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Brian "Crush" Adams passes away


World Wrestling Entertainment has learned that Brian Adams, also known to our fans as Crush, has been found dead today.

Known for his formidable strength, the Hawaiian native made his first impact on the U.S. wrestling scene in the late 1980s with the NWAs Pacific Northwest organization.

When he debuted in WWE in summer of 1990, he joined Ax and Smash as the third member of the legendary tag team, Demolition. A change in the rules allowed the trio to hold the World Tag Team Championship, with any two of the three members defending the titles. The trio would lose the championships to The Hart Foundation due to interference from The Legion of Doom, sparking a fierce rivalry between them and Hawk & Animal.

After Demolition disbanded, Adams returned to WWE in summer of 1992 as the blond-haired Hawaiian powerhouse, Kona Crush. He thrilled our fans with his ready smile and fearsome strength. However, a rivalry with Doink the Clown which culminated in one of the most unforgettable moments in WrestleMania history when Crush was attacked by two Doinks changed the Hawaiians philosophy. He eventually fell under the guidance of Mr. Fuji and engaged in a fierce war with Macho Man Randy Savage, Their most memorable battle was WrestleMania X, where Savage defeated Crush in a Falls-Count-Anywhere Match.

After a short absence, attorney Clarence Mason brought Crush back to WWE in summer of 1996. Crush would join the Nation of Domination in 1997, and then formed the Disciples of Apocalypse biker gang with Chainz, Skull and 8-Ball later that year.

Early in 1998, Adams joined World Championship Wrestling and became part of the New World Order, using his own name. He later would go on to team with Bryan Clarke as KroniK and win the WCW Tag Team Championship twice. After WCW folded, KroniK would have a short-lived run in WWE in 2001, fighting with Kane & Undertaker.

After leaving WWE in late 2001, Adams competed in Japan and then attempted a career in boxing. After suffering a shoulder injury while training for first professional bout, Adams called off his boxing efforts and returned to Japan to compete.

Adams wrestled his last match in January 2003, suffering a spinal injury that forced him into retirement. Whether he was beloved or jeered, Adams made a lasting impact on WWE and he will be missed by Superstars and our fans.

Yet another great former wwe superstar is gone. I remember him when he was with demolition and when he came back as Konan Crush the Hawaiian Powerhouse. Even though he wasn't given the push that he really diserved I among many other wrestling fans will miss him.
Also below are comments from current WWE superstars.

D Lo Brown: Ill always remember his sense of humor and his attitude. He was a funny guy, who always wanted to make everybody laugh and was serious when it came to this business. Its such a sad and tragic loss for this industry. The last time I talked to him was about a year and a half to two years ago when we did a show in Hawaii and we sat down to have a couple drinks together. In wrestling, its weird; you can go 5-years without talking to some one and then all of a sudden you can see them again and talk like you just saw them last night. So, we just picked up right where we left off the last time we talked and just had great conversation. We didnt skip a beat that was his personality, his mentality and the way he was. Hes a good guy and I love him to death.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan: I knew Brian pretty well. He came to play in my golf tournament a few times in Florida. He was a big, impressive, young guy Its such a shock that hes gone. He was one of those guys that never seemed to really get the big break, but had all of the talent and all of the skills to do it. Its a shock.

Ron Simmons: Im still in a state of shock right now. He and I go way back and have worked together for years. He was a very good friend of mine. I still dont want to believe it. Im just saddened by it and I just want to wish his family well. I am just very, very upset about this because it hits close to home. He was a good friend, ya know?

Sgt. Slaughter: It was a real sad moment when I heard that this happened because Brian Adams was really good talent and had a great future in this business. But [Ill never forget that] hes the one who introduced me to Sushi in Guam and I never thought that Id eat raw fish, but hes the one who showed me what to look for and how to eat it. I also appreciate that he put me on a workout regimen and I started working out a lot harder than I had before and it really helped my career going into WrestleMania VII. He was just a good guy who had a big heart. Its just a real sad day for wrestling fans throughout the world.
Rest in peace.. A great wrestler indeed
I actually have one of his action figures from way back...

I loved him when he was simply CRUSH.

Didn't like his other gimmicks, but always associated him with WWF and wrestling Smile

I loved him when he was simply CRUSH.

Didn't like his other gimmicks, but always associated him with WWF and wrestling Smile
He was quite forgettable.
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