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Bands Biography

I will try to post here on this topic as mani bios i can for those how wanna now but they can find what they want. So I'll start with the best


AC/DC was formed in December, 1973, in Australia, by guitarist Malcolm Young, whom had just left his last band, Velvet Underground. He saw first hand all the benefits that came with being a rock star, as his older brother, George Young, reach the big time as a member of the popular 1960s band, the Easybeats. He very much
AC/DC wanted to follow in George's footsteps.
Malcolm also could see that his younger brother, Angus, was a very talented guitar player, even if he was only 15 years old, and picked him to be the new band's lead guitarist. Because Angus was still a school boy, his sister suggested that he should wear his school uniform on stage; so he did, and in time the look would become his trademark. AC/DC would go through many personnel changes that first year, but by the time they started to play steady gigs all around Australia, the main lineup consisted of lead singer Dave Evans, Rob Bailey on bass, Peter Clark on the drums, along with the two Young brothers. They recorded their first single in 1974 with "Can I Sit Next to You Girl"/"Rockin' In the Parlour". The song was produced by George, as he would also produce their future albums. AC/DC would soon start recording their debut album, High Voltage, but before that, Clark and Bailey were let go. They hired their bus driver, Bon Scott, to replace Clark on the drums, but shortly after that, Dave Evans was kicked out of the band after he and the Young brothers got into a dispute one night before a show, which resulted in Evans refusing to take the stage. So Scott filled in for him and after that night, took over as the band's lead vocalist. They entered the studio shortly after that, and in just ten days recorded High Voltage. They still had no set drummer or bassist at the time, with Tony Kerrante filling in as the drummer, and George Young playing the Angus Young Bon Scott the bass parts for his brothers on the album. The album was released in Australia in February of 1975. At that time they added drummer Phil Rudd, and bassist Mark Evans. AC/DC was now becoming a bit famous in Australia, and this line-up would stay intact for the next three albums.Scott's image would help shape the band as fun, wild, crazy and violent, plus he was publicly labeled "socially maladjusted" by the Australian government. All that did of course, was help make the band more popular. At this point in time, heavy metal music was at it's height of success and AC/DC fit in great with that vein of rock music - with their attitude in general, Scott's voice - which was perfect for metal, plus Angus' loud and wild guitar playing. Their first two albums, High Voltage and TNT, would be combined into one for their first UK and America album, also titled High Voltage, in 1976. The group at this time would also tour both countries and a big following of fans outside of Australia, soon came with that. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap was their next album, released in late 1976. In early 1977, they recorded and released Let There Be Rock. At that point, Mark Evans left the band and was replaced by bassist Cliff Williams. Let There Be Rock would be their first album to actually chart in the US. As it was, Dirty Deeds wasn't released in the US till 1981, and would not become a hit album for them there till that time. In 1978, the album Powerage was released and that along with their live album, If You Want Blood, You Got It, released the same year, would help their fan base to grow even more. Yet it wasn't till the following year's Highway To Hell, that they were true superstars, with the album charting big in both the US and UK. It was also their first album to sell over a million copies. The album's title song also solidified their image in the US as true bad boys, as the US audience up to this point still hadn't heard many of their Angus Young Malcolm Young other, earlier songs, like "Big Balls" and "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"; not yet anyway.On February 20, 1980, AC/DC hit what could have been a major road block. Tragedy struck when Bon Scott was found dead in the backseat of a friend's car. The coroner's report stated he had "drunk himself to death." The band had been getting ready to record their next album, so instead of just sitting around and worrying about their future, they hired singer Brian Johnson in March, and the very next month they went directly into the studio to work on their next album. Scott had already written 15 songs for the album before his death, but the band decided that they would start from scratch with Johnson. What they came up with in that short period of time was phenomenal, and when finished and released, Back in Black, titled to reflect Scott's loss, was a masterpiece. Back in Black would prove to be their biggest album, selling over nineteen million copies in the U.S. alone, worldwide it has sold 42 million copies! For Those About To Rock, We Salute You was their next album, released in 1981, and again, a huge hit, going all the way to number one on the charts. While recording the follow-up to it, Flick Of The Switch in 1982, Rudd left the band because of his problems with drugs. He was replaced the next year with a 20 year old drummer, Simon Wright, who stayed on for three studio albums (Fly On The Wall, Who Made Who & Blow Up Your Video) and then was replaced by Chris Slade, who in turn only recorded one studio album with the band, 1990's The Razor's Edge, and also appeared on AC/DC Live. After that time, Rudd returned to the fold and appeared on their next album, Ballbreaker, released in 1995.
As the new century dawned, AC/DC is still going strong. In 2000 they released the 15th album, Stiff Upper Lip.
In July, 2003, along with the Rolling Stones, they headlined Brian Johnson and played in front of 450,000 people in Toronto, Canada. It was Canada's largest-ever rock concert, all to help the city of Toronto shake off the effects of a SARS outbreak. After all of these years, the band is still one of rock's biggest acts, and their fans can now shout back to them, "We salute you!".

