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Microsoft is upto it's dirty games again!

1. Mesenger Plus! has just received another blow today after being red-flagged by Microsoft AntiSpyware.

According to the free program which is currently in BETA, the main executable, msgplus.exe, has now been flaged as a "Serious Threat" and will be blocked from running. Reports have came in that even explicitly allowing the software to launch sometimes fails. The threat level was only raised in the most recent update, before it was just marked as a moderate risk.

Patchou made this statement: "If they were detecting the setup, I could concede that a threat exists, as the user still has the choice to install the sponsor or not. But they are detecting msgplus.exe which does not harm your computer in any way"

For those of you who entrust Microsoft AntiSpyware to "Remove" Messenger Plus! are in fact stuck with the actual sponsor program. Dwergs stated, "Who's causing disaster to your system now? And it's not the first time that Microsoft makes doubtful changes to its spyware definitions".

Patchou has contacted Microsoft personally, so all we can do is ignore the warnings and wait for the threat level to be knocked down again.
2.Several days ago MSN Messenger fan site reported that the latest definitions for Microsoft AntiSpyware detects the actual Messenger Plus exe as Spyware.

Messenger Plus! bundles adware (C2 Lop) which is optional during the install stage. This recent change means users are advised of a threat coming from "msgplus.exe" even though this exe contains no spyware or adware. If you remove the "threat" using Microsoft AntiSpyware this fails to remove the C2 Lop adware and removes the Messenger Plus! un-installer. In simple terms this means if you have the spyware installed, Antispyware doesn't remove it but removes the un-installer of Messenger Plus so you can't remove it afterwards!

I have personally alerted Microsoft to this problem and their response has been disappointing. "The tactics used by spyware/adware vendors continuously evolve and present major challenges. We are looking into the issue that you raised about the removal of C2 LOP when a user chooses to remove Messenger Plus, and want to ensure our removal is complete as possible....We encourage software bundlers not to include spyware/adware in the first place to avoid the problems that arise once spyware has gotten on a user's machine."

Patchou, the author of Messenger Plus! has had a hard time getting a response out of the software giant too. We sat down with him last night and asked him a couple of questions regarding his feelings on the recent change.....

Q: What do you think to the recent change in antispyware detecting your application as spyware rather than the installer?

A: the recent changes in the MSAS definitions are puzzling and some people seem to interpret them incorrectly. What it does currently is detecting files after installation. The software is not really asking a question, it's warning about a dangerous threat to remove. The problem here is that this has nothing to do with the well known sponsor application distributed with Plus!. What MSAS does it detect files that have absolutely nothing to do with the sponsor, wether or not the ads were installed. Removing files such as msgplus.exe serves no purpose except for removing the Messenger add-on from people's computer and, if the sponsor was installed previously, removing the only proper way to uninstall the ads too. MSAS is actually damaging my users' computers and they don't seem to care about it much, that's what I don't understand. Detecting the installation of the sponsor during the setup of Messenger Plus! would be the proper thing to do, for everybody.

Q: Have you been able to get a response from Microsoft in regards to this problem?

A: I have emailed them two times since the beginning of the year, with no success. The answer I got everytime was pretty generic, basically saying that Messenger Plus! is flagged correctly as a software bundler and that's beside the point. If anything is a software bundler, it's the setup of Messenger Plus!, not Messenger Plus! itself which has no code whatsoever to reinstall the sponsor. MSAS detects Plus! and removes it from people's computer but they fail to remove the sponsor itself properly. The only thing MSAS does to my users is causing troubles by doing half the job it is supposed to do, and by doing it incorrectly. I'm not pro-advertisement, I understand why some people don't want any on their computers and that's why I've always kept it an option in my software. However, I can't understand why a software like MSAS couldn't simply detect that the sponsor is installed along with Messenger Plus! and launch the real uninstaller itself. I've done my part of the work to ensure people can quickly remove the ads installed, I'm waiting for Microsoft to do theirs.

Patchou has now begun a petition regarding the change and hopes that this will make Microsoft re-think their definitions.

