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how do i get answered in these forums?

i have posted thrice. one post got many views but zero replies..

do you have to adevrtise your posts too?

please don't ignore this too..
Sorry you've been getting ignored, I'm sure it's just a case of everyone thinking everyone else is going to reply... then no one does. That or just bad luck on your part. I find the forum goers around here a pretty decent crowd, so I'm leaning towards bad luck on your part.

Keep posting, by all means... hell, I replied to this after all. Smile

You can expect to get replied to each and every post you make here on these forums. Because of the huge number of posters and bad organization, you really cant help it ..

All you can do is make a post and hope to get a reply .... Atleast the Moderators here should have the basic responsibility to go through the posts ...
It also depends on how interesting or relevent the post is. If you're writing about something nobody else is interested in then they aren't going to reply. As a lot of people are viewing your posts I would say your post isn't interesting enough or relevent to others. Smile

Don't despair though. I expect most of us have had this happen to us.
Don't lose hope.
Keep on trying, try different forums and topics.

Not all will be answered, but some times you will be surprised to see your post grow into a many pronged tree.

It may turn into a major debate, then you'l see.
Find a topic that has had a lot of replies within a few days. You can bet that your post will get a reply ASAP, as long as it is interesting.

Try and further the discussion or add something to the arguement. Then people will be more likely to reply.
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Anyway, I think that solves your question.
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