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i want to learn programing

hi, i would apreciate if someone give me a link to a tutorial or something like that for making little flash programs such as games and little stuff like that, but the problem is that i know NOTHING about programing so im gona need the dummies version, thanks Smile
You have to learn the basic of programming start with C/C++ using console mode. There are many tutorial on the internet, just search on it using google. . .
you should have some basic knowledge about the syntax of any programming language like java,c++,etc. you can try some good book on these languages. if you are living in india then i would suggest you JAVA By HERBT SCHILDT or c++ by balaguruswami. these are some good books. if you have some good knowledge of any progmming language then it is very easy to learn any other language self. if you need my help then just pm me.

abhi Cool
One can start on his/her own to learn to program but attending programming classes is always better. It will accelerate the learning process.
For flash programming. you can go and take the javascript lession
as actionscript is one of ECMAScript implementation, just as javascript do.

Then, you have to learning all the basic data structures and computing method( algaritm ).
To become a really programmer, you need to learn from basics, writing algorithms and making flowcharts.

But, if you prefer to program from the scratch, and have more difficult to clean and modify your code, just start typing languages at any text editor, compile them, link them and see if the spaghetti works... Laughing
I would say learn a dialect of basic first then like c++ or java.
blueray wrote:
For flash programming. you can go and take the javascript lession
as actionscript is one of ECMAScript implementation, just as javascript do.

Then, you have to learning all the basic data structures and computing method( algaritm ).

Word. However you can always go to your closest library and borrow the book called "Flash for dummies" Wink

Good luck with your flash lessons Smile

It is very neccessary to learn the basics first. C/C++ is probably the best place to start with programming basics. There are several books and tutorials available for it. One site I know is
codeproject. There are many more though. Once you are well versed with the basics of programming and some basic mathematical workouts, you can start with game programming.

Programming in flash requires the knowledge of autoscript, but thats ok, once you get the hang of the syntax of C/C++ or Java, you shouldn't find it very difficult.
I learned my Basics of programming by programming in BASIC (Qbasic)

We had it in school ! But i still think Qbasic or something like that really would help in learning programming for the beginner .

Any simple programming language is fine as long as you have a good number of small sample programs to dissect out and see how it works ...

Get some free code from the internet, break it apart and see what makes it tick !!!!

that's how u learn programming ...
I think that your best bet is to start programming with Python. While others may argue that Python isn't a real programming language at all, it's where I basically learned what I was doing and got my heading in the world of programming.

Python is a multipurpose language that's super simple to read and write but very powerful. It's also free and open source and has great community and documentation.

The Python website ( has some great resources for learning the language as well as downloads and all that sort of nifty stuff.

You can do nearly anything in Python, it's simple to learn, and can be used for anything imaginable. Plus it has a very C like syntax, something that comes in handy when learning other languages like C and C++ and Java.

All the suggestions here are good, but I would stay away from Java, at least to start out. There are several versions of Java, each of them doing slightly different things (enterprise, mobile, mini, etc) and being highly confusing to start out with.

Beyond this I can only suggest learning to program in BASIC on a graphing calculator. It's something to do in Trig.
i knew how to programing in c/cpp & assebly if u need help just email me
Arno v. Lumig
I disagree that you will need to learn an other language before you start Actionscript. Just start off simple and then write more complex programs as you learn.

Learning several languages before Actionscript/Flash is just a waste of time in my opinion.

Google for "Flash actionscript tutorial" and I'm sure you'll get several good results. Read several tutorials and then dive into more complex subjects.

Good luck,
snowboardalliance wrote:
I would say learn a dialect of basic first then like c++ or java.

I agree. learning c++ as the first step covers almost all stuffs in programming. you can get lots of resources on the internet. Smile good luck!
i learned the actionscript that i do.. just going to google and typin flash tutorials.. :// find action black book.. actionscript 107.. couple more thats good to look at GL! on that!
Hello Pikalibur

After years of experience with many programming languages (Fortran, Algol, Spectrum Basic & Assembly, C, Visual Basic, you name it), it’s my opinion that Delphi beats the lot. It's a RAD (Rapid Application Development) language based on Pascal, which is an excellently structured language, and is much better at stopping you making difficult to debug mistakes than C/C++.

You can cut your teeth on a free slimmed down version of Delphi called "Turbo Delphi Explorer" (or even "Turbo Delphi for .NET Explorer", if you want to use the latest technology), from As a bonus, you'll find free ("Turbo") versions of C#, C++ and JBuilder (i.e. Java) on the same page.

