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Bokusatsu Tenchi Dokuro-chan 2

Dokuro-chan is not for the faint of heart. This small OVA brought into the anime community a hillarious show for those with a darker sense of humor.

Dokuro is an angel sent from the future to murder Sakura (which is a guy, btw), who is destined to build a machine that'll stop all women from growing after age 10. Of course, this created a world of pedophiles. Dokuro-chan, however, had other ideas in store. She started living with Sakura and tried her best to change the future without killing him.... well, sort of....
The thing is... Dokuro can get pretty violent and can't measure her own strenght. She ends up hurting Sakura badly with the most "innocent" of actions (in her mind, at least). And when she gets really mad, she'll pull out her spiked bat, EXCALIBOLG, and slam Sakura into a mangled pile of blood and crushed bone and organs. Not to worry though, she can ressurect him just as fast as she can kill him... Sakura actually dies and ressurects several times over each episode.
Things get messy when a second angelic assassin is sent to finish what Dokuro couldn't... And Sakura's life gets more endangered by the second.

This month, a 2nd season has debuted on Japan, and the first episode is already available on the internet, though not fansubbed as of yet.
If you have a dark sense of humor or just want to laugh for a while and don't mind the gruesome bloodsheds, don't miss out on this one!
I love the first series. Even though it was dark and morbid, it was hilarious.

I just saw the fansub of the second season. The (dark) humor is still there. The animation changed a bit, but its nothing to cry about.

Though I find it a bit wrong in the first eps especially since the female characters are jailbait/not legal, I'll leave it at that to not spoil anything for fans of the series.
Funny series and very BLOODY VIOLENT too. Can't wait for the rest of Season 2 episodes.
Ohh man I loved the first season, it was ridiculous and very funny. I had no idea that there was going to be a second season. Man I can't wait for some fansubs to come out!

Edit: Just did a quick check and there are now fansubs out for episodes one and two! I'll be watching it tomorrow!
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