AC/DC Discography:


* 1974 - High Voltage (Australia)
* 1975 - T.N.T. (Australia)
* 1976 - High Voltage (international)
* 1976 - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (international)
* 1977 - Let There Be Rock
* 1978 - Powerage
* 1979 - Highway to Hell
* 1980 - Back in Black
* 1981 - For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
* 1983 - Flick of the Switch
* 1984 - '74 Jailbreak (EP of old cuts)
* 1985 - Fly on the Wall
* 1986 - Who Made Who (soundtrack Maximum Overdrive)
* 1988 - Blow Up Your Video
* 1990 - The Razor's Edge
* 1995 - Ballbreaker
* 1997 - Volts (part of Bonfire)
* 2000 - Stiff Upper Lip


* 1978 - If You Want Blood (Live)
* 1992 - Live
* 1992 - Live: 2 CD Collector's Edition
* 1997 - Live from the Atlantic Studios
* 1997 - Let There Be Rock: The Movie
Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains - formed in 1987, in Seattle, Washington, SUA.
Active Years: 1987 - 1996.
Members: Jerry Cantrell - guitar,
Sean Kinney - drums,
Layne Staley - vocals,
Mike Starr - bass guitar,
Mike Inez - bass guitar
Styles: Grunge with strong Heavy Metal influence

