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My blog,your advice on promoting it!

My blog here
I set it up a month ago,I don't know how to promote it asap.
The only goal is the google pagerank,what should I do?
When does google update the google pr and backlinks?
I hear that it is updating pr now,I wish my blog goes away from zero.
Your advice on how to promote it ?
Thank you very much here.
the pr update isn't a process that happens like once a month or once a year.. it's pretty active. although not realtime, you can say that pageranks rise and fall every minute [or hour].
{name here}
There are so many blogs in English an English speaker would almost certainly not care about another blog of some sort that doesn't have some better content attatched to it somehow. My advice to you is to try advertising in IRC channels if you can in freenode, slashnet, or efnet. That's how a few guys got their start, though I don't know if those providers have any Chinese channels if at all.

If you can't do that, post it on a forum or ten. Someone might join in on the action as well. Someone might not. Unless a blog is very interesting, thought provoking, or satirical it won't have many eyes laid on it.
{name here} must read my notes! (just kidding). Follow everything he says, though, he gives good advice, especially regarding content. When I visited your site on Firefox on a windows machine, all I got was a bunch of question marks and other computer code that no one could understand. It appears something has gone wrong in your coding. Once you fix that and generate good, addictive content, you will begin to get visitors. To help it along, buy some ad space on Google and Yahoo for the search terms that you want to come to your site. However, all the ads in the world won't buy you good content and without good, quality content, people won't have a reason to stay.

Vincent Flanders provides a good checklist to go over when you finish your site (or check through while it is still in development.)

Good luck!
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