[Oceans Twelve][2004]
[Old School][2003]
[Pablo Francisco - Bits And Pieces][2004]
[Panic Room][2002]
[Phone Booth][2003]
[Remember The Titans][2001]
[Resident Evil 1][2002]
[Resident Evil 2 - Apocalypse][2004]
[Road Trip][2000]
[Robin Williams- Live On Broadway][2002]
[Rush Hour 2][2001]
[Scary Movie 3][2004]
[School Of Rock][2004]
[Seed of Chucky][2004]
[Shall We Dance][2004]
[Shark Tale][2004]
[Shaun Of The Dead][2004]
[Shrek 2][2004]
[Sin City][2005]
[Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow][2004]
[Stand By Me][1986]
[Starsky And Hutch][2004]
[Team America - The World Police][2004]
[The 51st State][2001]
[The Butterfly Effect][2004]
[The Cable Guy][1996]
[The Exorcist The Beginning][2004]
[The Fast And The Furious][2001]
[The Final Cut][2004]
[The Forgotten][2004]
[The Game][1997]
[The Girl Next Door][2004]
[The Grudge][2004]
[The Matrix - Reloaded][2003]
[The Matrix][1999]
[The New Guy][2002]
[The Punisher][2004]
[The Terminal][2004]
[The Transporter][2003]
[The Whole Ten Yards][2004]
[Training Day][2002]
[Van Helsing][2004]
[What Women Want][2001]
[White Noise][2004]
[Wrong Turn][2004]

He He He He Big list huh? Laughing
Man...I'm a terrible adict of movies so if I were to right the movies I saw the past year it would be considered flood...Razz

I'll just list the best ones I saw the past year, which I recommend :

- Mary Full Of Grace
- Fight Club
- Snatch
- Forest Gump
- Goodfellas
- 12 Monkeys
- Godfather (all parts)
- Chocolat
- Goodbye Lenin!
What a lot of movies LOL!, you go to the movies for all of them or bought them from the shop then watched them, or just download them off the net?
136 movies in 1 must be watching 1 movie almost every other day.
probaby downloaded them Razz
so many you have see. i dont have so.
Thats not toooooooooo crazy! I maybe might possibly if I feel like it and am morraly bord and sick in bed and hurt my ankle like I did this summer watch 100 movies a year. but comeon! its not that much.

My Favorite Movies!!!!!!!

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (very cool adventure)
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (battle with some romance)
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (battle)
Nepolain Dynomite!!! (its so stupidly good)

gota go, its lunch time. BYE aLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Like the "Contact" of Jodie Foster
That's a lot of movies for one year, Jack_hammer Shocked

However, this belongs in another forum... Hence, moved. Please post in the right forums... thank you for co-operating.
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