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When did / does your vacation end?

Ok, everybody.
Summer's facing the end (for most people here).
For someone, the holidays are already over, and "back to work" was some time ago, while others (like me) are still waking up in the morning quite late, to a relaxed day, not doing much Razz

So I ask, when did or does your vacation end?
My holidays haven't begun yet.

Even, I have been working harder this august because I've been almost alone in my office. Maybe in september, when all my job-mates return, I could take some vacation days to disconnect.
Vacations end? What the hell is this nonsense? Razz

vacation will end after 29 days from now

it's the worest thing that vacation ends i really want it to be many years looooool

hope to all a useful vaction Wink Wink Wink Wink
My vacation ended when I turned 18. Now I actually have to work for a living....
My semester break ends on the twenty-second of August, and I'm not really looking forward to school again. While I'm happy that I no longer have homework to do over the break, but going back to school to pay for books and tuition is another story. XD
Vacations? What are those? Laughing
My holidays officially end today. There's still a weekend standing between my badly spent freedom and the days of school, but those two days are nothing...
So yeah, for me it's back to work... And also a bit back from work, as I won't be spending my days doing work in the supermarket anymore. The days of coffee drinking and five hours of sleep are returning... =[
mine start in June and end in july... 1st aug... back to coll...

though i joined loads of tuituions and other creative tutitions which kept me extremely busy..
Just returned, been away for 19 days to norway

Pretty dull tho overall, wasn't really a lot of do unless you're a nature freak
Quiviro wrote:
My holidays haven't begun yet.

Even, I have been working harder this august because I've been almost alone in my office. Maybe in september, when all my job-mates return, I could take some vacation days to disconnect.

Whoa! Your vacation hasn't started yet? Poor you Razz

Sarcas wrote:
Just returned, been away for 19 days to norway

Pretty dull tho overall, wasn't really a lot of do unless you're a nature freak

haha Smile I'm Norwegian Razz
Where were you?
Next week is my last week. I go back the 27th. But I'm looking forward to it to see all of my friends again. But it's also cause my summer has been quite dull. Nothing exciting happened. But what I'm not looking forward to in school is the homework, the studying, and especially not the projects. Sad
All lucky people in here... My holidays already ended on the 9th of August, the day the 'dreaded' A Level results came out...

Anyways, i resumed school on the 13th, and much hasn't been done yet.. I guess it's this week from which the 'REAL' schooling will begin.. By 'real' i mean, long homeworks, busy periods, huge projects and all those things to keep you busy the whole week..

Besides, I have SATs to care for this year, an year FULL of tension..

Warm Regards,
im going back to school in liek 3 weeks? but id rather go back to school than all this other stuff that ive been doing all summer -BORING!! LOL SATs and other school stuff adn a ton of hw that we would nvr get if we were in school in general. teh only good thing abotu summer is taht u can oversleep and no1 cares. but i hav to make my own food now that my parents dont provide me lunch money - they provide me a lunch! hehe...
Well officially my vacations were from 2nd June till 31st July, but I had to go to college for summer training.

So actually I had vacations from 23rd july to 31st July only. Sad
Officially, the fall term starts on August 29th. However, since I've been taking summer courses, in actual total, I've only gotten about 2 weeks of "vacation" between when the previous semester ended at the end of May and when the summer sessions started around June 4th. I really envy those who could enjoy summer and sorta take a load off before heading back into the game. (For almost the whole summer vacation, I've been sitting in classrooms getting a full year's worth of Japanese hammered into my head for 3 hours daily for 3 months straight. And then having to write homework until my hand screamed ;_; )

So, I'll only get a long weekend before having to head in for the new semester (one which I'll be taking classes for 3 different languages... T_T Yup, dead meat). I really wish they gave more time between the end of the summer sessions and the start of the fall semester...*sighs*
bigdan wrote:
Vacations? What are those? Laughing

Darn, if I know.
hello all,

I must say it is very different and very puzzling question.

But I think my vacations end when my college reopens, For any average student I presume the answer might be same. If the vacation does not end after college reopening the career might probably wil!! Wink

This is because if we do not go after reopening of our college we will get a deduction in our GP marks that is general proficiency marks thus we would be at a loss.

My vacation are usually 2 months long in summers and less than 30 days long in winters.

Vacation means a lot to me, completing my fantacies which I thought of during my study time, ie when the college was open and also sleeping a lot!!, sleeping is my favourite hobby and I ensure I satisfy my this hobby to it's fullest in the vacations.

