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Skywards or other Mileage Credit Programs

I was just wondering about these programs that give you their so called Miles, or credits as they are commonly referred to, are just brilliantly structured marketing and advertising programs.. I mean, with the amount of 'hardwork' you do in earning those miles, is not what you get out of those miles in the end..

I have an uncle who just uses his credit card for almost all daily transactions, so that he gets proper accounting records, and so that all transactions happen from one unified point. One of the other reasons he gives is of getting credits for using their cards at such a large scale. But I keep on telling him, they give him like a 100dhs voucher for transactions totalling upto 20,000 dhs. That's like 0.5% of what you spend, is what you get back Shocked ...

Just baffled up by these issues, I thought of asking you people about your indulgence in such programs. One program I like though is that of Skywards, their rewards are really worth what you spend... And for a frequent traveler, they really do the job.

Warm Regards,
You get nothing free, someones paying for them.

Bringing prices down would be a fairer way of treating people instead of saying because you are loyal to us we will reward you.

It's a marketing con!
I agree completely. It's like those supermarket programs where you use your card and get points (back in the 1960s you used to get green or pink stamps instead). Late these points can be used to get a small discount off a particular shopping bill. It's a bit like a sort of forced saving, though the amounts are usually very tiny, as you say, 0.5% is the sort of size. I suppose it could be useful for the sort of person who spends all their money asap - that way they have actually save 0.5% of it. I wouldn't give up the day job though!
So, do you people know any genuine rewarding programs of the like.. I really am surveying this stuff and want to be totally confirmed that ALL such frequent flyer, miles and programs of the sort are just brilliant marketing, and nothing more than that.

I'll proceed with my claim if I don't get any further replies within the next 2 days.

Warm Regards,
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