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Heading to San Francisco?

Here are some San Francisco tips for a romantic getaway a friend is planning. I thought I'd share them with you. If you are heading to San Francisco, be sure to check out Japantown. (Unless you are coming from Japan. Then it would be redundant.)

The City is a shopping paradise with the best of everything on the planet within easy reach. A good
resource is I'll use it to link to a few stops below. It shows you destinations, maps, reviews, and what is nearby. It is super handy for finding a nearby eatery or attraction.

First, here is a romantic stop Crissy and I liked:

You can do a lot worse than a stroll down Polk street. There are
plenty of shops to explore in that neighborhood.

For great single stop strolls Chinatown and Japantown are my favorite
neighborhoods. If it rains (unlikely) head to Japantown. Many of the
shops are undercover in the Kintetsu Mall. Be sure not to miss the
shops on the other side of the square where the Peace Tower looms.
Genji Antiques is one of my regular haunts. I bought a tenth
anniversary gift for my wife there.

Make time for Kabuki Springs and Spa if you can:



If the weather is exceptional, be sure to catch a ferry over to
Sausalito. The ride is magnificent. You get a real sense of the bay,
and if you time it right, you can shop in Sausalito, Eat dinner with
views of the city before you and ride back at night. The views are
amazing at night. Very romantic. My favorite shop over there is:

The Sausalito Ferry Company:

Ferry schedule:

When you get closer to time to go, check out the SFgate website's
entertainment calendar:

That will pull up all of the happenings and local events that might
interest you.

Although it has lost much of its bohemian charm, the Haight Ashbury
neighborhood is a good stroll. Start at Haight and Ashbury. Head
toward Golden Gate Park. As you enter the park you'll see a hospital
complex. That is UCSF. My daughter was born there.

Stroll through the park to Martin Luther King Jr. Way as it becomes
9th at Lincoln Way. Up 9th you'll find my favorite pizza joint, Milano

You can zoom that google map out for a good feel of the neighborhood.
I love their meatball pizza.

Finally, There are many, many, MANY movies shot in San Francisco.
After you go, check a few out. Being geeks, my wife and I really enjoy
the San Francisco views in Time After Time and Star Trek IV. Once you
recognize a few of the landmarks, you'll be able to spot the city
ohh my i very like to go to san francisco i live in quebec and when i have i chace its to san francisco i going its sure
I live in the Bay Area, and I can say that this thread definitely serves as a good guide to the San Francisco visitor!

I want to add a couple of points, particularly if you are visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, it is very relevant. As you cross the Golden Gate Bridge and reach the Vista Point, instead of returning back through the Golden Gate, continue on 101-N and take the exit to Stinson Beach and follow the directions to it. I can guarantee that it is one of the best beaches around the San Francisco area. The drive is a bit mountainous and hence, the beach is almost always not crowded. The view is scenic and the drive is good too. Don't miss this beach the next time you are around the San Francisco area.

Here is the link to the Wikipedia page on Stinson Beach:
san francisco is cool! i cant believe some people travel all around the world just to get to sf....i guess it's pretty cool after all. better than living in.......some crazy little town...
And you have to check out the exploratorium, so cool. San Fran is cool, but i think Berkeley & Oakland are more my style. And if your going to go to stinson beach you might as well go just a little bit further north and check out Bolinas. Locals tear done the sign but just hold to the coast just north of stinson. Free legal camping on the beach on week days. I have never found that before (besides all of mexico). Oh, and just south of stinson (maybe a few miles, its been along time) there are hot springs that are only accessible during low tide. So get friendly with a local and check it out.
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