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YOUR history.

Alright so I've seen topics about history of the world, things we all read about in school, little tid bits of information here and there but..

What I want to know is what all happened before and after all these things began or even during.
I know there are quite a few of you who are interested in who you might be or are related to from way back in history.

I myself found out not to long ago I could be in fact related to George Busch Sad from way back in some bloodline, not something I'm proud of but that's not the point. I also found out I'm related to two guys who founded Nova Scotia. I thought that was pretty sweet.

Now...who are you related to...whats YOUR history??
My ancester Hebert (I think) Côté was one of the first farmers in North America. On Ile Orléans. Another ancester was an Abnaki First Nations woman.
lol pretty neat stuff, interesting huh?
Seems to me there is a lot more that has gone on in our families than we have come to believe yea?
I don't know much about my ancestry...

All I know is that my grandad was in the British Navy during WWII, and my great grandad was a soldier in WWI.

Oh, and that it seems the men in my family die at the age of 63, which is worrying...
my great grandfather was killed by britishes during a peaceful prossession against the british rule in india

grandfather was also a freedom fighter
Which procession are you talking about? was it a major one?

The mughals started conquering India quite a while back and were suprisingly succesful at it. They were mostly all muslim and their armies used to have 'maulvis' (priests) who would lead the soldiers in prayer. But once the whole sub continent had been conquered by the Mughals the maulvis became an authority over religous affairs, a positon they could not handle at all, due to there limited knowledge of religion, and hence wrecked havoc with people's minds. Their reminants are still visible today in the remote and even not so remote areas of Pakistan/India. Emperor Shah Jehan(4th in line mughal leader) noticed this problem and constructed a large mosque, "Jamai masjid", in Dehli- his capital. He then invited a scholar of Islam from Bukhara, to lead prayer in this mosque and become the religous authority of the land. But the scholar said he would not come alone and so brought along many of his family members along with him. The descendants of these men and women came to be known as "Bukhari's".
dnt know much.... my grandmom told me this.... nd now she is no more... passed away wen i was in 9th grade.... dad dnt know much about this.... he also knows wat i know or he doesnt want me to tel it...
I know nothing special about my family, besides from possibly one of the rarest names ever on the world. And my familytree can be traced back to around 1500-1600.
I've got mine traced back to Captain David Peebles, who immigrated to the Virginia Colony in the early 1600's from Fife, Scotland. His father was Robert Peebles, but I can't find anything further back than that. So far I haven't found any famous people in my tree.

I'm still working on my father's side of the family, but I can't seen to get any further back than the Civil War.
My wife and I have traced our families back to the 16th centuary on all four sides of the parents. However we have no real claim to fame except that my Great Great grandfather was an enterprising industrialist. No big skeletone in the cupboards eitherexcept my wifes grandfather never knew who his father was, and in never appeared on his birth cert.
What i came to know from my grandfather is that his grandfather had told him about their land in Pakistan.According to him we were big landowners.Later British forced us to sell the land in which we lost everything.
Yo no tengo mucha historia, mi familia solo somos 4
{name here}
My family tree deviates from two places.

My father's side of the family came from the western area of Germany in one of the Dahl regions.
My mother's side of the family came from the southern Polish town of Kobiór. Even further down the line I cannot tell the origins exactly, because they are either unknown to me or use words rather than regions. Góra which is the root of the name which I know, means mountain, and that is pretty generic, but I assume it is a southern polish name as well.
My stepfather has a Dutch name, but it's spread pretty far out.

That is as far as I can detect my family. There is a Polish actor with the same surname. The town that this family comes from is rather small and I don't think that we have done anything rather famous or noteworthy there unless one of my family members was a Hussar during the golden age of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Germanic side of things I have no idea of - Dutch or German.
I got some.
My Great Grandfather was Sir Betram Windle. He founded universities in England, Ireland and Canada. He wrote books on anatomy and tried to discover where science met religion in this area.
I still have a diary full of pictures which he wrote in 1874 when he walked around the Isle of Weight (Small island of the South Coast of England)
Also had a famous military man (lieutenant) who "died with the flag" in the late nineteenth century battle. Also a "lord protector" of Ireland. Which was equivalent to prime minister of Ireland. Possibly mid nineteenth century.
wow, it's all very interesting.
I love learning about other peoples family histories, none of that boring " over and over again" of our countries political history. George Washington, first president.. OOOO. lol doesn't cut it for me.

