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windows XP or swap to VISTA

well, this post is about weither you or i shoudl swap to vista or stay or change to xp. i am considering to get vista but my freinds have said you can not play most games on it.
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my opinion is stay at WinXP, unless u want to play halo2, or one of the other directx 10 games, and in that case use dual boot or virtual pc, becouse games are slower at WinVista, some games dont work at WinVista, and directsound3d doesnt work anymore, so everyone with surround speakers can play directsound3d games only in stereo, and not in surround anymore.... unless you got an creative X-FI sound card, with the ALchemy drivers, or you got an creative audigy soundcard, and you are willing to pay 10$ for the ALchemy drivers... so my opinion is, stay at winXP
Arno v. Lumig
Stick with XP, no matter what Wink

No really, the user interface of Vista might look nice, but that is the only advantage over XP. Also you should know that your computer will be slower under vista for most tasks (some tasks happen to be faster on Vista, check

Compatibility issues will probably be fixed for a large part now, but it's still not as good as XP
There are a load of opinions about this in the Windows XP vs Windows Vista thread - perhaps if you read that, you will get a better idea as to which operating system would be best for you.

Consider to move to Windows Vista if you have 2 GB of RAM in your desktop or notebook. I moved to Vista with only 1 GB of RAM, and you can say that I need much more.

With only the OS running, 60% of the memory is already being used.

Regards, Sybje
I dont see any point in paying so much for vista at this point. Current generation games and applications perform equally well in XP (if not better). The looks of vista can be emulated on xp. And I dont need most of the features in vista. They are just usefull addons (not essential or extremely usefull additions).
alright thanks everyone who posted. decided to stay with xp not bothered to waste like 100$ on a freaking new system update ffs. xp all the way lol Smile Smile
Am at the same situation, friend wants PC, do i go with XP or Vista.....basically, which am I likely to ahve the least problems with say within a year?
For Now, XP is the way to go. Vista is a great, stable operating system and will become mainstream, but currently it is not worth the money if you are upgrading from XP. Vista is expensive and offers few new feature sets. Yes it looks pretty, but just hold out and wait for new things to really take off for Vista. Its still very new and not many programs have the ability to use all of Vista's capabilities, and many current programs won't work as well on it, so XP is the way to stay for another year or two.
Good job for staying with XP because I have been through many installs of XP and Vista recently. I have been installing XP and using it for years and years and it has always been stable, even when it first came out, before service pack 1 even I think. It was always a good OS. The visuals got updated, and the core was stabilized. Yes there was virus problems with it but that was because all script kiddies want to hack a new OS. If there were no worry about viruses or spyware or anything like that, OS's would be perfect. Anyways after just a few installs of Vista, my Dell lappy, my HP desktop, my friends dell desktop, my boss's old old old HP (yep it worked, 800x600 always though, no graphics, which worked out because they are old and need big glasses to read anything anyways hah) i went back to xp on both my laptop and desktop because i just dont... well i like it, i just dont want it. some programs werent installing but most did, after vista told me it would automatically change some compatibility settings for you. it was annoying but it worked. i'm not dissing vista i liked it, but on older computers drivers didn't install and it just needs too much ram to work. with 512, you're at like the minimum, and I wanted to run Virtual PC and I just couldn't, I had 4mb RAM to assign to a computer, and you can't run Window off of 4mb ram except maybe win 3.1. well with that said, I own 2 XP serials myself so I went ahead and just went online and got one of the copies of xp that has all the updates up to july, and a few unneeded services were disabled, and the tcp/ip limit raised, simple things like that. a patched and hacked and updated copy. its so much better than an oem cd!
I have posted a while back some info on my blog regarding upgrading to vista or are my thoughts, the article can be read here