Good luck!
I'm trying to learn programming, and I'm starting with Visual Basic (as programming language, still choosing webscripting ones Razz)
When You can do Visual Basic, you can do C/C++ and make the big stuff Wink
Well the post isn't quite what the title implies, but I'm going to say my piece anyhow. I began my affairs with programming in Python and felt that it does a remarkable job to teach the basic ideas of languages. Don't go with a language that is not Object Oriented, I've found that people have a much more difficult time going from procedural languages and pure scripting languages to Object Oriented languages like Java, C#, and Python. That said, if you decide you are really serious about Computer Science or programming it's not a bad idea to learn a language like LISP to expand your mind as to what you can do with a language. As for books on any subject I've found that the Head First and Dive Into series are good and fairly cheap on Amazon.
if you don't have any programming experience, you should probably start with smaller goals. Making games, even in flash, is a very complex process, and takes complex codes sometimes. With such a big goal, and since you don't know how to program, you may end up giving up. With tutorials and stuff, don't expect to be making your game in a month or so from when you started, you'll need some experience. Good luck
Do u have experience in making animations and stuff in Flash ?

Making games in flash will be more difficult.

Just google for Actionscript tutorials and u'll get lots of them. If u have some experience in coding in any language, it would help I guess.
blueray wrote:
For flash programming. you can go and take the javascript lession
as actionscript is one of ECMAScript implementation, just as javascript do.

Then, you have to learning all the basic data structures and computing method( algaritm ).

Yep, thats one of the best places. It also has HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, XML AJAX, PHP, ASP, .NET, SQL and more.
so, just wondering, how is your goal to learn programming and making games going. Getting any better?
Everyone who posted on this forum that they have used are right, it's the best Web site that I have ever seen in my life. I personally learned HTML myself using the "View Source" on peoples' Web site and I am pretty fluent in that, but where I learned all my PHP and other programming knowledge was from because it's free, easy to follow, and very reliable. I was also wondering how your programming knowledge has been coming along? I remember whenever I work on a project it frustrates me to fix a small problem that could take hours to figure it out. I love it when things work out fine and dandy.
Does anybody have good tutorials for PHP and MySQL? I would really like to learn them, but I don't have any will, because they are pretty hard. Confused
Read and understand all of this

Then read and understand

Then add practice and dedication and your good to go.
Google search it, I'm sure there are lots of online sources regarding this subject. If you want something not on screen, you can search for ....... for Dummies books.
cvkien there are a lot of tutorial you can learn about. a lot of example you can find there. not only programming. if you want to learn visual basic, then go here there are a lot of source code there. if you interested with programming, i believe you can understand. beside, get a text book. it'll make you more easy to understand.
If you want to become a flash programmer you should start with try for some good tutorials in flash.

My advice is to start with the "visual part" of flash then advance to the programming part.
If you want to read the Help I believe that the best flash help is the one contained in Flash MX ( simple,not 2004 ) version because in the latest ones the explanations are too much Object Oriented.This causes them to be confusing for starters.
Well, for starters you could kick off with Although you want to learn flash knowing the basics of programming really helps. I'm not a programmer though, this is just what I've heard.
you can try game maker if you want, its really simple program which makes .exe games. its has a drag and drop function and also has its very own scripting language, which can be easy and useful for your begging steps in programming. if you want to learn flash or c++ and don't want to go reading books, use game maker.
rayx wrote:
You have to learn the basic of programming start with C/C++ using console mode. There are many tutorial on the internet, just search on it using google. . .

Or you could try DarkBasic. It's much more simple than C/C++ and it's pretty cheap too. Wink

Try it, you can make with it even great 3D games! Very Happy
I tried it once,. the free version. But it was a long time back..

You can make brilliant games really easily !!!

But I couldn't spend too much time on it and later had the whole computer formatted - and I forgot about it Crying or Very sad
You can try this web site >> . It will help you understand programming and you will develop an algorithmic thinking.

"High School and Junior HS Students

The USACO provides training materials for students interested in practicing on problems used in former competitions. We have problems on many levels. Give them a try. Your programs will be automatically graded and checked off as you correctly solve each problem... " (etc...)

Register there and use this web site to learn functions and different instructions >> .

Anyway... you must know that if you want to be a programmer or coding just for fun... but with complex projects like games... you need to invest alot of time ...
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