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Gonna buy a new PC - need some questions answered

I'm going to buy a new pc in a week or so, I have the basic configuration set up. But I have a few questions unanswered:

1) I have the choice between low latency ram and valueram, what's the big difference (except for the latencies) and would I need it?

2) I have the choice between DDR2-667 and DDR2-800, I was recommended by the shop to take DDR2-667, cuz of it's lower price for the ram and the cheaper Mobo I can buy then. I want the know what the performance impact is.

3) How much worse does a cheaper mobo (say about 65 Euros) perform over an expensive one?

Configuration so far:
CPU: An Intel Core 2 Duo (no idea which one yet, recommendations?)
GPU: Asus EN7900GS
RAM: Corsair Valueselect 2GB, DDR-667, C4
HD: Western Digital 320GB SE16
Get a Intel Core Duo E6600 CPU.
Don't take anything lower than E6600 unless you're overclocking.
AMD's models are better with stock speeds than the similar C2D models.

GPU: Asus EN7900GS - Big no-no! DirectX9 high-mid range cards are old. Take 8800GTS, or at least 8600GT.

RAM: Corsair Valueselect 2GB, DDR-667, C4 - You don't need anything lower than CL 5 if you're not overclocking. Also, you don't need anything higher than 667MHz unless you're overclocking.
Get OCZ ram over Corsair. Smile
If you have decided to buy a core 2 duo then it means you want a serious PC. So I suggest you buy a better graphics card. A 8800 GTS 320 MB or better should work.
As for the motherboard I suggest you buy an Intel 965 board. It is very economical, supports core 2 duo, and has a 800 MHz RAM bus.
There is no sense to buy cheap MoBo ... Motherboard is a base component for Your PC.
In My opinion most important Smile

ASUS P5B Deluxe ? Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3? ... something on Intel chipset Smile

If You don't want to OC, than stay with 667MHz ... corsair are nice ... Kingston too Smile

CPU ... 6600 will be enaught Smile

And what about power supply ? Ypu have to buy something good (don't take something standard gaven with PC Case ... )

If You are not game fanatic who have to play in 1600x1200 Full detail ... this GPU is ok ... but You may think about 8XXX series ... if not now, than maybe in future ...
K first thanks for all the replies.

Second, I'm not trying to built an massive gaming system so I stick to something similar like the 7900GS, it will allow me to play a game or so, but not anything frantic, as that is not what I wish.

I find the cheap model of Geforce 8 series (8600GTS) to be to slow, it's slower then 7900GS in DX9 and it is more expensive. DX10 games are still in development, I figure, I would need atleast a 8800GTX to run the real DX10 shit properly when the time comes. Way to expensive for my tiny wallet!

The CPU, well it's gonna be a E6750 for sure it was even cheaper then the E6600 Shocked
It's main purpose will be to run rly crappy home written code & video editing stuff and as said be before it should be more then sufficient.

But what might be a more interesting question what hardware would you recommend when the GPU will get a upgrade in 2 or 3 years?
Well sir, there is no telling where hardware is gonna go in the next few years. AMD will be releasing there quad core soon so new motherboards will be brought out. With that new gfx cards will be brought out.
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