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4 Ball Juggling Techniques

Here's a 4-ball technique
Start with two in each hand. All throws should be the same height and timing as a 5-ball cascade. Throw one right hand, then TWO lefts in succession. Then throw two rights in succession. (i.e. throw the one still in your hand, catch the first left, throw it, catch and hold the second left) Then two lefts, two rights, two lefts, etc.

This has a really strange effect of an off-rhythm five-ball cascade moving from hand to hand. It allows you to concentrate on one hand at a time, as one hand is throwing & catching in a 5-ball pattern, and the other hand is doing nothing.

It's a really weird 4-ball pattern, and good training for five. Hope this helps you or somebody else struggling with five.
wow that's great, I'm so glad you posted that!
Thanks heaps!
That sounds simple enough. Of course the problem with juggling is that it sounds simple enough... and takes a lot of practice to get it right. I've never been able to do more than three balls successfully, but maybe I'll try this out and see what happens.

- Walkere
I have wanted to learn to juggle for a long time. But perhaps I should start with 3 balls before trying your method with 4 balls. Nice tip anyway. Smile
Stance is important even before you start to juggle:-

Heres a few tips:

1. Feet aligned, shoulder width apart. Toes are straight or pointed out slightly.
2. Balance should be even, with a little more weight on heels than toes. Do not lean or favor one side.
3. Knees are slightly bent.
4. Back should be straight.
5. Shoulders hang loosely, align with your body and pulled back, not slumped forward.
6. Upper arms drop straight down from shoulders.
7. Elbows form 90 degree angle.
8. Palms face up.
9. Breathe. Relax.
Ok there's some nice tips there. I can juggle three objects pretty well. I've always struggled going up to 4 though, but I guess I've never looked into the technique of it much. This one might well work for me, I'll give it a shot and let you know how I go. Could be a winner.
Hi JUggling four isnt tooo defituiclt you start by
First you need to learn to juggle 2 balls in one hand. It's pretty simple, but it will take a little practice, especially in your non-dominant hand. Hold two balls in one hand, and throw one of them up and to the outside, a little higher than you usually juggle 3 balls. If you're using your right hand, try for a throw that would come down a few inches to the right of where it was thrown. When that ball peaks, throw the second one the same way. Catch the first one and when the second ball peaks, throw again. Just keep throwing from the inside of the pattern and catching to the outside. Once you're starting to make progress, learn to juggle two in your other hand.

The most common difficulty in juggling 2 balls in one hand is turning. While juggling two balls in your left hand you may be tempted to pivot to the right. When that happens, concentrate on bringing the balls further toward the center (right in front of your naval) before each throw, and throwing them further to the outside of the pattern. Your right hand will be making clockwise circles as you throw and catch, and your left hand will be making counter-clockwise circles.

With two balls in each hand, make a throw from one hand and immediately make a throw from the other hand (before the first ball peaks.) Then it's a matter of juggling 2 in each hand. Stay relaxed, and keep your eyes on the top of the pattern with the balls peak. If you've had enough practice with juggling 2 in each hand separately, you'll find you get the feel of 4 ball juggling fairly quickly. If it seems hopeless, spend a little more time with just two and then try again.

Good Luck I will post some different 4 ball tricks once you have this pattern down..
Get practicing..
If you dont hav eany balls yet please follow this link
I've got to remember this when the c... sorry I was being facetious, juggling is not something I think i'll ever be any good at.
Rico wrote:
I've got to remember this when the c... sorry I was being facetious, juggling is not something I think i'll ever be any good at.

If you have negative thought even before you try you probably will fail
you have to believe in yourself and set an achievement for yourself.
A new years resolution,maybe:)
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