And btw more news about my family history,
We've been traced down to a royal blood line in Scotland, had our own castle and everything! lol hard to believe though, cause my family isn't filled with the most proper of people Confused
it's all very interesting.but i don't kown any history
i come from china ,i have a good family,father,mother,and sister,wo love earch other,i have a nice memory about my childhood ,so i think i can have a good future
lol thats good to hear Caoyuting. It's always nice to see someone with a great hopes for the future. I respect that
I am not sure of my history. Unfortunately it was never stressed or discussed much in my family. Which brings me to another point. I don't speak for any other race, but I tend to see a of my black americans not able to trace their roots. Furthermore, I have traveled to other countries and studied a few different areas, and if you ask them the same questions they would have a valid response. I need to figure out my ancestry. Does anyone know any webistes that could help?
My History is that I came out from a middle class family. Did my schooling in a good educational institution. Did my college education at a pretty superb college and got graduated as a sciene graduate.

Was without work for few months.

Got recruitted in a big company on campus.

Now it is almost 5 years, i am good - disciplined Smile and enjoying my life.....

THink good ->
Do good ->
Be good ->

and atlas everything will be good for you.

Keep Smiling and enjoy life !!!!

as alwayZz - Cheers and Cherish
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my ancestry of course my grandfather he was a soldier during WWII against the japanese empire who wants captured the philippines on there hands......
How do you all know these stuff? All I know of my family is up to my grandparents' generation.
I'm a direct descendant of Zubair, a cousin/close companion of Prophet Muhammed.
HalfBloodPrince wrote:
I'm a direct descendant of Zubair, a cousin/close companion of Prophet Muhammed.
So you have traced your geneology back over 1400 years have you?
I used to question everytime I spend some time with my grandfather and I could get some information about my ancestry about 500 years from now. Like he told me about his father, his grandfather, his great grandfather and his great grandfather's great grandfather. In this history, my grandfather's greatest grandfather came to my place from somewhere which is not known to anyone. My ancestors built 3 churches in the same place after every 100 or 150 years because the construction getting old.

Now few years back my grandfather and my father demolished the old church and built yet another church at the same place. Eventhough the entire expense for building the church is not spent by my family the land in which the churches built is of our ancestry and its acknowledged in the Church history too.

Even now when I goto my native I explore this topic with all elderly people available at my native. Now the population is quite high at my native but when I dig my ancestry there were only few people lived at the place.

Its always interesting digging your own history. I do not know about others but I really enjoy doing this.

From what I know, on my Mothers side we are related to the royal family of the Netherlands, however not close enough to be heirs to the throne...meh oh well, but yeah, Kings of Oranje would be pretty cool in Holland Very Happy.

And also on my Fathers side of the Irish, we use to dominate a large majority many hundreds of years ago with land, power, castles, you name it, the O'Connors use to have much power back in ye old days, but as you know, times change, and I still have no clue where my share of the loot went lol.

Well, I was born in (rambles on for the longest post possible) well, I guess that sums up my incomplete history...I am still working on it.
I don't know about my mom's side so much, but three hundred years ago, my dad's family traveled the Silk Road in China. Then a hundred years later, they settled right outside Beijing. My great-grandfather was an architect, and he was the first to build cathedrals Western-style in China. ^^~ His second wife, who was my great-grandma, was a Qing princess, along with my grandma's mother. xD~ A quarter Qing/Manchurian blood!

My dad's family also went through the Cultural Revolution, and it was tough on them since they've been Catholic for hundreds of years. A lot of my great grandfather's churches were also destroyed during that time.
Its really interesting - some families transfer the knowledge of the previous generations, some - prefer not to mention any them in the front of children, who are busy with own life to ask, until too late.
I also know only own parents and their siblings. The only grandparent I lived with, wasn't talking too much about real life.
So my knowledge on the family history is pretty much limited to knowledge of the grandparents occupations, not even names and surnames, or ethnicity.
My mum lived in Athens with her mum, sister and father, now deceased.

My dad lived in on a another Greek island in a village with his mum, and brothers. He's nevermentioned his dad, and I'd rather not ask, seeing at it could bring back bad memories.A very rural village, goats and all.

