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my favorit pet

my favorit pet is a puffin
i really like the looks of it and how hard it is to get a picture of it
if enyone can get me a picture i would be really happy and post it so i can see it i would
be really gratefull
Really it is easy to get an image:
1: Get Firefox
2: Google Image Search: Puffin
3: Click one
4: See Full Size Image
5: Right click image -> copy image location
6: Paste in forum text box
7: Select pasted text
8: Click the 'Img' button above the text box

my favorite pet is dolphin its my favorite pet because they are very smart and simpats.... and they are so cute Very Happy
My favorite pet this week is Ching-ching, no make that Tazz, maybe Noodle, we gave each other hell this morning – sorry they’re all my favorites.

PS. The Weaverbird was pretty cute the other day, also the Casanova Namakwaland Dove, he gets so much action, I think he’s trying to get on Animal Planet.
my favorite is a white dog, its name is Gougo,it is not only smart but very cute as well. And i like golden fish, too. they are so beautiful and quiet.
My favorite pet is the silkie a kind of chicken.

They're really friendly and make great pets. Plus, they're the fuzziest things ever. xD
One of my current babies:

My sweetie who passed away two years ago:

Haven't taken a picture of my other baby yet... Sad
ates1 wrote:
tesekkurler arkadas ellerine saglik guzel paylasim...

tesekkurler arkadas ellerine saglik guzel paylasim...

Very Happy Luckily moderators rarely visit this part of the forum, now if you were brave you’d try this in general chat. General chat is to moderators what doughnut shops are to cops.
Well, now that I have wandered in:

Ates1, this is an English-speaking forum only. There are language forums that can be accessed through the forum index, but if your language is not one of them, then you must speak English here. Do not post five times in a row, especially when all five posts are spam and when half of them are repeats of something in another language. If you need to add something to a post, there's an edit button. If you're trying to get hosted, this is NOT the way to do it.
How can you have a pet that you don't own? Anyway mine would be a chimp or a lizard.
mrimp wrote:
How can you have a pet that you don't own? Anyway mine would be a chimp or a lizard.

I have a pet that I take care of.....and I don't own him - he's my neighbor's dog. He was being abused, so I asked if the dog could "play" with my dog (in my yard) and luckily, the neighbor agreed.....

Hasn't gone back to the neighbor since.......
I used to own a cute. He was a great pet. When I arrive, he's at the waiting for me, then when he see me, he'll go inside out our house and come back to e with my slippers. We always bring him to our farm. He's good in catching birds and salamanders. He's not like from other dogs that are afraid of water. When I tell him to jump into the water, he will. He's an excellent swimmer and he loves swimming. When we're at the beach, he loves to play with the waves on the shore.

Buy, sadly, he was poisoned by our neighbor two years because he was almost bitten when he sneaked ito our backyard without notice to get his shirt that was blewn by the wind.

Now, I have an old dog, about 5 years which originally belong to my grandma. When my uncle left abroad, the dog started coming to our house about 6 blocks away. He's a trained dog too. When no one is on my granny's house, we just tell him to go there and he will. He'll go back to our house when my grandma is at house or someone in our family is in my grandma's house.
My favorite pet ever must have been Michipitchiweenee, my big black cat.
my favorite pets is dog and cat becoz why... this a guard of your home Twisted Evil
My favorite animal and the dog, and faithful companion.
hehehe tambem gosto muito de peixes de aquario.
The pet for excelence is the dog. anyone who love animals have to love dogs first, because are the best animal companions to men.
well my favourite pet is a dog although i have stopped having a dog at home after my last dog died, so now i have 2 cats at home and i do not know whether u will believe it or not but my cats eat chocolates and that too they want to be fed from my mouth to their mouth
silvertailsfox wrote:
My favorite pet is the silkie a kind of chicken.

They're really friendly and make great pets. Plus, they're the fuzziest things ever. xD

really strange animal..
looks like hair ball =\
My favorite pet is a dog
my favourite pet as to be the legendary goldfish!!! Razz

just love watching them swim round hehe. lol
My favorite pet was my dog named White Sox. He passed away 10 months ago.
my FAvorite pet is a minature dauchsund. because weiner dogs are AMAZING. and better than any other animal? you know why? cause their shaped like haha u know weiners. so they much be amazing Very Happy They last a good long time ;] and can get tired but have 3 bursts of energy! ahha
I'm not so original in this matter, for my favourite is the dog and the cat. We have both dogs and cats, and a
few rabbits aswell, but they are not as much fun, since they have to live in cages. I have also kept a snake, and
those are beautiful to watch, but have the same limitation as the rabbits - cage (or terrarium, tather Laughing ).
I have so many favorite animals. I found some really cute pictures so I will share them.

Cute kitten:

Baby Loris: I love these
My favorite pets are cats and dogs. I like them because the are so sweet and so very loyal to their masters. They always brighten my day while watching them play. They'll never leave you and will always give their best for you. Laughing
I like parakeets. I had 3-5 parakeets. I like all.
I really love my dog, it is a cavalier king charles, she is really nice, sweet and friendly...
I adopted her from the shaltor, they even gave me the buying certificate, can you believe it...they payed 450 euro and 3 years later they just gave her away..
But I have to be honest, I'm really happy to have here...
She is my evrything...
Btw, I'm sorry for all my mistakes but like you can see englisch is not my first or second language...

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