Alice in Chains, initially formed by lead singer Layne Staley (1967-2002) in the mid 1980s as Alice N' Chains and later changed their name to Alice in Chains. Along with Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, they were one of the most commercially successful bands to break out of the Seattle, Washington grunge scene. Unlike many of their peers, Alice in Chains' sound owed more to heavy metal than punk or 60s rock; what linked them to the grunge movement was their Seattle roots and introspective (and often somewhat morbid) lyrical concerns.
Alice in Chains
Staley met and was joined by guitarist and song-writer Jerry Cantrell in 1987, renaming the band Alice in Chains, and, along with two of Cantrell's friends, bassist Mike Starr and drummer Sean Kinney, they began writing original material and playing local Seattle clubs. The group signed with Columbia Records in 1989 and released a demo album Sweet Alice, then in July of 1990 they issued the We Die Young EP.
The title track became a moderate hit on metal-oriented radio, setting the
stage for the release of the group's first full LP later that year, Facelift. The album spawned an unexpected hit with the crunchy and infectious "Man in the Box", the video for which went into regular rotation on MTV. Supported by a tour that saw the band opening for Van Halen and Iggy Pop, "Facelift" would go on to achieve gold
status by the close of that year.
After releasing one small, unexpected collection of purely acoustic compositions in the form of the Sap EP (including the sole appearance of Alice Mudgarden), the group received more exposure in 1992 when one of their new songs, "Would?", made an appearance on the soundtrack for Singles, a motion picture by filmmaker Cameron Crowe which revolved around the lives of a number of Seattle singles. This helped build anticipation for Alice's next LP.
Dirt, packed with the group's patented heavy, distortion-drenched sound, was released in the fall of 1992, and was both a critical and a commercial success, going platinum by the end of the year. However, the lyrical content of the impenetrably dark record - which dealt mostly with isolation and addiction - stirred speculation that Layne Staley had fallen far into the depths of a serious heroin addiction. We now know, Layne Staley Jerry Cantrell beyond reasonable doubt, that for the most part these rumors were true. After seeing them perform at Lollapalooza in 1993, the alternative music scene braced itself for another hard, angry, loud release from the Seattle quartet, but when Jar of Flies hit shelves in January, 1994, it stunned fans and critics alike with its wholly uncharacteristic sound. Released as an EP, but now widely considered to be of album caliber (and indeed, the design and length would indicate it as almost being that), "Jar of Flies" debuted at No. 1 on album sales charts, making it the first EP release to ever do so. In striking contrast with "Dirt" - though still containing similar (but more understated) lyrics of self-blame and isolation - "Jar of Flies" consisted of well-developed acoustic pieces, complete with subtle string arrangements, fused perfectly with exclamation points of Cantrell's signature electric-guitar attack. Slowly evolving from the alternative, progressive sound of the first track to more traditional ballads, the record seemed to pay respects to Cantrell's musical roots. Despite the EP being written and recorded in a single miserable and alcohol-laden week, some critics hailed it as a mini-masterpiece. The band stayed off the road for the remainder of their run, which once again fueled speculation about Staley's addiction. Nonetheless, Staley performed a few shows with Gacy Bunch, a "Grunge-Super-Group" side-project of his formed in 1995, which included Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready and Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin. They later renamed themselves Mad Season, and released a single LP, Above.
In November of 1995, Alice in Chains returned with the release of a self-titled album, Alice in Chains, though most fans have taken to referring to the album as "Tripod" or "Three", due both to a lack of labeling, and the image of a forlorn three-legged-dog which appears on the cover. Once again evolving their sound (as all their releases have), and now relying more on melody and textured arrangements than their previous releases (some see the album as the child of Dirt and Jar of Flies), the record debuted at number one on the charts. The group again didn't support the album with a tour, sparking further discussion about Sean Kinney Staley's heroin addiction. Ultimately, this would be the last official album that Alice in Chains produced, though they did write a few new songs after this release, including Mike Starr "Get Born Again", and "Fear the Voices", which can be found on various compilations.
The group made one final appearance, their first in three years, giving a last show in 1996 when they performed on MTV Unplugged. Staley was in visibly poor health, but nonetheless the group gave an outstanding performance, including a stunning rendition of "Down in a Hole", and went to great lengths to rework much of their harder material to suit the acoustic nature of the show.
Although the band never officially disbanded, in 1996 Staley spiraled even deeper into a depression from which he would never recover when his girlfriend died following a bacterial infection caused by drug use. He became reclusive, rarely leaving his Seattle condo. Although Jerry Cantrell wanted to keep the band together and tried to stay in touch with him, it eventually seemed clear that Staley would never return, and Cantrell launched a solo career.
The possibility of an Alice in Chains reunion finally ended on April 5th, 2002, when Layne Staley died in his condominium from an apparent lethal overdose of heroin and cocaine, exactly 8 years after the suicide of another icon of the grunge era, Nirvana's Kurt Cobain.
In 2005, the remaining members of Alice in Chains performed at a benefit concert in Seattle. Numerous singers filled the role of lead singer including Maynard James Keenan of Tool, Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd, Aaron Lewis of Staind, Kevin Martin, formerly of Candlebox, Pat Lachman of Damageplan, and Ann Wilson of Heart.

Alice in Chains Discography

* 1989 Sweet Alice - Demos of the Facelift album
* 1990 We Die Young - EP
* 1990 Facelift - LP
* 1992 Sap - EP
* 1992 Dirt - LP
* 1994 Jar of Flies - EP
* 1995 Alice in Chains - LP
* 1996 Unplugged - LIVE
* 1999 Nothing Safe: The Best Of The Box
* 1999 Music Bank Columbia - 4 CD box set
* 2000 Live - live LP
* 2001 Greatest Hits
* 2005 The Essential Alice in Chains - 2 CD
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