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Forum suggestion

Someone should add a Forum Games forum. Points shouldn't be increased in it because forum games are a great way to get your post count up.
intresting idea... and tho i like it... I dont think its right for frihost, as we want good quality posts here... But.. like I said... I do like it...
I've been a supporter of forum games for quite some time now. But there are several problems with it...
1. Even though we won't be giving points in a forum like that, I expect there to be a huge amount of posts, which will make moderation difficult.
2. If people spend too much time playing forum games, it reduces the amount of time you can spend on other, "proper" discussion topics.
3. There will most likely be many many duplicate topics, arguments, etc etc etc.
one way to stop the "loads of topics" on the same is, make it so only mods can start new threads in this section. Then... have a sticky post where users can suggest a forum games thats not there ^_~... would this work?
I thought about that too.
But that would mean that mods would get their inboxes inundated with PMs to start new forum games, thus increasing their work load even more.
oh yes...the nasty nasty PM ... ugg hmm well I can think of 2 ways to fix this problem.. not sure how well of an idea these are... but might as well through them out right?

1) Make a rule... if you PM ANY suggestion at all (and do not place it in the correct thread) You will not accept that idea... or any idea in the future...

The problem with this I see is... a lot of people dont read the rules...thus... PMs will still be sent... but I think a lot less will be.

2) And I think this would be the best idea... just not sure if your allowed to do so... make a new account that will be made for control of this section...only this account as powers over it... thus...all PMs will go to it, thus, you can just ignore any PMS that you get on this account.

I really like this idea... I just dont know if you would be allowed to do such a thing?
all PMs will go to it, thus, you can just ignore any PMS that you get on this account.

Then what's the point of asking people to PM their suggestions in, if you're going to ignore all the PMs that come into that account's inbox? Razz
huh... I never said anything about people PMing there suggestions in... . I said they should post them in a sticky.
Ah ok.
Well, that, I think would be like putting in too much of an effort for something that doesn't require so much effort. Razz
I'm scouting around for some topics anyway, and I'll probably add some that I like Smile
There could be special moderators just for that forum, it wouldn't be hard at all to set up. (Making the new rank would be the hardest part). If there are notices in the rules, FAQ, forum description, and a sticky title, the PM load should be low, and hopefully most of those remaining PM's will be directed at the games moderators.

As for people wasting their time there, instead of the rest of Frihost, at least for me, it would mean more time total spent at Frihost, because the time spent on the games would just be added onto the usual time.

As for duplicate threads and arguments...
That could be accepted as a normal 'feature' of the games forum, though the worst of the arguments may need the intervention of a game mod or normal mod. (When a party to the argument PM's to complain of flaming) Also, searching before starting the new thread could be a normal step in the procedure for game mods making a new game.

As a side note, I'm very enthusiastic about the idea of ordinary users posting game ideas in a sticky to be implemented (if acceptable) by game mods.
Alright, I'll try to float the topic of a Games Forum once again, but not any time in the near future.
The last time we discussed it, very few members of the staff were in favour of having a Games forum.

Also, we tried having forum-specific moderators at one point of time. However, it just doesn't work. We ended up making all moderators Global Moderators because it simply became easier to moderate the forums... but it's not a terrible idea, I grant you that... let's just see...
Forum Games sux..

forum games = spam, and frihost gives you hosting for worth posts not spam like cow>milk>farm lol ^^

I think it`s the worst idea for frihost forums...
Burn in Hell lol Smile
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