3. Sign the Petition at

So they finally did it!They are spoiling such a nice tool.Why the heck did GIANT sell it to them Sad
S3nd K3ys
Messenger Plus! bundles adware (C2 Lop) which is optional during the install stage. This recent change means users are advised of a threat coming from "msgplus.exe" even though this exe contains no spyware or adware

Am I the only one that caught this? Rolling Eyes

It's got adware, but it's not adware?? Shocked
well the deal is this
messenger plus is still free...during the install rpocess, users are asked whether they want to install the optional software which is previously stated, it is OPTIONAL and users can avoid the adware by simply choosing no ... thus, as such, MSN PLUS itself is not adware, just the components that are bundled with it..

and yeah, MSN Plus is really a great tool for those who use only MSN Smile
S3nd K3ys the mess plus installer bundles an adware called c2.During install is asks you politely if you want to install the adware or not.If you choose no then no adware is installed.
BUt the messenger plus programs execution file doesnt contain any adware.But MS is detecting it as an adware and removing the exe and the un-installer(so now u cant even uninstall it properly if you want to).This is unfair.Because the exe doesnt contain any adware under any condition.The c2 is installed seperately.
Microsoft extracted a function from MSGPlus into messenger 7.5. Thats what I know, and now they are terming them as "baddies" after taking the function.
I understand that the program does not contain adware, but you have to think, was it really such a good idea for the author to include it in the installer?
I don't really have a problem with that.He has put a lot of effort in making this thing.So he included the adware to make some earnings.But he always allowed users to opt out of that and he was honest.

Wht MS is doing is outright stupid and i fell vindictive
yes ,i come to rob ur house and say i am honest , u have the option if u want to get robbed or not , so please dont report me to the police Evil or Very Mad

Which fools wants adware on thier pc , even if it is optional , no one would want it , then why put such a thing in the first place.
Ricky why do u put ads in your forum?
That person has worked hard for it.He has still kept the soft free,and he is honest about it.
BUt tell me how MS's action is making sense.They arent solving the problem ut making it more complicated.

And well if a robber gives u the option to get robbed or not and if u select to get robbed then u deserve it for ur foolishness.
the ad in my forum are google adds , they are text ads , they dont install anything on ur browsers ,when u surf the forum ,

anyone can see it

but u telling me ,that cause my forum is free for all ,i can put ads , that would install activex materials or harmfull contents on ur pc ?

i spend so much time and money on this forum , but i dont use such type of adds which could harm others . Wink
But even then you cant defend Ms's action.

Instead of deleting the harmfull stuff it install's they are just deleting the un-installer for the program.
1st news

Hello every body,

In only 4 weeks, you've been more than 400,000 to sign the MSAS petition. This number is simply incredible, especially if you consider that when the petition was closed, tens of thousands of new signatures were still being added every day. In any case, we think that 401,683 signature (final number obtained after excluding invalid/duplicate entries) should be enough to attain our objectives and if it doesn't, more signatures would probably not have been of much help.

The complete listing of signatures, which includes your contact information and comments, has been printed and sent to Microsoft today. The document was formatted with Times New Roman 9pt with borders size at minimum but still achieved to be 10,137 pages long! That's about 110 pounds (50Kg) of written support so thanks again for your help everyone . Of course, as the petition was sent under all of your names, the results will be made public when and if Microsoft sends us a reply. I sincerely don't want this issue to go any further and I'm counting on Microsoft to realize that it's in the best interest of everyone to solve that detection/removal problem. Keep checking this page (or use the RSS feed) to know what happens next!


and finally

Hi everyone,

we have yet to receive an official answer from Microsoft regarding the problems caused by their AntiSpyware product, however, it seems that the petition already filled a lot of its purpose! An update was made to the spyware definition files on September 23rd and the msgplus.exe program is not detected as a threat at run time anymore! (like this: see previous warning) this is a huge success for this whole operation as this problem was the very reason that triggered the need for a petition. This step back from MSAS is proof alone that some parts of Messenger Plus! are indeed flagged incorrectly and that we didn't fight for nothing. You can be sure that the support you gave to Messenger Plus! on so many internet sites and forums, in addition to the petition, is what made this change a reality.

We would like to thank Microsoft for not ignoring what their users had to say about this issue. There are still several problems surrounding the detection and removal of Messenger Plus! and its sponsor program but we hope that we will be able to work on that together as well in the near future.

I just wouldn't install anything with adware bundled. It's been my experience that you should just not mess with it. At least I have Mac so I don't have to worry about that anyway!
Cool. DHL is fast in delivering

10k over pieces of paper weighing 33kg and 10meters tall.
Problem with Plus! is that most users just know the <Next> button uppon install.. and the pre-defined option was to install the adware... this means most n00bs installed it WITH the adware. I do understand MS's position on this subject, although if it was my decision, it would never have made it to full block of the app, but a simple warning when the detection of the adware was trying to install.
I was a Plus! user for long time and it is very handy for MSN Messenger users. I have never heard of it's (main) program having any adware itself. Good news Microsoft is reconsidering it's position on this matter Surprised)

Be Well Cool
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