Mum being in her late 40's moved to the states in the 70's, and my father, in his early 60's (yes, 60's) moved to the states God knows when, but lets just assume in the 70's. They met at church, and for another God knows reason, married after a year of dating. Nine months after marrige, they had my older brother. Four years later, me.
well, my history begins with me, but yours ends with you!

iam Rehana and My father name is Mr jerry

i was very poor
when my father start his own bussnis now we have lots of mony

now i have 2 commputers to use for games

iam very friendly Girl
Well, I'm from Denmark, and among my ancestors are a bishop of Ribe and a Bishop of Roskilde.. Also I'm related to Hans Tausen, the man behind the danish reformation... So I've got a lot of religious stuff in the past, which doesn't really add up to who I've become:)
We might be related to Great rushies "Manu". I wonder if any body is familier with this person.

I father says we all are related to god. Do you think that count? Well that may not have to do anything with history.
My relatives lived in Normandy in the 8th century. That's all I know really, about anything from early in history.
Hey Crinoid,
I don't know where you as based, but there is a wealth of information on the web to help you research your family. Don't be put off by the older people in the family keeping quiet about their relatives who have a skeleton in the cupboard. In fact these are often the most interesting bits of family history.
No one famous in my family that I know of. I trace my mother's mother's family back to the early 14 century. The migration of the family to around the time of the Roman Empire. Traces in my DNA of sickle cell shows that I am originally black. Word.
My mother's side:

My mother's great grand father was one of the richest man in our town in the province of Iloilo. He was a Spaniard and he loves to ride horses. He gambles a lot and bets his land on it. They said that he was so cruel that as he ride on his horse he'll whip anyone without any reason. He gave most of his land to the church when he died.

He had a son who was also cruel. In fact I was told that even on his death bed, when his daughters were feeding him, every time the spoon touches his teeth, he would whip his daughter. That's just so cruel. Two of his daughters were found dead hanging on the trees near their farm.

Then came my grand mother's father. He was a decent and a rich man. He owned a large farm and a rice mill. There, my grandfather was his worker. It was in his rice mill where my grandmother and my grandfather met (My mom's parents). During his death, the business started to weaken and eventually the family lost all their business.

My grandfather died when my mom was little. Life was hard that time and the two aunts have to work for my mother and my uncles to finish school. My mom had two sisters and two bothers. My mom was the youngest.

My father's side:

I don't have enough details about my father's family because I grew up in Iloilo on my mother's relatives. All I know is that my grandmother's grandfather was a Spanish soldier back when the Philippines was a colony of Spain.

I don't have details on father's grandfather.

My father was the eldest boy among their siblings. His father was killed in an ambush in Mindanao when he was still in high school. He went here in Manila to work and to support his siblings' studies. In here, he met my mother and they had two children - my sister, the eldest, and me.

There. That's my family's history. I hope it's a good entry to our little discussion.

It's nice to see so many famous people in other people's history.

I have researched some of my ancestry and I have only found farm labourers and servants. I am not disappointed because I think that some of my ancestors were immigrants to the UK during the 1700's. That will be interesting to research.
I knew almost nothing about my roots, not even a name for my people, until I began to research on the Internet. The best my mother could tell me while I was growing up was that we were "Po nashemu", which she said meant "People who talk like us". When she wanted to make a joke she'd say we were "Heinz 57". On my father's side, some people of my ethnic group referred to themselves as "Ruskies". I finally found out the name of the village where my father was born, and it turned out to be in what's present-day south-east Poland. My mother's parents were born in this same region, which used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, or Halychyna. It's a beautiful area on the north slopes of the Carpathians. The people who used to live there were mostly deported in 1947 to Ukraine or resettled in lands recovered from Germany by the Polish government -- ethnic cleansing. But some have returned and others visit this place called Lemkovyna. They call themselves Lemko or Lemki now. There are closely allied groups to the east who are called Boyko, and one other group called Hutzul. Together these people are called Rusyn or Rusniak. They speak a dialect of Ukrainian with lots of loan-words from their neighbors, the Poles and Slovaks.

There are several theories about who these people descended from. The one that seems most plausible is that the Rusyn are a mixture of Slavic peasants and nomadic sheepherders from Romania called Vlachs. There are similarities in costume, folk music, superstitions and other cultural items to people from the Balkans. Some of my ancestors must have followed the mountains north and west, others may have been there for thousands of years in what some scholars believe is the original heartland of the Slavs.

We're all "Heinz 57'", ultimately, if we trace our roots back far enough.
zjosie729 wrote:
How do you all know these stuff? All I know of my family is up to my grandparents' generation.

There are a goodly number of web sites you can look up cencus returns, along with the birth death marrage and often information about wills. Depending of course where you live or want to research
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