Windows Vista Cons

* 1 GB RAM recommended minimum - 2 GB of memory will be required if you are a power user. Vista drivers are hit and miss - Most laptops and many peripherals do not have full Vista support, and very few have 64-bit signed Vista drivers.
* 64-bit Vista requires signed drivers - This means that you wont be able to install any community-developed drivers, and it also means any old hardware you have by no-name manufacturers probably wont ever work in 64-bit Vista. Dont be surprised if you have to buy some new hardware
to make this leap. (F8 on startup can disable this requirement, but it has to be pressed EVERY time on bootup. Alternatively, authenticode can be used to sign unsigned drivers).
* OEM Vista copies are either 32-bit or 64-bit - If you decide later you want to go from 32-bit to 64-bit, or vice versa, youll have to buy a new copy of Vista.
* Upgrades from XP to Vista invalidate the XP copy - Once you upgrade to Windows Vista, your copy of XP cant be used legally any more. If you upgrade an OEM copy of XP, your Vista license will be OEM rather than full retail.
* Vista Upgrades have to be installed twice - You either have to install XP or 2000 and then install Vista upgrade, or you have to install Vista trial edition and then install Vista upgrade over the top of
the trial edition. This means re-installations will take twice as long. (link)
* OEM Vista can only be reactivated once after a major hardware change -
After that, youll have to buy another copy of Vista. This shouldnt affect laptop users too much, but desktop users ought to be aware of this fact. Its safe to figure youre going to end up buying multiple copies of Vista before it reaches the end of its life.
* Vista requires an HDCP monitor to be connected to view protected high definition video content.
* Vistas DRM is capable of completely locking out users from video, audio, or other data theyve purchased. Non-ACPI laptops should not run Vista - Vista does not
support Advanced Power Management (APM).
* Game performance is reduced - Toms Hardware reports somewhat slower game performance, depending on the game.

Windows XP Pros

* It just works - You dont have to worry about anything. XP has been working for ages, and it works just fine.
* Better value - In order to get all the features of Windows XP Professional, you have to pay more for Windows Vista Ultimate. In order to get all the features of XP Home, you have to get Vista Home Premium.
* Smaller and Faster than Vista - Unless you disable Vistas GUI features, XP is snappier on the same hardware. XP also requires less memory and hard drive space. Most games are also currently faster,
and may stay that way. (link)
* Fewer hassles - No DRM, no signed 64-bit driver requirements, no worries on reactivations after switching XP installations to different computers, none of the Vista upgrade mess.
* XP 64-bit version is effectively free - While the drivers may still not be there, at least you dont have to pay double for XPs 64-bit version when upgrading from 32-bits.[url][/url]
Swap to OS X Razz

But seriously, stick with XP. It's less of a resource ****** (I had it running on an old 400Mhz machine with 128mb smooth as butter, so on modern PCs it runs excellently), stabler and despite what Microsoft will have you believe, it's a much better gaming platform since you know your drivers work, you know the OS will be compatible. All you're really missing out on is basically Halo 2, which you can get on ebay for the xbox for about $10 or less.
Xp doesn't have many problems compared to vista!
{name here}
Stick with XP for now. Vista is going through too many bouts right now and not even the developers want to really jump on it. Wait a while when it's fully forced down everyone's throat. At that time you should purchase Vista because it will be much more decent than now, and technology will be able to handle Vista at full graphic effect like nothing.
HAHAHA!!!! vista..... stay with XP or go linux... or if you really want to try out Vista, ask a friend to borrow their cd or something and get 'Virtual Box' and just make a virtual machine... make sure you have a good pc for it though... but thats only if you want to try vista..
well WinXp, coz mostly its now atleast stable than VI$ta and yes it looks good with Vi$ta themes . . . i say WinXP
For most users at this point you should stay with XP. Vista is usable, and games run fine on it, but slightly slower. Realize that it will take some work to get all of your hardware up and running, and in some cases you might have to just wait for it. You will have to learn the new system which isn't to hard but can be painful. XP has tons of problems but most of the problems have work arounds that you can find online. XP plays games better because almost all games were created for XP. Give Vista some time to catch up as far as support and all that. But also understand Mircosoft is totally behind Vista and won't sell XP after this year, and will cut support for XP as soon as they can get away with it. Much more than the move from Win2000, Win98, and/or WinME to Windows XP. So plan for it, Vista is what Microsoft wants us to use so they are doing all in their power to make us do that.
Stick with XP for another year at least.

As with most MS OS implementations it could be buggy and lots of upgrades (service packs) are bound to follow.
Can someone tell me what is basic difference in terms of performance between XP and Vista???

