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What Are Your Top 3 Ways Of Motivation?

Hi all,

Just want to know what are your top 3 ways of motivating yourself
Mine is

1)Keep myself going early in the day with a simple phrase:" Do what others dont do today, so i can achieve what others cant tomorrow!"

2) Do my best to listen and get my hand on motivational resources like audio and videos.

3) Reading about and following others success journey which pushes myself forward in whatever i do.

How about yours?
1. Just get it done now.

Motivating yourself to do it later is putting it off.
I try and imagine where I want to be, I motivate myself both positively and negatively. Positive motivation is imagine what doing THIS will lead to. Let myself fantasive a little, negative motivation is to imagine what people who don't do this end up like. The best motivated I have ever been though is when my reasons for doing something are particularly solid and well thought through. If my psycke is intent on something, then my body seems to have access to unlimited energy when I say this I don't think there is any motivational technique I have yet uised which has equalled the energy of very clear logical thought. Maybe NLP as that probably seems closes to your natural motivation anyway but used for a more contrived or anti-natural purpose.

I dont mean that I thinkn there is anything wrong with contrived motivation, we get imbued with lots of motivations from our formative years and not all of theese will be helpfull to us in our adult life. To be able to change and adapt theese to our grand purposes is an enviable trait.
1) visualize the good results of hard work

2) talk to others who are doing similar work, trying to keep it fun

3) let myself off easy if i don't quite accomplish every single part of my goal...that way i don't dread working!
Good thread Smile

For me, I guess:

1. I keep saying to myself that I must do what I have to do, or finish what I have to finish, or else I'm out on the street digging in the garbage for food.
I also strive to push further than my limits, because that way you create new limits for yourself Smile

2. "If that person can do it, why the hell can't I?!"

3. The genre of music I listen to has been a great help in motivation, all metal-heads agree on that. When I need my spirit to be lifted, a good folk metal track, for example, reminds me of older times, when life was much harder.
My ways of motivating myself are:

1) Think of what good will bring the result of the work.
2) Think how much will I gain by doing it and that I'll be one step closer towards being awesome ;]
3) Also listening to my favourite music.
1. Give myself a carrot. Good work can be a reward in itself, but sometimes I want more (especially if the 'good work' is just, say, 'efficient and accurate entry of a never-ending supply of data into a database'--which is non-coincidentally what my job is now. So I'll make sure there's something that I'd like waiting for me at the end of it--a new book (actually, my reward for finishing current books tends to be a new book...), a CD or DVD, assorted sweets, a whole weekend where I don't have to do anything...

2. Set out the task in my mind. How much do I have to do? Is there anything that needs to get done by a certain time? What order should I do stuff in? What can I delegate, and should I?

3. Socks rolled up, soundtrack on, do not look right or left but move straight ahead.
I'll not agree with you completely -

sathiyasri wrote:

2) Do my best to listen and get my hand on motivational resources like audio and videos.

All are not having the same thoughts to get success... It depends on their Nature of Mentality also.

So my Suggestion and doing is -
Just listen to yourself to get Success.

sathiyasri wrote:

3) Reading about and following others success journey which pushes myself forward in whatever i do.

Ofcourse, the above will give answer for this one also. But in some other way it is helpful - Reading succesful stories - But not for all the concerns.

My Suggestions to motivat myself -

1) Sit silently, think for few minutes and get a decision to be followed.
2) Do hardwork to achieve - Donot listen others saying - Follow yourself.
3) Praepare yourself to face the obstacles mentally and then physically.
Nameless wrote:
1. Just get it done now.

Motivating yourself to do it later is putting it off.

I totally agree with this comment. I've got a bad tendency to procrastinate. When I need the motivation I usually tell myself to get it done now so I won't have to deal with it later. It's really bad putting things off - it's actually more stressful to do that rather than just getting it out of the way. The faster you get that something done the sooner you can stop thinking about it.

I've different motivations for different things like if I need a motivation to clean my room - I usually pump up the music and pretend that I will win $10,000 if I get it all done within a time limit (silly I know but it works!)

Encouragement from others also really help so if I feel like I can't do something I usually just talk to someone about my worries and they can help me out with either literally helping me out with whatever it is or with just a few words of encouragement.
I think top three ways of motivation are:

1>Thinking that everything is possible, unless you make up your mind and say 'hey that can be done' nothing can be done, impossible itself says I M possible!!

2>Saying to yourself that now it is the time to do, you are spending seconds of your life that you won't ever get back, so fix the time and do the work, scheduling the work is very important, that is why children are taught to schedule their work from very small age.

3>Motivate others so that you feel a binding force to do the same with yourself, say for example if you say to a person to do hardwork you will feel somewhat urge to do hardwork yourself also as you preach the same to others.

So that all makes 3 most important points to motivate yourself, following them would surely lead to success!!
I flip through a gigantic packed scrapbook of clothing, designs, pictures, graphics, anything...and find some motivation by looking at the beautiful things created by other people. When I'm feeling low on creativity and low on energy to complete something, if I try to just sift through the pages of that scrapbook I can usually find something that gives me enough inspiration to find motivation in myself somehow.

Another thing I do is find some sort of really emotive music, something that really sings to me and makes me feel motivated inside. Sometimes it's a dance tune that I have to get up and groove to, other times it's some traditional old-school 1950's Bollywood tracks, othertimes it's a mellow trip hop song--it all depends on my mood and what I need to get done.

