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opinions wanted - free music!

The Mitchell
Ok so ive been working on some tunes for a while now. Since the ending of my band sleepercell i've been heading in a far more electronic direction and i finally feel that i have something to show for it. Before i try and release these properly to the world i would like to ask you the people of frih host for your opinions.

There are 2 songs which can either be downloaded from my myspace at or you can download the tracks directly from my webspace in wonderful 160kbps mp3 format. All opinions are welcome, in fact i urge you to tell me your opinions in terms of the music and the production. Everything has been written recorded and produced by myself with advice from Tom Lee also of sleepercell.

so those links again are



[URL=""]Einstein Vs Freud[/URL]
I really like this arrangement with all the sound effects and what-not. It sounds like something that would be featured in a movie (like an intro). I can also imagine this in a video game. Smile
I'm not on my home computer but when I am I'll download it for my own listening!

Einstein VS Freud
I think I like Sonar a bit more but this is still a cool track.

What program did you use to lay down these tracks? Would you consider incorporating some vocals in future tracks?
The Mitchell
Hi there. thanks for the comments much appreciated. Im glad you said that actually i orignally wrote both songs in reason then moved them over into ableton live and rewrote them entirely.
At first i preferred einstein vs freud but after a few listens einstein almost feels like the cut up piano loop is a bit to mish mashy whereas sonar feels much more song like melody wise. I think einstien may end up with another rewrite. Im currently working on a lot of tracks and ive been looking for a very soft female voice to add to the tracks for a while. If you are interested though im open to all ideas so add me to msn if you wish at andy underscore mitchell40 at hotmail dot com and we can discuss it further.

again many thanks for listening Smile
it's very repitive, but I guess techno is...
The Mitchell
catscratches wrote:
it's very repitive, but I guess techno is...

yeah i was thinking this. my initial idea was to base the structure on layers and create the dynamic that way although as you say some of it becomes a bit repetative. i agree that this is one of the features of techno although i dont really feel that it necessarily has to be.
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