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hot as hell outside..

has it been hot in your area?
... so you guys know in my area.. im not making it up it's over a hundred degree's it a record breaking temp for friday. Sad

see... i hate the heat and can't wait until at least autumn so it wont be so hot out.
Your in Tennesee what do you expect. I am allowed to b!tch though because I am in PA, and today with the heat index it got up to 108 here. I can't wait to go back to Maine for the winter, and the -30 deg days!
Its raining here, it has been all week, its annoying cos was sunny all throughout winter, meh - thats what global warming is
i hate the heat... being in the city seems to make the heart worse for some reason.
i hate global warming.. i haven't ever seen it this hot...
yeah omg this heat is insane!! and hey coolclay i'm in PA too except i live here and this 108 stuff is insane. I was in washington last week and it was in the 100's, and idk if any of you know this, but you pretty much have to walk everywhere there >.< In PA temperature sometimes goes down below 0 in winter and now it's above 100! lol
Srs2388 wrote:
being in the city seems to make the heart worse for some reason.

Yes, urban areas are warmer than rural areas. Basically, you have a higher concentration of things that produce heat (air conditioners, cars, etc), and buildings and tarmac absorb a lot of heat as well.
Same here, but in Israel it's always hot, in the winter as well as in summer time.
Here in the UK it's been the wettest June and July since the dinosaus and the weather is "unsettled"!
We're northerners living in Florida and we just returned from a couple of weeks in Wisconsin and it seemed like the furnace came with us. Of course, there were breaks in the heat and it's not nearly as humid and there's always a breeze, so it was a relief to some extent. However, it did not rain a drop the entire time we were there. The area appeared real parched. Climatic change, yeah. Some places will get wetter, some drier. Storms, floods ... I think, particularly northerners, know something's happening and it isn't minor. We used to climb up piles of snow that allowed us to step onto the roof of our neighbors garage and slide back down. ... lol ...
Over here it's been close to 100F in the past 2 weeks ;_;

Now, it's been raining for 3 days, and cold, what on earth's the matter with the weather o.o

Usually August used to be the hottest month of all the year, not just look, it's acting like September >.> And don't say it's Global warming Razz
The weather is very unpredictable here, it rains some, then the sun shines, then it rains some more - and it repeats just like that. I wish it would be a bit warmer outside, it doesn't really feel like summer Confused
My temperature for the past several days has been above 90 degrees F. What takes the life out of me is the opressive humidity that has accompanied the temperature.
Looking ahead, temperatures to climb above 90 degrees F and high humidity for the next week and a half.
today, it was in the ninety's. It's too much for me sometimes, and I have difficulty breathing. Sometimes going in and out of the hot and cool air conditioned rooms gives me headaches
I am not in the states so i don't have ur kind of heat, I have temperature around 89.6 F so that's not as hot compared to ur numbers but if u live in an area for awhile any temperature above about 80 F is hot . I've got cousin's in minneapolis so I don't know the temp. there but it's hotter than my area (well, that's what I heard).
Consider yourself lucky. I, in another country altogether, have had to put up with cold temperatures and constant drizzle all day.

As a sidenote, aren't topics about the weather just so much fun? Razz
Shet hot weather = stay inside + AC lol. I used to live in Cincinnati, where it was pretty hot for a northern city...I'm in Atlanta now, but I can't really notice that big a difference. Man, when I lived in Beijing during the summer, that was killer...
It's only slightly hot here in London.

As a native Texan, I thought a mild summer would be a nice break. I was wrong - I miss it!!
Hey all!

In Canada, it was the last week that was over 100 F.. It was really terrible and humidity kills Crying or Very sad

This week, is really awesome, not hot at all just perfect temperature.
I think it's all due because of the our climatic problems;
I mean the pollution all these cars and big companies etc etc.

It was really terrible for old peoples and young kids or those who has illness...
Better to stay inside with the AC or go out in the public pools...
I don't really like public pools personally.. prefear my neighbour's one Cool ..
I wish I can have one too ... eh.

haha, i don't know about any of you, but here it's been raining for like 7 days straight. Things really really really cooled off now. I have to cut the grass sometime soon, i haven't cut it in 2 weeks b/c i was on vacation last week and you can't cut grass in the rain :p Some really crazy weather going on lol.
It's been pretty bad weather all the summer, not many hot days. But this week it's been all sunny and nice, though maybe a bit too hot sometimes, over 35C.. but really, it's not any much hotter than the other summers I've experienced, we're not just used to the heat after all the rain.
So finally we can go to the beach with some ice-cool soda and daze and colour ourselves. Cool
mhh.. i personally hate heat... if it was up to me to take charge of the heat in the house i would have an AC and 3 fans going all winter..... i just like the cold.... and it usually is cold here in canada,well... it can be.. but it can be hot as well... i remember it being like... 35 degrees Celsius or something last summer where i live, well.. where my dad lives.... but the best thing about where i actually live.. is .. that in the summer it isnt as hot as it is in town.. cuz i live in a rural area so theres less pavement for the heat to sink into ergo its cooler Smile
In Poland it's normal .. but to sunday it will be a little rainy ...
Even if it's rainy... temperature is about 26-28* C ... from monday wednestay it may be even 32* C ... it's summer Smile
What's weird... in the winter it will get pretty cold.. I want to get out of the south
It's hot here in here as well. This summer was one of the hottest that we had seen. It used to be more than 30 degrees. Then suddenly the sky was covered with clouds for a whole week and it was cold during that week. Then it started raining last week and now my city is hot again. Even a temperature of 30 degrees makes me feel so hot and I wonder how people live in the zones where the temperature is higher than 50 degrees. I would die in such places. Wink

You guys think you have it bad? It's been 110+ degrees F (40 C +) over here.

Although I don't live here, I'm on business here for about a month. From what people have been telling me, it's actually MILD. Summers are typically 116-120F (48C) here.
Damn it's hot as hell this summer. Just a few days ago it was 108 degrees. It's a pity I have my computer setup in my garage since I spend such a majority of my time out here. Sad
I hate AC's, we (people) are responsible for the heat, we should have to suffer the consequences. People with AC's are justing making things even worse.

I think 50 Years from now, no one will be able to go outside, because of the temperature/UV radiation/airborne pollutants we be too bad. Most of the Earths species will be dead, except for what we kept inside our buildings. All our food will be grown indoors, or just artificially produced. And we will basically be entirely dependant on our technology for survival.
DAAAAAAMN im glad i don't live in Az. that would suck i hate it when it's over 90
I am getting convinced of global warming... it is getting hotter and hotter i don't remember it being this hot here ever.
Yeah, rub it in. it's the height of summer and 12C today.
That's not typical weather for us, but it sucks just the same. We've had record snowfalls and floods this year, so we were really hoping for a nice summer.
Oh well, I guess i shouldn't complain... I'd probably die at 100+F!
hahaha i live in arizona..there might not be much humidity but if is like you are in an oven. literally.
my trainer person for work came down from knoxville TN and he said it is hot there but a sweaty hott, and here it is like you are a turkey roasting in an oven on 500 degrees.
hahaha i live in arizona..there might not be much humidity but if is like you are in an oven. literally.
my trainer person for work came down from knoxville TN and he said it is hot there but a sweaty hott, and here it is like you are a turkey roasting in an oven on 500 degrees.
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