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"Shape up or we're shipping out": PM of Australia

Is it time for the US, Australia, and the UK to pull out of Iraq?
 83%  [ 10 ]
 16%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 12

In Australia, our Prime Minister - John Howard, has warned the Iraqi Government to make some progress or our nation will be pulling out.

Here is an article from wrote:
PRIME Minister John Howard has warned the Iraqi Government that unless it makes faster progress towards resolving the country's political differences it faces the prospect of Australian and other Western troops withdrawing.

In a letter to his Iraqi counterpart Nouri al-Maliki, Mr Howard urges the Iraqi Government to speed the sharing of oil wealth among all sections of the Iraqi community, including the minority Sunni population, The Weekend Australian newspaper reports.

Mr Howard warns that if the Iraqis fail to make progress, the public support for Australia's military deployment to Iraq may not be sustainable.

The clear implication in Mr Howard's letter, which was sent last week, is that US public support would also falter without signs of substantial political progress in Iraq, the paper says.

So it begs the question... do you think America, Australia and the UK should pull out of Iraq? I'll run a poll... then you give your opinions.

I believe its about time we did. Its about 5 years since we went in, and yet we haven't really achieved anything. We still wake up to the news of more bombings, etc.
Yes, we need to pull out.
I don't think e should just pack up and leave, but we should hurry up, finish the job, then pack up and leave.
I agree with missdixy. We need to set targets and get out of there as quickly as possible.

Publicly setting a deadline, though, would be a huge error as it will give the insurgents too much information.
I think we should withdraw troops in stages. We should aim to have everyone out by 2010. That's my views anyway. They've done their best, but I don't think anything will ever be achieved there - so its just a waste of taxpayer money.
why the people choose the war
It is time to pull out of Iraq but I don't think they will because they still have to steal petrol...
No one in America seems to understand war in general and certainly not a civil war in a foreign country. Look at what happened in Somalia as soon as the Marines left the Warlords began to target the UN Peace Keepers and civilians. It'll be the same in Iraq, you can't tear a country down, build up a partial government and then leave it to die, you either leave immediately or you remain in place until the government can protect itself and its people. Also, when we leave it needs to be done quickly, because a slow pull out would lead to the same kind of overwhelming wave attacks seen in the end of Vietnam.
i kinda think along the lines of missdixy...that was a huge mistake to start this fight...there were other was eager for it, so was his's a shame that these ignorant people were given the reins of power in america...bad, bad all around...

Yes, it is high time these countries pulled out of Iraq. Everyone knows that the US got into this whole mess because of oil. And the other countries couldn't but help go behind US due to various other pressures. I am sure that once Bush gets out of the White House, there is going to be a change in the US Foreign Policy.
Is Australia really helping with anything though? You never hear about Australian troops in Iraq. You hear about the 4 American soliders killed by a car bomb on a daily basis. Yes, we need to have a quick hit-and-leave plan.

Remember, after helping Afghanistan defeat the USSR, we immediately pulled out and left Afghanistan to virtually collapse on itself. That is, in part, resonsible for hostilities. We don't need to create anymore hostilities than we already have. And yes, I realize that this could be a lose-lose situation for America, but to be honest, we should keep our nose out of places it doesn't belong.
It probably would have been better off if the war was never started.
I'm not sure how things are goinging right now, but one thing is obvious.
Iraq doesn't seem to want to help themselves, and for that matter how much of
Iraq are actually terrorists? At least Saddam was able to keep a tight reign over his country.
Now it's all a mess, a place of chaos.

As far as a change in policy of the US when a new president gets elected,
I couldn't agree more. It will still take at least a year maybe 2 for our troops
to withdrawl. And It won't be any secret when the amount of troops start decreasing.
It's an annoying thing called freedom of the press, and when they do a cover that
the troops are leaving, it's going to give a heads up for the terrorists.

That's why I'd rather see all the troops pull out all at once. There would
be some casualties, but less than if they pulled out little by little.

Iraq needs to start taking care of Iraq.
Tim Graham
Soulfire wrote:
Is Australia really helping with anything though? You never hear about Australian troops in Iraq. You hear about the 4 American soliders killed by a car bomb on a daily basis. Yes, we need to have a quick hit-and-leave plan.
Nothing at all. We're constantly reminded that "Austrian" (Bush said it during APEC) troops are a greatly valued presence in Iraq, although I think it's probably fair enough to say that it's a token presence - my understanding is that they're not allowed to engage in actual battle (the dirty work is left to the US) - and while the Libs (I'm talking about the right-wing Liberal part in this instance, for those not from Australia) would probably have you convinced that withdrawal would irritate them so that they can 'get the job done', I would imagine that it's probably got more to do with the fact they aren't doing anything in the first place.

That said, if we've had a hand in creating, or at least supporting the creation of, this mess then I think we should probably stay around to help clean it up.
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