Is Vista more fast or what??
Arno v. Lumig
nasif wrote:
Can someone tell me what is basic difference in terms of performance between XP and Vista???

Is Vista more fast or what??

Vista is slower in a lot of tasks, but faster in some.

I believe had a performance comparison on XP vs Vista.
Stay on xp for now. It will take a while untill vista is really integrated into the software society. I had it on my laptop for a while and just got fed up with it. 3 out of 4 games didnt work and i was really just getting pissed off with it. If your looking for all those bells and whistles that vista has, download Unbuntu linux, then run vmware on it for everything you need windows for. Thats what i am doing anyway.

Linux in general just rocks.... my two pence Razz

edit: in terms of graphic processing as far as I am aware, vista is faster! That comes from my experience with the games that actually worked Very Happy
wait till the bugs are out Vista before switching. They still have problems.
{name here}
rheanna wrote:
wait till the bugs are out Vista before switching. They still have problems.

With what happened recently I wouldn't be worried about the bugs as so much something like the WGA server crash that temporarily crippled every copy of Vista, although nothing of real use IIRC was crippled. It's almost an improvement for Aero to be temporarily stripped if any other features were stripped with it.
XP, Vista is Security and looks, I have Avast and windows firewall, and its stayed solid for my XP all the times Ive had it and im currently using royale remixed, which is the closest thing to vista on xp in themes and isn't very different apart from the start button, but ive tried vista and its a pain in the a**e in all fairness, its like an airport after a bomb scare all the time, it asks you for permission on everything including its own products like office 2007. Stick with XP
Yay, good for you! Stick with XP! My sister has vista on a pc w/ 1gb ram, it runs pretty well but the interface is a bit annoying and difficult to adjust to.
Personally, I'm still on windows 2000 pro, best windows version ever. My pc runs very well on win2000 despite having only half a gig of ram.
If u have old hardware stick 2 xp.... I have suffered so i know it very well Evil or Very Mad
It seems that nobody likes Vista... I understand why, but overall I can't use XP now!

If you have programs that work (which I've found that most do now, back in February that was a different story though) and a older high-end pc or a newer low-end pc you should be able to run Vista well.

The UAC (User Activity Control, or whatever it's called) can be disabled so you're not annoyed with the little pop-ups that ask for your input on any little thing. It's expensive but pretty, secure, and has a bunch of polishing touches that really brings it closer to OS X for user friendliness. The wording in dialogs are 10x better so that the average user isn't as confused. Very Happy

That said, it is a memory hog! It constantly puts gigs of backups and temp files everywhere in conjunction with the 15 GB it takes up initially. After removing most of my personal files and storing them on an external drive, I still have no less than 20 GB taken up at all times on the main hard drive (which is a 60 GB). I only have 1 GB of RAM and it needs that as a minimum for GOOD functionality, 2 GB fro Vista equals the same speed as 1GB for XP. Crying or Very sad

So, if you don't need polish, prettiness, and a higher degree of user friendliness (most of the people on this forum I suspect) then don't go to Vista. XP is much lighter, the Royal theme is still quite sexy! But I know people who swore against Vista, tried it out just for the hell of it, then fell in love and upgraded (one being a huge Linux geek who runs Vista as his secondary OS, second but still not XP).
Studio Madcrow
Stick with XP. It's more stable, less resource hungry and offers better gaming performance. Of course Windows 2000 would probably be even better in all those regards (except for the fact that the newest generation of games has begun to not run on Windows 2000 unless you hack them to not check the OS version)
Wait until the first service pack is unleashed, and until the more powerfull quad -core cpus(or even octa-core) are unleashed,(and cheaper DDr-3 memory)...
Get vista with SP1, a powerfull quad core, 4GB of DDR3, and you are ready for vista.... Until then, stick with xp Cool
Wait at least a year or two before seriously thinking about switching OS's. Vista's so new that it's like giving a kid a hunting to kill his own food. Ask his older brother (Windows XP) to do everything for now, and once Vista shows itself to be stronger, go ahead and switch. If you don't remember, XP had similar problems in the beginning with compatibility. Too bad they didn't learn from it this time around.
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