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Which of the body's senses would you sacrifice?

OK, hypothetic, I know....but if you HAD TO sacrifice one of the senses, which would you lose, and why?


I'd go for smell, though if I was deprived of it I'd probably miss it like hell, but it just seems the one I could do without most without impacting my life too much.

Over to you....
wellerchap wrote:
OK, hypothetic, I know....but if you HAD TO sacrifice one of the senses, which would you lose, and why?


I'd go for smell, though if I was deprived of it I'd probably miss it like hell, but it just seems the one I could do without most without impacting my life too much.

Over to you....

I'd have to go with smell as well.
Oh, that's a tough one. All of our senses are useful.

I would probably sacrifice taste (even though I like food). Now, as to why...

Reasons why I would keep various senses would include safety precautions. I would rely on taste the least to protect my safety, whereas with sight, sound, smell or touch one can sometimes tell if there is danger; with speech one can warn others.

Other reasons for keeping those senses would be:
Sight - I love to read.
Smell - it's a great indicator for when the latest batch of chocolate biscuits is ready...
Touch - hmm...
Hearing - I love to listen to music.
Speech - I'm not sure I could survive without talking.
I pass a blind man on many mornings as I'm riding to work....he's always walking along the same stretch of pavement/sidewalk with his white stick, and I always feel incredibly worried for him.
Then I get to wondering if he can possibly be happy in his life, and always tell myself ofcourse he could, and probably is....more satisfied perhaps with his lot in life than I am, and I have all my senses intact (apart from, as my mother would have you believe, "common- sense"!)
You listen to someone like Andrea Bocelli singing & for the moments he's on stage the blindness is irrelevant & all that matters is his stunning voice.
Still makes me wonder, just how much these people would give to be able to see though. Sad
I'd get rid of smell.... i've had bad allergies most of my life so i'm sort of used to not having the best nose...
They always say smell and taste go together, don't they? I had never thought of giving op "smell", recently we were actually talking about this at home, and my mum - who's really into good food and all - even wanted to give up "taste" in that case. Bet she didn't think it through long enough Smile well, me too, "smell"... I play the piano, and the guitar, and I sing, I'm into photography as well: so I can't miss my ears and eyes. And when you couldn't feel anymore, you could burn yourself without noticing... eek.
I totally agree....the gift of hearing is too valuable, as I love music...I can't think of any time really when I've been in mortal danger and my sense of smell has got me out of'd HAVE to go!
I dunno, probably smell because its the least that I use everyday, and besides who wants to smell something bad? Not me!
how could you loose touch ? you'd have to be dead for that no?
Anyway, I choose smell as well but as Vlein said, I think it goes together with taste... Everything taste the same when you have a bloked nose.
I couldnt go without sight or hearing Sad
In order of preference:
Tactile, Vision.

I am I bit of a techie, and a bookworm, so I want to have sight. It's easier to use a computer deaf then blind.
i think i'd have to say...taste

it would be rather hard to give up tasting chocolate, but i guess i'd get by somehow.

i almost said touch, because i wondered if i'd not get migraines anymore if i lost my sense of touch. but then i remebered what a nice sense touch can be Smile
I would also have to go with smell. I know that my sense of tasting would be diminished, but my other sense are just too valuable.

i rather have to sacrifice my sense of speech.. than sacrificing my sense of taste.. life would be lame if we don't got taste Laughing Laughing Laughing... and i can still convey message to other people by sign language... and i can still understand them coz i can still hear them... and i would kill myself if i lost my eyesight... : Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
I love food and I'll never want to lose my sense of taste.

I don't want to give up hearing cause, hehe, funny, but whenever talks like this come around, I always think that when I lose my sense of hearing, I'd never know if there's a big dog barking and coming at me. XD

I wouldn't give up touch either. It hurts to think you can never feel. >__<

Sight.. the first and foremost sense I'd like to forever keep. I have a poor eyesight though. Hiks, I hope I'll never get blind.

Smell.. XD.. I never thought of it. I think it's okay to lose the sense of smell. But.. what if there's fire? *imagines* nah, I don't wanna lose smell too.

