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Navigation is Key!!

Many times I come across a website where the actual site is nice but I can't seem to get to where I a looking for or am confused by the navigation. Having a complicated navigation is a common mistake for indie web deisigners and professionals. So remember have a easy and clean navigation tht is always in the same general area and looks the same. It is also a good idea to have the navigation split into catagories such as Home|Product--->My Awsome Product|Support--->Forums---->Support Ticket---->Phone--->Email--->Live Chat ect
Very good observation. Yes you are rite, navigation should be clear and visible by this the visitor that visits your site is given a chance to nevigate through your site and see all the good things.
Also, just to add to this, the internet is now primarily graphical, and a simple set of links to the side may be functional, but don't neglect a background image on them, its a simple css fix, maybe a js mouseover to change it up. Keep it simple and clean, but its a great addition.
Clear navigation is always a good idea, but where would the best place to put the navigation be? A top-bar or a sidebar or else?
Flakky wrote:
Clear navigation is always a good idea, but where would the best place to put the navigation be? A top-bar or a sidebar or else?

I really depends on the site type and material. If you have articles on your site, side bar is good because in this case TOP bar seems ocward.

If you have long long pages, put a nav bar in the end also.
But its not the hard and fast rule. Use your common sense according to the circumstances.
Navigation placement I think has to do with the design, and this doesn't neccesarily take away from ease of navigation.

Hard to navigate sites often times have broken links, or even links that don't lead to where they say they are going. Not always just positioning problems!
this is a problem with some sites but you do have to keep in mind that a site with many links that are linking you all over the place are in there positions because either the site has to many branches off the same subject so for example. If your on a site that says Get a price quote - Its going to have more then one branch... It will branch off to New Quote, Old Quote Junkyard Quote or w.e Some people know how to organize it where its very simple some re-word things diff. to the point where you dont understand if your going in the correct place. And for you users who are browsing those sites, Some are just lazy to see that the link or button they want is right in front of there face ( Its just very tinny ) Lol

- Jerome
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