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Intel's new cpus

Please use quote tags when copying and pasting wrote:
Intel will extend its Pentium Dual-Core line-up - its series of new Core-based CPUs using the old brand name, launched in June - later this month. In October, it will do the same with the Core 2 Duo desktop family.

The 2.0GHz Pentium E2180, which incorporates just 1MB of L2 cache shared between the two cores and connects over an 800MHz frontside bus, is due to appear on 26 August, Intel documentation seen by Register Hardware reveals. It's likely to come in at $84, with the current line leader, the 1.8GHz E2160, falling in price to $71, what Intel currently charges for the 1.6GHz E2140.
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The Core 2 Duo E4x00 line are likewise designed to run on an an 800MHz FSB. The current top-of-the-line model, the 2.2GHz E4500 is due to be superseded on 21 October by the 2.4GHz E2160. Both chips have 2MB of L2 cache on board.

We'd guess the E4600 will come in at $133, pushing the E4500 down to $113, the same price Intel currently charges for the slower E4400 and E4300 - the latter could be phased out, but there's no explicit indication of that in the information we've seen.


I just can't wait to see these new processors Smile I own e2140 myself and I might sell it now and buy e2180 Liar
Thanks for the news info. I'm anxiously waiting for the 45nm lithography to come out. I was hoping to see an even faster base clock than the Core / Core 2 processors. ...From what I hear so far, that won't be the case. Sad
Yeah, I believe 45nm structure will push frequences to new sphere - above 3ghz@stock I hope Smile
My best friend got himself the Conroe E6750 L2Cache 4 MB, which runs at 2.6 Ghz I think. It is a lot better than his old AMD system. It is a great deal for less then $200 for the CPU. My advise if your computer is older than 2 year do yourself a favor and grab a new Conroe system. They overclock like crazy, and are a lot faster than the older processors, and are dirt cheap.
any updated processor news from Intel for Servers
No Rolling Eyes I guess it was just a rumor....
The new intel processors are absolutely amazing. I just got an E4300 not to long ago and it absolutely ROCKS!
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