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My Portable won't hibernate/stand by

Hello All

My Portable PC (running Windows XP SP2) initially behaved fine, but at a certain point, the hibernate & stand by options disappeared from the "Turn off computer" menu. As it's a portable, these energy saving modes are really useful.

I've tried to search the Internet for a solution to this problem, but without success.

Does anyone know how to get the hibernate & stand by options back, without having to reinstall Windows?

Thanks for your help.
check that, ur account has administrative privilege or not..
Is your portable running out of free space?

Maybe there isn't enough space for saving the contents of your memory.

I am not sure that running out of space will cause the options to disappear from the menu.

Regards, Sybje
some motherboards have an opption with wake up on lan. try disabeling it. that might be the casue of the problem. also chec you wireless card. try turning it off before you hibernate or standby. also make sure you have the options to use hubernate or stand by on.
so did you press shift key?? after you press the shutdown logo in your start menu, then press shift key so that it will comeout a hibernate menu for you to choose. otherwise, try enable your hibernate function by type "powercfg.exe /hibernate on" in your command prompt without the "". good luck.
check and update the drivers for your hardware something is having an issue
i remember a friend of mine had this problem, his laptop would hibernate/sleep fine and then he installed a lot of crap on it(and let others at it) and then a lot of things screwed up. Everything else i could repair, but the hibernate/sleep wouldn't come back no matter what. I didn't want to reformat because i could not be bothered backing up all his data. In the end i had to use system restore points back to when the problem started. That's about the best advice i can give short of reformatting
try this and report back:

run installation for chipset if any

run installation for graphics

repair the installations so the system files are refreshed
or reinstall'

let us know what happens!
OK. How much space so far on your computer's hard disk.

It's possibly depending also what processor you use AMD you must enable in bios settings called: PowerNow on Turion CPUs , on Athlon 64 / 64 X2 - CoolnQuiet
Hello All

Thanks for all your suggestions.

More recently, my portable got a much more serious problem - it wouldn't access the Internet.

At that point, and after several unsuccessful attempts to overcome the problem (including System Restore, which, as usual, never seems to work when it's needed), I had no option but to do a clean reinstall of Windows. Now everything works fine.

The worst part of reinstalling Windows was downloading and installing the Windows Updates. Now I've seen that there are ways to speed this up on another Frihost forum: Computers -> Operating Systems, topic "avoiding win updates after reformat".

Thanks again.
well after reformatting and installed proper programs, do a defrag first, restart then setup a restore point and usually that works!! you just need to setup your own restore point that actually works Very Happy
Hello fadirocks,

Thanks for that suggestion - it's a great idea. I just made a test restore point, did a system restore to it, and it works fine (for now!).

Just one thing though. I noticed that Windows had already made loads of restore points by itself. the most recent one is called "Software Distribution Service 3.0". What does this mean?. When does Windows create a restore point by itself?

Cheers for now
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