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Interesting Game:

Hey all,

This is a well thought of game. A game where the players play along with the DVD as the Gatemaster gives you commands, rewards, or punishiments while they are playing the game. Players can also watch the rules and the setup instructions on the DVD. Six keys of six different types will be laid out on some of the spaces, as your goal is to get one of each type and rush to the center before 49 minutes is up. If neither player wins in 49 minutes, the Gate master has defeated you. In the beginning you write down your fears and reveal them at the end which is always fun. The board has six territories. Each character owns a territory which has a set of the same keys. You can pick up a key by landing on the key space, having a card telling you to, gate master telling you to, or winning a duel. A duel is when you land on a battle space and 2 players wager a key for a dice roll to see who gets both. There are two types of cards... TIME and FATE. Land on a skull head and get a FATE card which allows you to do something in a certain situation. A TIME card you get if you land on a clock. A time card allows you to do something if you play it in the exact second it tells you to. Sometimes the Gate master will give you the power to banish someone. When there is reward, there is also punisment. If you land on the cursed key, you have to pick it up and whenever you have it, you cannot win. If you are landed into a black hole, you cannot participate until you are freed. Also, you can lose keys. During the game the Gate master says "Stop!" frequently and the players will have to lisen to what he says or be punished. All in all, it is one of the best games out there and well worth the money.
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