So when dose your vacation end??
Hah, vacation? What vacation? Razz

I had a three week break back in June, and since then I've been in school...and I'll get a small weeklong break at the end of September, but then it's back to school til Christmas. And then more school!

The fun just never ends. I miss public school, with it's ridiculously long summer breaks...
I, like many others, forgot the meaning of this word Razz
Hopefully I`ll go to vacation on September, because my uncle will be visiting.
I split my two weeks up into two separate vacations. The first was at the end June, attached to the long Canada weekend to maximize the time away from the office. The second week is coming up next week in fact, and timed to that the long Labor day weekend falls at the end of my time off, thus maximizing my time again. Counting the weekends, plus the extra day off due to the holiday I get 10 days off in a row each time this way.

I did the same thing with my two weeks last year. Highly recommended.
My holiday ended today, bceuase today I had to go back to school... Well, I got no reason to complain though, because I have had nearly to months of freedom Very Happy
My Vacation started June 8th, because of the vast number of snow days we actually got this year. And my fantastic vacation ends tommorow, August 22. Of course I'm a junior in high school so all that was decided by the school. I'll miss my freedom.
I didn’t have holiday this year… Working whole summer.
It's ending in under a week for me! It's worse having a vacation soon to end than not having it.
My vacation ends quite late - September 14th, although technically September 24th is when Uni starts but since I'm a first year I have to do ten days of orientation before school. However, I also get out much later than everyone else around last day of class is June 14th, and most of my friends who started school this week get out in May. Bah hambug!
have to wait till christmas buddy.
I have a few days vacation left, after this weekend I have get back to school and work again, to bad....
I spend way to much time working instead relaxing.
I only had about a month of vacation back in May. Classes ended at the beginning of the month and I managed to get a full-time job at the end of the month, which carried me over to school starting again at the end of August. So my vacation was stolen. By me.
My vacation ended last week after 2 months...Too bad.
Well they began july 5th on 13 pm Smile
And they will end on september 7th on 8 am Smile
Well, it ended about two weeks ago, going back to college. Of course this weekend was somewhat of a vacation (labor day).
I have to go to school tomorrow!!! I'm so sad. Sad
Mine ended 2 weeks ago, this is my second week of school. It's pretty hard to get back in the rhythym, once you've done absolutely nothing useful for 2 whole months haha. Ah well, I'm looking forward to the next vacation!
My vacation began on June 14th, and ended today (September 4th)
I have no vacations or rest... coz Im a workaholic person..I work work work work work....heeheh Though vacations here starts at the end of March and ends at the start of June
My vacation ended weeks ago. I've been at summer school for the past 5 weeks. After that I'll have all my requirements for my degree in Biology, then I'll be looking for a job. I suspect i wont have antoher long "vacation" for a very long time.
My vacation have not begun yet.
I'm going to have winter vacation instead of summer one.
My summer vacation ended June 27, 2007.

That was I-Day, short for Indoctrination Day.

For those that don't know, that's day 1 of training at the United States Naval Academy. I-Day is the day you are no longer a civilian. I-Day is the day you don your BCGs. I-Day is the day you give up a lot, if not most, of your rights, in order to defend the rights of others.

Yep, I-Day was the day I joined the Navy. What a trip it's been. Over the summer, I qualified sharpshooter in rifle and expert in pistol. I kicked some butt and learned to drill.

And I get paid over 13 cents an hour for it all, too!
My vacation is from July 15th to Aug 21st. I had a happy summer holiday. Now i just have worked for three weeks. and we had another a-week holiday,cause the office is preparing.haha!!!!!!
Its hard for me to differentiate between vacation and work.. i'm a photographer so I pretty much work year round.. but in terms of getting up late.. i'm really always on vacation because my shoots are usually in the evenings when the sun isnt too harsh. Or if its a studio shoot evening or in the night.
i go to school in the midwest of the US, and my classes don't start until the 24th of september. I'm currently living in Georgia, and most people have been going to school since early august....
Vacation? what exactly is that? It seems nobody in the working world ever trully get one....maybe a few days off here and there....but I haven't seen a true vacation in years.
My vacationg ended in august cuz i had football the nezt week... it was rough coming from relaxation and being spoiled with the breakfast lunch and dinners i was used to being serverd. Plus the 3rounds of gold wasnt anythin to b sneezed at when it was free... but my vactions end very soon mainly because of sports related interjections.
Meh..they allready ended for me...about 2 weeks ago. Evil or Very Mad
I have really hard time to get up in the morning and go to school. Surprised Confused
Mine fortunately hasn't ended Very Happy but i hope it doesn't end lol i enjoy my free time, just so much to do. Makes you appreciate life Smile
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