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Download here:
Length: 92min. Size: 126Mb

I just recorded this brand new electro house mix yesterday! Check it out and post your review if you have time! Feedback wanted good or bad

1- 3rd Avenue - How does it feel
2- Moguai - Get on
3- Smith & Anderson - Get it on
4- Preach - Oxygen EP
5- Flat Mode - Play this game [Shmuel Flash & Huge A's Play This mix]
6- Cicada - The things you say
7- Luminary - Dark Eyes [Funabashi presents Tom Porcell mix]
8- Marc Marberg - Guarana
9- Endershagen - Tematec Night
10- Freeform five - No more conversations [Mylo mix]
11- Dee Leviense & Mal Black - Diversion
12- Karen Overton - Your loving arms [Markus Schulz & Elevation intro mix]
13- Shiloh - Dream on [Luke Chable mix]
14- Solarstone - Eastern Sea [Martin Roth mix]
15- Syke 'n' Sugarstarr & Alexandra Prince - Are you (watching me watching you) [Slammin' ADF mix]
16- Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous [Axwell mix]
17- Starkillers - Scream [Kobbe & Leeds mix]
wait thats right, nobody on frihost likes electronic music Rolling Eyes
I dont know why I bother..
I wouldn't say nobody on Fri likes techno music, but...

Posting your music and asking for feedback on Frihost has the equivalent effect of setting up a MySpace music page and calling it a day.

Probably not gonna get anywhere with it. Razz
I like techno. I'll download your stuff on Tuesday when I get back to work!
I like your work so far. I like the music especially for listening to at work. They are good, high energy tracks and don't fall into a rut. Keep up the good work!
Me i like so mich electronic sounds, you are not on your own, i'm too a dj and i'm downloading your mixes Wink
Not really my genre but I scanned through it and It sounded okay, you kept your theme never heard any of the songs before so I can't tell if its a improvement Wink My uncle is a dj I can really feel his music if you can feel yours then that should be what your going for.
You new mix is very good, with more or less new song, Cicada the sings you say (remix by Dirty South, you forget to write that Wink ) is the song that i prefer Wink
Arrow So *good song + good mixes = perfect* Very Happy
Oh my bad! Thanks for pointing that out athomix - It definitely is:
Cicada - The things you say [Dirty South mix]

thx for the feedback! u guys rock!
keep 'em comin whether it's a good or bad review
I've download all your mixes and........... it's really good, i like all your mixes Very Happy
So I'm waiting your next Very Happy
I looove techno music, downloading as we speak Smile
I have just a little question, what is Scream (where is it)?

Good mixes Wink
Great Mix... Cheers
Good mixes but just a tip:

don't host your mp3's on Frihost, check with bondings first of all, and you'll probly run out of bandwidth before the month is over!!! better find a friend with a higher bandwidth limit than 10gb or get some proper hosting, or just upload it to rapidshare, etc.
thanks for the tips guy but I have cleared the mp3 thing with bondings right when I first joined. Also, you'll notice that this particular mix along with my other newest ones are being hosted somewhere else since I have little space left here Wink
I've a little question, what do you use as material?

Arrow Me I use:
Pioneer CDJ 800
Stanton RMThree
Pioneer HDJ 1000

Virtual DJ 3.0
Traktor DJ Studio 3
FL Studio 5 XXL Edition
Sony Acid Pro 5
Abbleton live 5.0

My ears... Wink
I thought it'd suck, but this is actually pretty freakin' cool. Keep up the good work and I'll keep downloading.
heh thanks Rubyslasher! That's the exact kind of response I look for when posting on a board like this. I hope to slowly convert the masses into liking electronic music muahaha

Athomix I use a Behringer DX626 mixer with 2 technic SL-1200MK2 turntables. Thats it Smile I'm a vinyl purist. In fact I've never even layed a finger on a CD deck. It's the black crack I tells ya. My whole visa bill is totally from ordering records Embarassed

Scream is the name of the halloween rave that my live @ scream mix was recorded at. It was here, where I live in winnipeg, Canada. The next scream is coming up this halloween and I'm playing at that one too! I'm excited. The flyer is already up in the events section of my site

Oh and there's also a new mix I just posted also up on my site fyi. It's called THIS IS SPARTAAA! This one's hard trance Cool it's the style I specialize in. check it out!

Yeah vinyl is very good, I want to bye Technics Sl 1200 MK2, but I need just to wait a little time to spare... Brick wall

We are with a big dj on Frihost look here Wink

Are you a producer?
aww shucks Embarassed lol naw I don't think I'm all that bigtime at all when it comes down to it since I've only had 1 out of town gig ever (when I was flown to Toronto) but that was a really good one & I'm damn proud of having accomplished that 100% by myself.

No I havent explored producing very much yet. I know a few people that produce & I've watched them do it. It takes a lot of time and mostly you're listening to a 2 second long sound sample that's set to loop over & over & over while you tweak the sound slightly in order to get just the sound you want etc. Its pretty complicated and really tough to actually make things sound good, but I am wanting to produce eventually.

baaah I just got home from playing from 3-5am at a club so I'm going to sleep now Idea
I even made a promo pic hehe, check it out
You also have to watch out for your image even small words like dabble can scare people away, and attract the wrong audience.
BTW cool photo lol (you posted when i posted)
I was really tired when I made that post. I dont see how the word dabble can attract an audience of a sort but I have revised the post anyways. *tips hat*
I like your work so far,i just downloaded it, let me listen it now Laughing
djcaution wrote:
I was really tired when I made that post. I dont see how the word dabble can attract an audience of a sort but I have revised the post anyways. *tips hat*

the more stupid the reason the more true it is lol. who the hell knows why.
Hey Caut!on in how many time will been aviable your next podcast Question Question Question

Arrow We are waiting Wink
lol what I think you're asking is when will I be releasing my next mix online??

very soon my friend. It will be a something a little bit different this time, but simply KILLER - trust me! I get the records next week Very Happy

I'm really busy with work right now (check my post with pics of my new job) but I'm gonna try & shoot for it to be out b4 christmas!

stay tuned
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