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Do you have a pet? I have a sheltie

Name: Maggie
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year

Do you have any pets? If so post them up!
That’s a pretty looking dog retro, is she your first dog, what’s her personality like, have you taught her any skills, what’s her favorite toy, does she try to bite the postman, is she neutered, how is she different form Dobermans, does she like other dogs, do you think she will kill a human if your life is threatened by that human, does she sleep inside or outside the house, do you like her, does she like you, what’s her favorite food, do you take her for walks, has she ever been in a fight with another dog while you were on a walk. Does it snow where you live?
I have a cat and it is a pain in the... you know. lol
Bigeezii wrote:
I have a cat and it is a pain in the... you know. lol

You should stop sitting on it then.
I've always had cats in my house since childhood and I still dont know why some people hate pets or get scared of them. I have a male cat called "Chickoo" who is very close to me. It just mingles around when I am in the house and misses me when I am not around. Its a great experiance having a pet in the house.
I have a cat. I think that it is the laziest cat in the world: he is always sleeping (when he is not annoying everyone to have his meal).
I used to have a cat. (He was a grey tabby) He ran away though. It was pretty strange, he just didn't come home one day. I looked around our whole neighborhood but I couldn't find anyone who saw him.
I had a cat but that dead beacause my brother kill the cat Sad
i had a cat and he call tiger, because he looks like a tiger more than a cat, well, some people say that. so i assume he is like tiger. but he is very naughty and so playful. he likes to hug my feet. and his imagination is so strong. he does try to run away from home but finally we get him back... coz got a neighbour try to hide it...
I remember far back in my head that there's a 'post your pet-pics'-thread, so I wont be posting any pics here.
But I will answer your question, for here is a dog, he's a 8½ months BorderCollie, three rabbits, five cats and five
kittens. One of the kittens will grow up and stay here with us, but the other ones are going to the vet for a check-up,
marking and vaccination on friday, then they will be moving. Sad
Ah, it's okay, but it will be empty. You grow accustomed to having them climbing your legs whatever you do.
Wonderful little creatures, and I love pets. But I wont be mentioning the bed-bugs... ops... now I did it anyway...
I have a dog he`s name is vili.
I live in finland so the name might sound funny.
we're just stuck with a boxer dog right now

But sometime in the future I plan on picking up my horse riding hobby, and then when I leave school I plan on leading my hobby into a career.. so for now it's just a dog I'm afraid

Name: Kimba
Breed: dog - boxer
age: around 4-ish
I have a dog pincher beautiful
I have a smart dog.
Name: Dunga.
Breed: Brazilian Terrier (I love this breed)
Age: 2 years old
I've got a White German Shepherd named Saber, who's about a year and a half old, and a cat named Tiger who's over eleven if I remember right.
i have 2 rats :
I don't have any pets at my house, but my parents still have one of the dogs that were there when I lived there. A little mutt of a dog named Tasha. She's a toy poodle, shitzu, miniature schnoezer (sp?) cross, and the cutest little thing ever. I'll try to get a picture sometime,
Rico wrote:
Bigeezii wrote:
I have a cat and it is a pain in the... you know. lol

You should stop sitting on it then.


i have 3 cats and one dog Rolling Eyes
I have 5 rabbits and 4 chicken. I hate chicken, but my mom like roast chickens.
i have two pet rats....

their names are Raf (a black and white) and Leo(white), think Ninja Turtles.

we were going to get four for each turtle, but decided that was a bit too many for us to handle.

they're the cutest things, though one of them is a little timid. Raf is extra adventurous, and loves to explore... though he also likes to make little... "messes" a lot, which is kinda irritating but i guess you deal with that sort of thing. Leo is more shy, and will hide from you in cloths and the like, but also loves the challenge of an escape. the both have great personalities, and love cheerios for treats.
retro-dork wrote:
Do you have a pet? I have a sheltie

Name: Maggie
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year

Do you have any pets? If so post them up!

