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Local surf website

This is my first website[url] [/url] this site is local surf website .my idea of this site is simple just to promote our tour. i need comment and suggestion guys. Smile
.tk is not a good choice for domain.
google is not friend with that kind of domain name.
I can let you use my free domain from
you can also apply one if you wish,their website is,good luck.
and I can't access your website here, I don't know why.
hu? my site work properly .okey ill try ur domain. thnks..
{name here}
airh3ad wrote:
hu? my site work properly .okey ill try ur domain. thnks..

The reason why people advise of using things like and over .tk and is that:
1) They put your site in a frame, which isn't that SE friendly
2) They sometimes don't work on some computers with internet connections
3) .tk puts in a large ugly frame around your website with advertisements
I would almost certainly choose over any domain that uses a frame to deliver content even though it's slightly longer.

Other than that my advice to you is to ditch the bottom counter and google search bar. The title, at least from the perspective of the .tk domain, is excessively long. Try a shorter title. When people bookmark your site they want a memorable title that's short.
beyond what is said above...

The layout is pretty good, and the topic is awesome... some things to consider...

- rewrite and condense some of your information. It's a little hard to follow sometimes.
- MORE pictures. Can you put up some live cams? We want to see what the surf looks like.
- Possibly add live link to a currency converter.
- link to google maps... Even with the maps you have provided, I still don't know where you are. (west of a place I don't know doesn't help).

Keep developing it. Get rid of all iframes.
dot tk is popular domain and free .my freind email me that my site not working in there browser now i understand that tk. not good foor domain . oki i will change my domain thank for the advise .i apply hosting frihost but i rejected i got a lot a quality post they d'dnt review it for me and consider i hope now they hear it..about the info and curency you mention i will put can i put live cams ? and how can i link to google maps? how can i put live currency converter on my site?

Thanks for the advise ..
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