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Best deal you ever got on a game

Somebody posted to ask what game you bought was the biggest waste of money, and a lot of people talked about cheap games they ended up liking. So I thought, "new thread!"...

What's the best bang-for-buck you ever got from a game?

For me, it was probably when I got a used Final Fantasy X for 10 bucks at a Blockbuster clearance. I first got a PS2 substantially after FFX came out, but of course it was one of the first games I wanted to play. I was shuffling through the usual stack of "previously played" ex-rental games and came upon a good looking copy of FFX, and snatched it up quick. Played ~60 hours, and I think it still works today. That was money well spent.
I got Oblivion discounted for I think $34 (was originally $90 in Australia, as most games are, then the RRP went down to $50). And the best bit was, I bought it with a gift voucher Very Happy

So I got Oblivion for free, essentially Wink.

But the cheapest game I've bought that would have to be the best unexpected bang for buck would have to be Prey, which I got for $15, although it's quite likely that I've got something else for a cheap price like that.
I got Madden 2004 for xbox for a price of $1.99 compared to the $60 for Madden 2008... the graphics were so much worse, but I'd take Madden 2004 over 2008 any day for the 30 times cheaper price....
Mine would have to be the $5 copy of Suikoden 2 I found in the giant discount no manuals pile of my local flea market's game store...

Beat the game completely and then sold it to some lady in norway for 150 bucks.
Hmm I wouldnt know but my worst deal probably was Counterstrike on the Xbox for nearly 60 bucks, thought it was going to be an awesome game, was very dissappointed.
Arnie wrote:
I got Rollcage for the equivalent of 2 pounds (5 euros) and it's the best game I've ever played.
As written in the topic Ghengis is referring to...
I got AoE III for only 49zloty(now about $17,5). I was shocked when I saw this price because it was 2 months after( . . . you know what, I just forgot this word Very Happy )and I had seen this game 2 weeks before and it costed 129zloty($40) so..
The best deal i made was spending 10 dollars for a whole collection of x-box games(about 30 different titles[many best sellers and major titles]) from a neighbor who was tired of their son playing games all day Laughing
Best value for money game I've ever had? ADOM and ToME. Roguelikes are awesome, and put your bang-for-buck theorm into mathematical form and I think you'll find that freeware games, logically, have infinite result. Very Happy

As for what I've actually bought thought, Neverwinter Nights (original, not 2) cost me something like $100 (Australian) after getting both expansions, and the amount of fun I had from playing the better user modules was considerable. Tales of Symphonia and Super Smash Brother Melee for gamecube I picked up cheap two and have had great fun playing those for easily >100 hours each.
I once bought a pack of 10 games off eBay for like 5 bucks. But then again they were all old games and in crappy condition. Still worked fine though.
I sued to bu y Playstation games for about a dollar each.
I got Neverwinter Nights for 2, Dungeon Siege + Add on for 3 and Prey, Flatout 2 and ToCA RC2 all for 10. Prey by itself would have set me back at least 20 most places. All including postage and packing.

Currency conversion rates are 10 - $20 USD.

You can use for any other currency conversions.
Both great deals I got went for $20.

The first was Final Fantasy Tactics. For a long time, this was the stepheaded child to the Final Fantasy series because it was not your standard role playing game. It has a strategic element that isn't present in any other game. It has a great job system, great gameplay, and long play time and replay time. I've easily wasted hundreds of hours on the game finding out all the strategic elements I can do with the game.

The second deal was the Starcraft Battle Chest. I got the game in 7th grade (I'm in my 3rd year of college) and I still play it at times. And I'm not the only one. When you go onto, you still see a high number of players. The value in Starcraft and its sequel is the great campaign editor. The Use Map Settings games extend the gameplay of the series far beyond the typical goal of destroy all of the enemies base. The strategy of how a unit works is the same but how you use it changes.

So many hours playing both these games.
The best deal I ever got for a game would have to be 50 for World of Warcraft at Wal-mart. (clearance)
I have to say the best deal I got was BF2142 free for walking into the GeForceLan 3 in San Jose last year. Lan parties always have sweet give aways. When I first got into PC gaming I bought a box of 30+ games off of ebay for a pretty good deal that got my early gaming days off to a solid start. In the box was like 2 copys of the orginal Halflife, and that has to be the game I have gotten the mose value out of because of all the mods that came out for free at the time. Heck I never played the orginal halflife all the way through, I did play OF and BS all the way. And played Counter-Stirke for the orginal alpfa days. Day of defeat is also one I spent a lot of time playing, a long with firearms and the other mods of the time. And for $60 or so I got HL2, CSS, and DoDS. So I have gotten a lot of good gaming from those.
XIII for 13 bucks. I'm not kidding, either. This is how much I payed. I think I got ripped off.
Hey, XIII was brilliant.

I got Shenmue for the Dreamcast, preowned for 1 Smile
well, the ps2 isn't exactly a game. But ebgames was running a deal... trade old ps2 + 5 games in for a slim ps2. So I just go to eb the night before, buy like... madden 2002, nba live 2002... etc for like 2-5 bucks each. Come back the next day and trade their own games + ps2 for the new slim.
i bought rayman (ps1 game) for 50 pence (1 dollar)
Free Far Cry with only some ads that don't work anymore on my copy.
I bought a bunch of games for $15 in a "Gamefest Star Trek" box. It's one box, $15, and had five different full version Star Trek games in it. Oh yeah, that's the deal right there.

now thats what Bang for buck lol
Go back a decade and remember C&C???: FREE download!!! This is my all time favorite!

