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I'm going on a walking trip of Britain next year!

I'm also going to be making a little documentary out of it (Bit of an amateur film maker Wink), and I'm planning my trip at the moment. Can anyone suggest some nice areas of Britain aside from the obvious ones such as stonehenge? The more hidden, unknown areas of Britain. I'll be doing it for about 9 months-ish, so any crazy suggestions to pad it out a bit won't go amiss Wink
No tour suggestions, but:

Buy extra film, envelopes and stamps. Mail the completed tapes home (may get a bit expensive) and you wont have to worry about them getting lost/broken/wet/whatnot.
The lakes ditrict is nice and the whole South coast. Scotland is also amazing.
With the time you have available you have more than enough to walk from Land's End to John O'Groats (over 1000 miles) with stop-offs and side trips to the best scenic, urban and rural places en-route. The walk, apparently, takes about 10 weeks plus a couple of weeks for rest en-route.

The Cornish coast is well worth seeing.

The Lake District is superb, but there's often too many tourists.

North Yorkshire moors are well worth a visit if you like 'bleak'. Some say this area is even more bleak than Dartmoor.

A side trip to Ireland would be well worth considering.

I've never been to Scotland (except on a business trip) so I couldn't really comment!
Klaw 2
the coast of wales is also very bice i have been in pembrokeshire skomer island (or any of the other islands with a large bird population) are very nice because they have a large number of birds wich breed there. Best is to come there when the eggs have hached.

Its cool to climb the highest mountain of britan (what ever its called) scotland is nice with the lochs and everything.

Have a nice trip

PS A tip DONT buy & eat any sandwiches with chicken in it. There's a (big) chanche theres salmonella in it and it wil ruin everything in the next 24-48 hours (I have experience Sad bought a chicken sandwich ''a la salmonella'' in londen Sad )
Once you get up to the Midlands you can hop skip and jump up north via the national parks, if you like rugged scenery dont miss the west coast of Scotland, theres some pics of the U.K (look in the walks section) on my site, feel free to browse.
All these suggestions sound brilliant!

I was considering popping over to Ireland, GSIS, so I'll do that too.

As for the tapes, I'll have about 30 of the damn things on me just to be sure and probably buy more en route, so thanks for the tip brokenadvice

Thanks for the advice Klaw 2 Sad

Nice photos Tumbleweed
sweet have fun mate! be sure to post ur reflections here Razz
Will do. They'll be on my site Smile
I just got back from a trip to the UK, although I stayed in London and Edinburgh for most of it. Not much for a walking tour there.

Although there's a lot of great English countryside, I'd definitely recommend heading up to Scotland. The views are amazing, and there's a ton of hills and mountains to climb. Lochs (lakes) are everywhere as well, if you want to throw some boating into your walking mix.

As for particular places, you might want to head toward Ben Nevis - the highest mountain in Scotland (and the UK). You might also want to head towards the Glen Coe, a valley in the area around Ben Nevis. It offers some great picturesque views, as well as a place in history as the sight of the "massacre of Glen Coe."

I've been to Ireland once, but it was five or six years ago. There are definitely some nice scenic areas to hike and travel through, but I couldn't remember the names of any of them. You probably couldn't go wrong if you just hiked in a random direction.

Good luck, and enjoy,
- Walkere
Hi Brucedes,

I live in Wales, we have national parks, which are looked after, which means you are allowed to work on them no hassle.

Not a walker myself but a golfer, so when im playing well love the views Laughing



There was a series where a man went all round the Coast of britain, was good, link below you can watch some clips too

If you`re looking for Hills

Scotland & Wales,

Nicest People in Britain Southern Irish
Some other websites

London is too crowded and boring. There are many castles all over Great Britain that are interesting. Tenby in South Wales has the best beaches in the summer(?!). Alton Towers is expensive, but if you go during school terms the queues won't be so big.

For historical value try:

Ironbridge (Shropshire)
Black Country Museum
Windsor Castle (it massive!)

The best thing to do is try and schedule your travels with events that occur in certain places at certain times.


Edinbrough Festival (lots of entertainment) - August
Abbots Bromley Horn Dance (lots of drinking) - early September
Glastonbury Festival (lots of mud) - June

What are your interests?
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