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photoshop cs2-cs3

anyone knows the diference between cs2 and cs3? if you know please tell my because im n ot sure if cs3 deserves it.
here, get your own pdf
I have to say that I was using CS2, but now I've upgraded to CS3 and I'm loving it. Mostly it just looks nicer, I'm not sure if there's too much difference otherwise. But it does seem to be more compatible with windows Vista.
Hmm it was pretty wierd when i tried cs3 cause there wasn't any lens flare lol.
So yea i use cs2 and im glad with that
The big difference comes in when you want to integrate your Adobe softwares together. You can edit Flash files, then move them seamlessly into Illustrator, to Photoshop and back again with little difficulty. At least that's how they're advertising it. There's a whole bunch of cool stuff, you just have to get into the technical details which I lack.
> The interface and complete look of CS3 as been changed.

> Added some new tool set that makes your work flow smooth,easy and fast
especially to say The selection tool makes you selection fast.
redefine selected selection edges smooth and clear(no more uncleaned edges).
>Advanced Vanishing point tool.
>Convert for smart filters..... and many more just go and grab a copy on new Adobe CS3.
Really, for all intents and purposes, unless you are a pr0 image editor, an older version of photoshop will do everything you need it to do and then some. personally, though, the new interface is sexy enough for me to get it Smile
I have Cs3 Extended and I haven't seen all the new features yet. Feeling a bit ripped off at the moment... bloody adobe... *sighs*
I dont really care, im staying with CS2 for now, i see no reason to get CS3, from what i hear its basically the same. And im more comfortable with the CS2 look, even though i started out on Photoshop CS 8.0 .
really for my purposes there isnt much different. The extended version is more for people doing 3D so they would prob see a more benefit in using the extended version. I like it though cuz the interface is a lil cleaner.. main toolbar now just one row and the black and white layer is really cool also.
i talking from some experience, if you want to buy CS3, i will tell you that there is no big change.
you can do all with your CS2
any special tools in CS3?
The best upgrade I like with cs3, is how you create the filters.

Its much more easy then cs2. Its hard to explain how its changed, but you do not have to wait years to test how each filters looks.

The menu is also more clean, and the look is bether. It has also come a "windows" button in the menu, so you just can change to animation etc... with that button.

The only thing that is worse, with all the new adobe cs3 programs, is the icons. Its only a rectangle that is changed in different colors. The font on the icons is also ugly...

But everything else is just much bether! Very Happy
I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended version but because I'm not a professional designer, I only noticed visual changes comparing to previous, CS2 version. But now, when I looked at PDF which badai provided, I have to research new functions Smile
> A few bug fixes
> You can import various 3D formats and work on it .
> Greater level of integration with other adobe products
> A New Interface!!!
Black and white conversion
Quickly remap colors in an image to monochrome, or have Photoshop analyze the image and recommend conversion settings.

Improved curves
Use the color-correction presets to make automatic adjustments to curves. You can also create your own Curve presets.

Adjusted cloning and healing with preview overlay
Control multiple clone sources, as well as rotate and scale each clone source. You can also view an overlay of the clone source as you paint.

Improved print experience
Get better control over print quality with color management and better print preview features.

Next generation Camera Raw
Process raw data—at high quality—from more than 150 digital cameras. You can also apply Camera Raw processing to JPEG and TIFF files.

"Cool - now you can do your wallpapers and more to your phone."
Da Rossa
My personal feelings about CS3:

  • Unstable in windows XP @ AMD Athlon XP 2800+, 512MB RAM, IDE HDD. If you pick an image and use the brush tool to quickly drag back-and-forth, it crashes;
  • Very time-consuming installation and deinstallation;
  • Improved interface, nice look/feel;
  • Has a "quick select" tool in the same box of the magic wand tool.

    Verdict: I'm sticking with the good and old CS 1.
[Can someone tell me how I can get photoshop documentation for my website ? I would also like to learn Macromedia Flash professional 8 but I am still unable to find documentation about this software ! How can I make My animations and others with Flash for my website ? This is the most important question I been trying to answer for long !

I would be very grateful if someone can provide me with a documentation on this or show me important website where this information is available.


Basically it's the same as CS2. The great difference is if you like 3D. Then you have Photoshop CS3 extended. Strata plugins are a breakthrough because with a bunch of photos and proper background cleaning there's the chance of making 3d models.
Photoshop CS3 has one advantage for me: gif animations are done in Photoshop (ImageReady is gone). It's simpler: no more switch to ImageReady or switch to photoshop.
The brushes, effects, gradients, filters are the same. So there's no need to change.
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