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To whom it may concern...

So I haven't logged into any account but my MySpace one for near to a month now and I found something interesting upon logging into my gmail today... Someone for the past week or so has been trying to hack my various accounts, dA, my other email, and various forum accounts. I know this because I have several forgotten password retrieval emails from several different sites that I am registered through. I find this quite intriguing, and if you, whoever you may be, are reading this entry, no, I don't know who are nor why you are trying to hack my accounts, but I find it amusing indeed. There are only 3 other people who know my various passwords besides myself, and even they don't know that they know them, but I'm sure they know who they are for my passwords are an inside joke with two of them... And it goes back YEARS. But anyway, I know it's not any of them because I trust them for one and for two, they've no use for the forgotten password link because they already know my passwords. But anyway, I just want whoever it is to know that I am greatly amused by the fact that you take so much interest in me as to try to hack my various accounts. The sites they went to tells me alot about who it could be though becasue not everybody knows about all the sites I am registered to, or my usernames for those sites. And the fact that no one but myself and possibly one other person knows about the fact that I registered for one of the sites that emailed me my password makes it pretty clear to me who the culprit is... And it's not myself, lol.
Thank you for the information.

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