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Anyone into N guage trains

Any one an N guage train moddler, I have two connected layouts and a seperateshelf shuttle layout. Glad to swap ideas etc
Hi there WhistleTurning!

I have HO model trains (not N-gauge, unfortunately). I also have two connected layouts, but not a separate shuttle layout. I'm planning on adding a second bridge between the two layouts (there is one on each side of the room they are in) so that I can have three complete loops - one on each layout and one round the room, as well as shunting capability on both layouts. As of yet, neither layout has completed scenery.

What's your setup like?
You can see my layouts if you goto, where you can also find some printable goodies, we you could easily scale up from the 1:148 scale they are. The goodies are wall and roof sheets and sheets of adverts, which brighten up staions and hoardings a treet.
Thanks for the link; your layouts are certainly further along in their development than mine and look quite good. How long did it take to construct them?
I started on the main layout about 4 years ago, and "finished the first version in about 6 months, then started to play arround with it, twiddling this and altering that. Thought I had finished it until I added the back link. The Island I added a year and a half later, but that has been developing ever since with more scenary etc being added. The shelf layout I started a year ago, and it took me a lot longer to sort out as the electrics I first bought caused problems and I had to get replacement items sent. (with testing this took up nearly 2 months). I have only just finished adding houses and scenery to it. The rolling stock and engines have also been aquired over the period of 4 years, I now have (inorder of aquisition all being Farish except the 040) a Class 8, City of Hereford, Hartlebury Castle, Black 5, 040 tank (Dapol), Scafell pike and my last buy an Atlantic Conveyer. I have also now put my site onto Frihost at so feel free one and all to download the freeby sheets. For none N gauge just scale them back up from 1:148 to your own scale.
My dad liked trains and so did an earst while friend of years gone by, me i had a tiny little train when i was little, it was really cool but i think my dad liked it more than me.
Rico you (and perhaps your dad) probably had a 00 layout, as this is the commonest scale sold today-Triang/Hornby etc. Mine is half that scale and designed more for older kids (14+) and even older ones (like me 60+). It is far more fiddely and intricate, but you get bigger layouts in smaller spaces, and now lots of engines and rolling stock , from a variety of manufacturers, all to a very good standard. UK is 1-148 scale while the continent is 1-160, don't know why the difference though. Maybe (here I could offend some one) it is the usual difference between the way the French and Germans do things to the way us Brits go about things-driving on left etc.

Back to common sense, if you do feel you want to get involved then try looking at N guage.
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