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Frihost Official Writing Contest pre-launch poll.

Will you take part in the Official Frihost Harry Potter Writing Contest?
 37%  [ 12 ]
 28%  [ 9 ]
Maybe (if it's convenient for me)
 21%  [ 7 ]
I don't have time, but I like the concept
 12%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 32

This is just a notice that Frihost is planning to host an official writing contest.

As this is the inaugural edition of the contest, we wanted to keep it something simple and interesting. The first contest is going to be related to Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, and I suppose most of the participants would have to have read the last book. (I can't give out more details until we decide to launch the contest! Wink )

This is just to see how many people are actually interested in writing or writing contests. If this this successful, we plan to host more writing contests on varying topics.

Please reply here or vote to let me know if you are interested in participating in a Harry Potter-related writing contest.

I expect entries to be not longer than an ordinary essay! So, don't worry about having to spend too much time on it!

NOTE: Entry is free... donations will NOT be accepted. More details about the contest will be out if I find a good enough response to this thread. Tell your friends about this thread. The more the number of people who vote here, the more the chances of us hosting the contest!

The minimum amount of FRIH$ to be given out is FRIH$ 2250!
tidruG...I'm no good with Harry Potter...when/if you guys have a wider range of topics...please let me know Smile
I'm sure I will! Oh boy, I never thought my love for Harry Potter would get me a chance to win so much frih$ Razz

And did you say 'official'? Meaning Bondings endorsed it or something?
Wow. I don't have much of an interest in Harry Potter, but I will be sure to take part in some later contests. That's one nice prize, and I really do enjoy writing.
I like this idea! I wonder how many people ar actually interested in writing enough to make something worth the prize. 'Course that depends on what EXACTLY we're going to have to write.
saratdear wrote:
I'm sure I will! Oh boy, I never thought my love for Harry Potter would get me a chance to win so much frih$ Razz

*Cough*Checkmysig*Cough* Razz

I will be taking part!
Writing contests are nice, basicly leashing it in to FanFiction is bad by many reasons.

(One is that it wouldn't be fare, the other is that there might be copyrigt issues in some countrys for fan fiction (diffrent countrys have diffrent laws), and also that it don't make people develop their own world for writing).
mathiaus wrote:
saratdear wrote:
I'm sure I will! Oh boy, I never thought my love for Harry Potter would get me a chance to win so much frih$ Razz

*Cough*Checkmysig*Cough* Razz

I will be taking part! are telling about that thread where we had to write a Deathly Hallows review for frih$, right?
I had meant to do that, but at that time I had not read the book. Now I have. Smile
Yes, it's an official contest, endorsed by Bondings. Which is why the rewards are pretty huge. Razz
Later, when other official contests are launched, and your profile page will display all your wins, you will probably have a trophy there if you win this contest as well.

I understand basing it on Harry Potter would restrict the number of users who can participate by quite a lot. However, I wanted to capitalize on the hype over the last book's release, and also, it was much easier to implement this one if it had something to do with Harry Potter (you'll see how when I formally launch the contest or give more details regarding it).

Future versions of the contest are not likely to be restricted in such a manner, although they probably will be thematic.
If I get just 2 more votes for people who will take part, I will make the official announcement of the contest.
When you begin to expand to other topics, I will join in, but for Harry Potter, no thanks, but you have my support for this contest.

That actually means something to you guys right? Wink

Good luck to everyone who participates in this, that's a mighty fine amount of Frih$...if only there is something we could spend it on!

How about that Frihost shop next?

Good Luck Guys.
Captain Fertile
I like the concept very much but the topic of Harry Potter and the latest book puts me out of the picture for this particular one I'm afraid.

I do however look forward to the next round (as well as seeing the results of this round of course).

Good luck everyone! Very Happy
Well, we now have 7 people who voted that they will participate in this thread. I expect that once the contest is actually formally announced, this number is likely to go up, since not many people really visit the Contests Section.
I'm likely to make a Featured Discussion out of this.

And for all those who are waiting for the next edition, the problem is that we currently do not have the infrastructure in place to host contests. For an official Frihost contest, I would have loved to have it hosted on this very server, at a url like or something. And to do that, you're going to have to wait for Bondings to code it in (by the way, I floated the idea of a writing contest quite a few months back, but he's been real busy with other things to have coded it in... I'm hoping it will be done in time for my kids to participate Razz )

This HP contest is going to be hosted on mathiaus' site... he's doing all the coding for it from scratch. At least, that's the idea for now.
Acctualy you only need one person to run a writing contest, the BoardGameGeek forums have hold such without trouble.

What was done there was Pairing people of in brackets and giveing them a lose theme to write in however they wanted and then let the other contestants vote for it (oh alright there is some small trouble with that maybe). And then doing it in the usal cup system. All down to a final.
well, I don't like the idea of letting people vote. Democracy's great as a policital ideology, perhaps, but here on these forums, you can easily "influence" votes by offering FRIH$ or by making friends, etc etc.
Harry Potter is great, and current, and I've read all 7 (plus 6 in Slovak).

I wonder what the contest will be like.

Islamofascists are deatheaters? Probably not that current.
I'd love to take part in the contest but i'm rarely online these days. so i hope you guys give a moderate time limit for the contest.
I like the idea of a short story competition,but like a few that have commented so far,harry potter isnt something i know anything about,and as its specific to just one book (deathly hallows) it narrows the possible entries down even more,any competition on frihost is hard to get going,particulary those that require an amount of time and effort,so it will be interesting to see if this one takes off.
ainieas, You'll get AT LEAST 2 weeks to write just one short chapter... it could be just like an essay, so I can guarantee you that you'll have plenty of time to write your entries.
I voted maybe. This is because I enjoy writing and much like the Harry Potter series, but I wouldn't certainly take part. I would need inspiration and enough time during the 2 weeks to sit down and write something enjoyable, interesting, intriguing etcetera.

I hope to take part if this contest is opened. But it all depends. The idea is good though and I'm all for it.
Well, expect an announcement very soon.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for participating in this thread!

The Contest has now been launched

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