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My Fu**ing Ipod? [URGENT!]

I bhought a 30GB Video Ipod two days ago and it's just not working. I tried to charge the battery with the USB cable, it's not working. Itunes don't recognize it (as Windows). BUT!, I don't know how, but the day before yesterday (I don't have a clue about what's the word to define this..?!) , after 2 hours of testing, Itunes recognize it and I have been able to charge it and put all my music on it. Yesterday, I tried the whole day to do everything on the support pages of and it wasn't working. I have like 6-7 USB ports on my computer and I tried all of them, nothing more. When I plug it, Windows make the little noise to say he detected a new peripheral but nothing more. I can click on the peripherals icon but I only get my modem and a usb stockage thing, (the Ipod, but it shouldn't be like this). Itunes do NOTHING and I have nothing on "My Computer" too. Also, when my Ipod's battery is 100% down, I'm able to plug it and the battery will load a bit, just enought to be able to open the Ipod (The power line is red and VERY small, probably 1% loaded), but as I said, it wont load more than this. Finally, I know my Ipod isn't broke because it have worked one time.

My Itunes version is : 7.3.2 (or the last one, I'm sure of this)
My Ipod version is : 1.2.1 (I know it's not the good one, I would update it if I had the chance to!)
Model : Ipod Video 30GB (apple)

Please reply fast, I'm leaving in camping this night for 2 weeks (a travel in car of 12 hours) and I don't want to hear my sisters sing and cry the whole time.. Sad I can pay Frih$... but please help me!!
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