12th Anniversary celebration during the month of September. However, as any Command & Conquer fan knows, the true party started on August 31st, which marks 12 years since Command & Conquer Gold launched way back in 1995.

To kick the celebration off Westwood has a special surprise which are certain new and old Command & Conquer fans will enjoy. They are providing the original Command & Conquer Gold as a free download, compatible for Windows XP! This is the same version included with the collectors pack Command & Conquer: The First Decade, and is now available for you to download for free!
I tend to rate games in hours per play for the cost.

back in the older days, I played Jumpman on my Amiga for ever! I loved that game.

And while I paid full proce for Guild Wars, I have played it for a year. Since it is free on-line play once you buy it I consider that agreat deal. Especialy sinc ei have played it for so long.

Guild wars is the only game where i have later one talked by phone and send birthday and Christmas cards to people I have met there. Also the game forces to to make friendss in Guilds to accomplish tasks. You can do it without regular friends but it is much harder.
I bid for a Spyro game on eBay, and after winning the product, realised it was a GameCube game rather than PS2 (the picture showed the cover of the PS2 version). So I refused to pay for the item (since it was false advertising). They kept sending me invoice after invoice, but I wouldn't pay. They wouldn't accept PayPal either, I had to send them a cheque. Anyway, a month or so later the game turned up on my doormat! So I got it for free! Though I'm an honest person and will be selling it again eBay for the guy who sent me it.
I picked up the last copy of HL2 at any store in my city (and another, bigger city) after Valve ceased production of the game. Got it for half price too.
A level 60 paladin World of WarCraft account from my friend that cost only 10 bucks. He was tired of it and shelfed it aside so I might as well have a go at it. Wink
Mmmm, the best deal i got on a game wasnt to long ago actually. Was at blockbusters. The deal was, trade any xbox360 game in and get Forza Motasport 2 for only 9.99.

So i traded in Fifa 2006 lol and got one of the best games ever for just 9.99.
Hey all,

The best deal I ever encountered for a video game was when I found Ogre Battle 64 at a blockbuster for $19. It's easily one of my favorite games. I've beaten it twice but I know there are still several more endings. It's a Fascinating RPG if you ask me, and it's also part of the Ogre Battle Saga which includes at least 4 other titles. All of the other titlEs I've played in the Ogre Battle Saga are exceptional as well, but they're hard to find games and are usually quite expensive when you do find them. Well, you guys have an awesome one......

Keep it real..............
Battlefield 2 for only 5$ Very Happy EB Games FTW! (Used)
[quote="Ghengis"]Somebody posted to ask what game you bought was the biggest waste of money, and a lot of people talked about cheap games they ended up liking. So I thought, "new thread!"...

What's the best bang-for-buck you ever got from a game?

I fell head over heals in love with Beyond Good and Evil for the Game Cube. It was $30 on release day so I was not expecting to much. I played thru the whole weekend and was finished with it by sunday night. It was that great. I was surprised at how well the story was written and what a great game it was.
Far Cry

12 now even cheaper

you now can even download it free from gamespot or fileplanet with ingame ads (just in the menus ive heard)

Great story will have you gripped for ages and it takes skill to complete on harder game modes

Good Graphics - yes you can properly test your gaming rig playing this

Good gameplay completely free roam (almost) u can be either stealthy or come in guns ablazing.

Multiplayer great comes with map editor (which is pro)
Super smash bros meele for me. I got it when it got that players choise discount to make it 30 bucks, and I've probably spend 200+ hours on that dang thing.
Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for only 10 Very Happy Still they're awesomeness Razz
Well, probably that would be for me Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (normally about $60). I got that for free from the development company Smile.

Freeware games are good though... for example, Slime Online. You also get a good deal if you make a game and buy it from yourself, and you also have a bonus! If you made any cheat codes or secret things, you know all about them!
My best buy on gaming products is the Championship Manager 4 about four or five years ago. I couldn't stop playing it even the next version was released.
The best Deal i ever got on a game ...well not really a deal but anyway i had a ''WWE Smackdown Just Bring it'' which broke because it had too many scratches on the disc so i went to a shop called 'cash converters' and bought ''WWE Smackdown Just Bring it'' again...and one of the blokes who worked there said if the game doesnt work bring it back and you'll get your money back.. So i went home too see if the game worked and it worked perfectly so i came up with an idea which was to take my broken 'WWE Smackdown Just Bring it'' back to the store and say it was broken and get my money i went back and they accept the game back and i got money back so in the end i ended up getting a free game Very Happy
Although you cheated the store... Neutral
Stupid... everybody can do that, and it's called stealing.
At the upcoming GeForce Lan 4 in San Fran, CA area they are 'most likely' going to give out Crysis to all the attenders as the party is for the release of Crysis and is sponorsed by Nvida and EA. Boy do I love Lans!
the best deal i've ever gotten on games is, nevermind

but i do remember the best antideal i've gotten....paying 100 canadian dollars for the n64 version of the world is not enough...

The other day

Transformers PC Game "brand new in unopened box" off ebay

$5 (AUS)

no joke
The other day

Transformers PC Game "brand new in unopened box" off ebay

$5 (AUS)

no joke

Supreme Commander

well my best price we're legit downloads through special sites who happened to have a nice cd to share Shocked just the coincidence eh?
cause of it though i feel obliged to buy games full price when others don't buy them hehe Twisted Evil
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