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High School Musical

Hey i just saw Highschool Musical 2! Which one do you like better?

High School Musical 1
Highschool Musical 2?

Whiich one and why do you choose? I chose the 2nd cuz it wasnt as cheezy haha Razz

Anyway choose whichever one you wish to and post it up. I want to see which one people prefer!
HSM1 had a very obvious recurring theme.

Most movies have a very great "1", but then a very sucky "2" sequel.

But HSM2 was as good as one, thankfully.

I like the HSM2 songs better.

Or maybe it was because I got tired of listening and watching HSM1.
I haven't seen HSM 2, but I predict something worse than HSM1! It would follow the Universal Law of Sequels!
1st one..!! i like vanessa hudgens..
2nd one sucks :/ I like first one!
While I have no see the full High School Musical 2 my daughter and son really liked High School Musical 2 as much if not more then the first. I thihk it was very important that Disney at least met the expectations of thewre target audence or the High School Musical empire wold fall like a house of cards. They had alot riding on this made for tv movie and I think they were successful in attaning that goal.

The once scene that I did see was the musical number at the pool. They coped some dance and camera angels form the old 40's Hollywood dance extravaganza movies. I know a lot about dance and camera and I have to say that they seem to really pull off many of the shots making that number realy work for the show.

I plan to watch it soon and as for the kids, they have seen ti 3 times already which goes to show you that the movie definitely holds there interest and had enough depth to keep the viewers happy.

So for my limited experience so far I say that High School Musical 2 is a winner.
I haven't watch HM2 but I think HM1 is really good and the theme songs are cool. SO I'll vote for HM1
I dunno, it's hard to say because they're both really good, I guess I'll go with two because a shirtless Zac Efron is just heaven!! Also, I thought that everyone did a better job the second time around and the storyline was just way better.
At first I wasn't going to watch neither of them, I wasn't even into all that Disney Channel movie stuff. But one day High School Musical 1 was on so I decided to watch it... it was ok. I wanted to watch number 2 but I never did yet. I couldn't really say which one I liked better but I'd probably say I like both of them. I think it's a good thing they air on T.V. and you don't have to go to the movies to see it.
"High School Musical" follows a classic formula. Troy Bolton is a popular guy and captain of the basketball team. Gabriella Montez is a shy girl who is a real brain. These two meet-cute at a New Year's Eve party while on vacation, where they are drafted to sing karaoke with each other and are surprised by how much they enjoy it.

The music is catchy, but also bland. The most interesting element of the film is the choreography -- unsurprisingly, since "High School Musical" is directed by Kenny Ortega, perhaps best known for his landmark choreography in "Dirty Dancing."

It wasn't the predictability of the outcome that disappointed me, but the blandness of the elements, starting with the leads. Zac and Gabriella were equally pretty and perfectly matched in temperament, so there never seemed to be any real obstacles to their union and no particular interest in seeing them together. (A two-minute interaction between Zac and shy, bespectacled show composer Kelsi Nielsen had more texture and interest than all of Zak and Gabriella's interactions.)
There both ok only a 1 time watch for me, Im not much into musicals.
I liked the first one. The music was nicelly integrated with the movie. It was a nice chickflick with nice music. Number two was ok, but the music was a little bit unnatural. Instead of using the music to illustrate a feeling or something, they used every opportunity to sing a song. The spoiled chick was getting an ice tea or something, and suddenly they just had to sing a song about ice tea. I was just sitting there moaping; "say what!?". Besides of the stupid songs, the rest of the movie was ok.
I liked them both a lot. The same thing happened to me for both. I initially hated the music... but the more I listened to it... the more catchy it got. I like the story of HSM2 a lot more. While it was still cookie cutter, I think it was less cookie cutter than the first one. I think I like the "non romantic" type music better in HSM1 and the "romantic" type music better in HSM2.
I think I like the first one better because the second didn't appeal to me. I think that the choreography was better in HSM 1 than in HSM2. It was something new and fresh and a bar was set by the first one that people expect more out of the second one. I was kind of disappointed in the second one. I felt like it was more of a soap opera than a movie. I'm sure millions and millions of Hsm fans watched it but I felt like it let me down but it was still a good movie. Smile
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