I have a cat. Her name is Sugar. She's female (obviously). Orange tabby. I don't know how old she is, but i think I've had her for around 6-7 years.
I have 3 cats, they're Andien, Hawuq, and Nimo. Nimo is Andien's son, he still a kitten.
Andien is about 2 years, Hawuq almost one year, and Nimo just 5-6 month. They're so cute~
I have a 5 year old white cute little maltese named skippy! lol
I have a dog. Her breed is Rough Collie and she is ver cute Wink She is kind, but she doesn't like other peoples so much, she is quite shy. And she is afraid when i clean with wacuum cleaner Very Happy

Picture of her:[/img]
i have a dog.

it name is cuty because it is so sweet
from japan-lokal blaster
tall about 50cm
i have a 5 year's cat... she or it could but dont go away... just stay in their sofa slleping and eating everyday, all day... what hard life hein?
I have a cat too. Her name is Funny hahaha Very Happy

She has 9 mounths. =)
I have a dog, his name is dumbo. It is a very cute dog. I take it to walk every day on morning and evening. We also all together celebrate its birthday. All animals in my view are adorable, I also take care of street animals like dog, cat and cows...
I love dogs, but I do not have any right now. I can't wait to get one. Maybe a toy breed of some type.
I used to have three cats, when I was living with my parents. Now I am about to get a cat for myself, how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't a animal. I love cats but I can't. Sad
I have a kitten Dymka. It is 7 month. It has a silver gray short wool and broken tail Smile Very funny pet! I have taken it from the street when it was 1 month.
Mrs Lycos
I Have 2 dogs and Five Cat's but they live in diferet´s house xD.I don´t have a photograf now but they are very cute. ^^
I'v a dog and there hobby is to collect toy Smile
I have a cute little 4 year old (as of March 7) pug.

A couple pictures.
Which do you think is better? A pet dog or a pet cat? I like dogs.
I have a pet rabbit. We live in an apartment and are both allergic to cats, so a rabbit makes a good pet. He's a Netherlands dwarf named George. We got him from the humane society.
i have a Dog before this mont , but it sick, now ... T_T
I've got a Bulldog called Harvey and three cat's

I have two cats.
We have a pug named Sweety that I just posted a pic of in another thread yesterday, but heck.. here she is again.

Oh this kind of dog are really strange and funny

Very Happy
i have a great boxer, 3 years old named mickey
I have a bullmastiff, a large dog but 100% sugar Wink completely harmless, wouldn't hurt a burglar if he hit him on the head (only spiders must die)
I have my two kittens Lex Luthor and Lana Lang. And my bird Clark Kent. lol The kittens follow me around the house and mew at me. They're a talkative bunch.

Yes, I am a Superman fan. I had until just last year two more birds that died whose names were Abbot and Costello.
I just got two kittens, they are the cutest, so playful and purrrryyyyy
I have a number of pets.
First off at my moms house i have a maltese shitzu cross (small dog).
Then at my dads house i have a cockatiel, as well as a shepard/malamute cross (big dog), and a black cat. The funny thing huge dog, is afraid of my medium sized cat, who is afraid of my small bird. In other words i have a food chain in my house but each animal is afraid of the one above it. It's almost rediculus though, especialy how my cats afraid of the bird.
Ufeee. I hate pet's. But i love dog's
i have a dog!

Name: rocky
Sex: male
Age: 2 years
We have 2 birds, parakeets at home. I like many animals. I get also lessons in horseriding and I like horses very much.
Often, we had a cat in the garden, it was the neighbour's cat. But he disappaered, unfortunately. It was a very nice cat.
well, i have some goldenfish.... but unluckly they are hard to live for a long time. what a pity!!so i have to buy more all the time....
Ive got a lots of pets Smile
2 cats, 2 rabbits, 4 hamster (+ 5 babys) and 2 salamanders (+ 4 babys) XD
I have had the typical Dogs and Cats(we raised Munchkins for awhile = short legged cat) but we've also had Turtles, Fish, Ferrets, Birds, Sugar Gliders, a Lop Earred Rabbit and a couple of Monkeys(not a good pet). We never had these all at one time of course. That's all I can think of at the moment anyway...
I love all kind of pet!!
I have two dogs. They are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
I have about 10 fish, mother dog and 2 small puppies.
I love pets.
Fluffy animals with a not aggressive personality: long haired grey cats, hairy fish, bunny lionfish Very Happy :
Name : Rex
Age : 2
Sex : Male
I used to have 2 cats
I have 6 cats! well luckily ill be gettin rid of 5 of them soon and were ONLY keepin one ^^
its really annoying living with ALOOOOOOOOOOOOt of cats x.x
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