All of them are useful and important but I think, though I'm talkative, I'd give up speech if I have to. I know in danger, speech can save you.. but.. XD I just hope I'd find another way to cry for help if ever. LOL

But I'm not quite sure about the two.. it's either smell or speech. I don't wanna lose any as much as possible.
Alright, so the major senses that people are reluctant to sacrifice appear to be sight and hearing. Touch seems to come after that, followed by taste, and then smell (but these last two are interchangable, given people's mixed opinions).

Now, I've thought about this before, and I came to the conclusion that should you lose smell, you lose a big part of taste, to the point where you wouldn't miss it that much if it were gone. So technically, you lose two for the price of one. Therefore, I would have to lose taste, should it come down to the wire like that.
quex speech a sense now? When I was a young'un, they only taught the first five. o.o

I'd probably give up speech. It's fun to talk and use accents, but I think I'd do just as well with just writing to communicate. Hell, I'd probably do even better... writing gives you time to think twice before you let your opinions fly. >w<
hahaha... There are 5 senses guys. Speech is not a sense. I guess if I HAD to make a choice I too can do without the sense of smell. But there are some things I love to smell and I would dearly miss that.
I wouldn't like to compromise at all any of my senses.. but if, then smell probably like most of you..

Well... I see many of you choose smell. I'm sorry to be the one who gives you the bad news, but if you loose your smell, you also loose your taste, because they're connected (yes, that's why, when you smell something, you can also feel it's taste...). I've been ill these days, I caught a bad flu, so both my smell and taste senses disappeared. I must admit it wasn't as bad as I thought. Actually, it was better, because I ate less! Smile So, I go for the disappearance of smell and taste!
Well first off, when you get sick, things tasting differently is more complex than just the effects on your olfactory reception. And taste is contributed to by olfactory reception but I know people that do not have a sense of smell and they sure do enjoy good food. (As well as some food I find much too stinky!) I think the way to think about this is what things you need for personal safety and what things you need for personal pleasure.

1. Vision is a source of safety and pleasure for most and is probably among the most actively used for each.
2. Touch is on par with vision. There are children born without pain receptors (not as good as it sounds) that end up needing constant supervision and teaching to avoid serious injury, especially from burns. Touch in infants, who have poor vision and hearing early on, is crucial to their ability to grow and thrive.
3. Hearing in human beings is a source of safety but less so than vision or touch. It is also an instrument of pleasure as in fine music. Music and the human voice both have important impacts on our psyche. That being said, it probably doesn't compare to touch and vision.
4. Taste depends on the person, but there is no denying the immense satisfaction that food brings us. We are hard-wired to enjoy this sense to give us encouragement to eat high calorie items so we won't starve to death. If you're relying on taste for protection, though, you probably just ate something that will make you sick!
5. Smell may provide some protection, but is very underdeveloped compared to many other animals. Smell may also provide some satisfaction (possible role in mating, etc., enjoying a nice perfume).

I've seen people without each one of these senses and the ones that get by with the best quality of life seem to always be those without smell! It would make changing diapers easier at least...
I'd say either taste or smell... without smell, you can't taste to the fullest, and vica versa... but when thinking about: I can smell food, but I can't taste it, and that must be even more horrible. So I'd sacrifice smell as well. Sight, touch, hearing and speach are the most precious.
Speech is not sense. There are only 5 of them.

wellerchap wrote:
OK, hypothetic, I know....but if you HAD TO sacrifice one of the senses, which would you lose, and why?


I'd go for smell, though if I was deprived of it I'd probably miss it like hell, but it just seems the one I could do without most without impacting my life too much.

Over to you....
I would have to agree with everyone else when it comes to losing smell as my choice. They say when you lose one sense, all of the other ones will kick in. I have allergies as well and smell I wouldn't mind losing.
I guess I'll choose smell. Even though it's very useful, other sense, i think is needed more by our body. So, I'll have smell wiped out if I have to choose one senses to be out.
Smell. Vision and hearing seem like they would be the hardest to do without, touch is useful too, and I'd rather be able to taste things like chocolate than smell them (also, I'd rather avoid bad smells than bad tastes).
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