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I have a White deposit on my tongue, and I am suffering from frequent throat infections.

I have tried staying away from anyhing refined / sugar / Dairy for a while (this does not leave much left over that you can eat), but it never went away completely.

i have also had every antibiotic you could imagine, but with no luck (or is this the cause?)

Spoke to my GP, did not really get the impression he knew much about it.

Anyone come across a Cure that actually works?
It seems like a fungal infection and antimicrobial drugs can't do anything against it. You may try some over the counter oral anti fungal creams.
If it's really a candida antibiotics won't help. The only thing that will help is Daktarin. This is the brandname of a drug against candida... Another GP will also help!!
Sorry man I don't think so
Damn, I've never heard of a candida before... can anyone enlighten me on how one comes to be at risk for that?

I HAVE heard of black hairy tongue, however, and I wonder if the two are related. Have you tried scraping, and is it painful?
Heya qsmith, I sympathise for you because it can be extremely irritating. Firstly I would stay clear or antibiotics as they can also be the cause believe it or not. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria aswell so the bad bacteria can sometimes take over. In which case I would recommend brushing your tongue and also rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash. It could possibly even be oral thrush, in which case I would suggest using an over the counter remedy such as Canesten Oral. I would recommend the 1st option first and if there is no improvement then the other.

Did your doctor not take any tongue samples?
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