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Deep Purple's most recent effort.....

Hey All,

For anyone who's not familiar with Deep Purple, they were one of the pioneering bands along with Black Sabbath, Bloodrock and a few others that helped develop what heavy rock and metal had turned into. This newest Deep Purple album is a pleasant surprise. Reminiscent of their 'Perpendicular' album, this is Purple's best work since then and it rocks. Again, another band well on into their 50's producing quality work. That's nice to see.... and hear. The CD smokes right out of the box with rockers Money Talks and Girls Like That. Gillan is still in great voice and his lyrics are better than ever. Steve Morse is playing on another level right now. Even though he's had a distinguished career with the Dregs, his own bands, and Kansas, his playing since he's been with Purple has been his best. He puts Blackmore to shame at any time in his career. My Favorite song here is the title cut. Other favorites in this collection are Don't Let Go and Back to Back, although there's not a weak cut on the CD. This release pretty much rocks throughout, with a hint of blues here and a hint of world music in places of the title cut, no real ballads. This is surely one of the most welcome releases of the year. You can tell from these performances that this is a band who enjoys playing with each other and are just having a lot of fun at this point in their career and we listeners get to reap the benefits of that.Their chops are honed to a fine edge because of all of the touring they've been doing over the last several years. Long Live Purple!!!
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