I've also found that doodling helps. I'm usually dealing with creativity blocks and feeling devoid of inspiration and that has an obviously big impact on my motivation, and even though it can be hard sometimes to just sit and doodle, even if it doesn't look good, you're at least doing SOMETHING rather than nothing.
raine dragon
deadlines are the biggest motivator in my life. XD I get so fixated on not letting people down that I can do wonders... as long as I have to have them done by a certain time.

Also, if I'm doing something for someone I care about I find I tend to be very modivated by that as well. ^_^

Lastly if all else fails, a large caffeinated beverage and some hyperactive music and a big dose of 'I just gotta get this done' >.<;;
1.) A big man behind me, calling me Sally.

2.) A revolver, loaded with 3 bullets, pointed to my head while several Vietnamese people yell "MOW MOW!"

3.) The death of one Willy Loman.
When I decide I want to achieve something, first I think of it to see how I can do it. I think that finding the way to solve a problem is very important because no matter how hard you try something, if you do it wrong way it will end up bad. Then I talk with other people who have some experience in life and listen to their opinions and suggestions. Now when you know what you want, how to get it and what to expect, just work hard and fight for your goal.
I tell my sister to punch me until I get the thing done. It is extremely effective.
1) Money
2) Girls
3) Money

Are my top three motivations really in getting anything done.
hmm well motivation is actually simple for me;

1. Competition
2. Jelousy
3. Being the best[/quote]
nilsmo wrote:
I tell my sister to punch me until I get the thing done. It is extremely effective.

o.0 That sounds like a very good way to get motivated.
1. Music. Music is a major driving source in my life.
2. Improvement. In whatever I do, but especially sports, improvements and new achievements are something that keep me going.
3. Hm, competition maybe? Trying to be the best I can be Very Happy
1. I must write it down. If I can identify it, its good or I just don't know what to do.
2. Tell someone or get another person involved. Feedback helps me know its ok to do.
3. Make some kind of commitment. If l let someone or myself down it makes it real.
My motivations:
I want to do my best, I keep thinking about the end result and motivate myself to win great. I don't want to regret knowing that I'm not making effort or not giving my best. I didn't want to leave that experience knowing that I could have done more.
I set a smaller goal to kill before using the small goals to start an army against the ultimate one
good topic
for me
1.believe in myself, believe in my capability, tell to myself that you are as good as the man who's already successful;
2.think of the good changes of my life if I make it,;
3. to know what that successful men have done on their way to success.

success means achieve that you want to
Honestly, the best motivation for me is thinking about my body rotting in the ground, which to me isn't a disturbing thing in the least. Really, what demotivates me is typically fear. Reminding myself that all roads lead to death removes any small fears I might have had, and makes me want to enjoy life now and do the things I want to do.
HAHA I must say that most of the time, I'm completely not motivated at best, I get short bursts of energy to do something.

I think it's all situational for me, really, as there are certain times I get really hyped up and motivated (usually following drinking large amounts of Mountain Dew, which I HAVENT HAD IN A REALLY FVCKING LONG TIME LOL)
i like this topic a lot actually. i find that motivation is key to success in life, love, and career. a person who isn't motivated won't get too far...the question is, how do you motivate yourself?

my main phrase is " knowledge that drives action is power" i dont remember where i heard this from but it's huge....this phrase drives me to learn as much as i can everyday. keep myself doing valuable constructive things, even during leisure...i try to make the best of things everyday...another phrase i use is "your success depends on other people's success, so try to get along with everyone"...this one is also huge because getting along with people is one wants to make enemies...u never know when that person can be ur most needed fried.

"build long lasting relationships"

i've had to many friends back in the past where i lost best friends through arguments and differences...i find that it's good to not judge people...
i hope these will help u guys some how
Motivation? Food, sex, and money.

'Nuff said.

EDIT: But please, not all at the same time.
I always try to look at the bigger picture, although sometimes that actually de-motivates me because it makes what I'm doing right now seem pointless because it doesn't change the big picture. Rolling Eyes Although I do like nike's slogan...
1 Always be positive

2 Always be positive

2 Always be positive

Negative motivation is easier =P

- "If I don't do at least half of what's left now, I suck".... done!
- "If I don't do at least half of what's left now, I suck".... done!
- "If I don't do at least half of what's left now, I suck".... done!
- "If I don't do what's left now, I suck, it's so little".... done! =D
anger motivates me more than anything.

money would be second.

idk whats third hahaa
I tell myself to do my best especially in the hard stuffs so that I won't have to repeat it over again.

Of course, my dreams and my loved ones keep me motivated.

And yes, my pride. I don't want people to see me as a failure. Especially when others think that the path I've chosen is wrong. I keep my head up and remind myself that I should do my best.. cause I don't want people to prove that I made the wrong decision.

These words by John Maxwell help me too.
John Maxwell wrote:
In my office, I have a sign that says, "Yesterday ended last night." It's a great sign because it helps me keep our company's success in perspective. When I want to celebrate because the previous day was a good day, I look at the sign and say, "Okay John, that was yesterday. The party's over. Go home, go to bed and get ready for another day."

Life is not a snapshot. It would be wonderful if, at the pinnacle of your success, you could take a picture of it and assume nothing will ever change. But it will change, and if you don't change with it, what got you there yesterday won't keep you there in the future. Yesterday ended last night, remember? And--even more importantly--today's success won't sustain you tomorrow.
1) try to meditate deeply on anything
2) try to worship and gloryfy Jesus always
3) try to be humble
I like to hum quietly to myself "Swift, silent, deadly shoot to kill" over and over again. Some people like to yell and scream a lot, but that's false motivation. The yelling and screaming is usually done by the loser in battle, methinks.

Stupid Foxtrot company.

My other two ways are recons and drill. Hoorah drill.
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