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Flavour Enhancer 621...

What do you know about MSG? (in Australia it is marked on packaging as Flavor Enhancer 621)
I have read that is extremely bad for you. It is kind of addictive and your body reacts badly to the influx of amino acids....
BUT it is nearly all flavoured packaged food! It is in crisps, gravy mixes, canned soup, cup of soup, instant meals, stock cubes...
Can this thing that is really bad for us be in all these foods just because it makes things taste much better and tricks our body's into thinking its good for us, and eventually we become addicted to it so we keep purchasing the food???
It seems crazy that it is accepted and not looked into.
I only started noticing it is in everything because someone said it might be triggering my allergic reactions... which are much better since avoiding MSG...
I am allergic to MSG (mono-sodium-glutamate), in both its artificial and natural versions. As far as I know, artificial MSG is worse than natural MSG. I have also heard that it also kills off brain cells. Unfortunately, they add this substance to a lot of foods to improve the taste (by the way, MSG doesn't only appear under the name Flavour Enhancer 621; Hydrolysed Vegetable Proteins also contain a large amount of MSG).

MSG is not the only chemical additive to our foods, either. Today, foods are laced with a multitude of pesticides (on fruits and vegetables); colours (in the majority of processed foods); and preservatives (also in the majority of processed foods). Some of these additives are not overly nice things and you really don't want to know where they come from if you're planning to keep consuming them...

There are a number of books out there which list all the chemicals in food and describe their effect. Personally, I think it's safer to eat organic foods than processed....
As a rule i dont eat anything if in the ingredient's list there is something that I cannot pronouce out loud or has numbers in it...
Which mean that I tend to buy organics food or unprocesed and then make my own dishes (and most of the time it's cheaper that way).
no esta mal, a mi m gusta
It seems in the UK that products have gone full circle - there never used to be any MSG, then suddenly there was MSG in everything. Now a lot of produts are advertising on the front of the packet - NO MSG! It would seem strange that companies would advertise that if it was perfectly safe for you. Here in NZ there seems to be MSG in absoluetly everything - you can't avoid it! I've heard that they have found evidence that MSG can cause digestive problems and IBS. My personal experience of it is that whenever I eat crisps (chips) with MSG in, the corners of my mounth become irritable and manky for a few days after. I wander what its doing to our insides?!
All I hear is that MSG is very bad for you, but yet if you read the wikapedia page on MSG, it says its fine. It seem like scientific studies and actual evidence are displaying very different things...
I always avoid the use of the flavored foods.
Because there are number of the people who use the just natural products to get the results.
I agree. In reality, MSG is an addictive chemical which means that people are being encouraged to binge on unhealthy foods like chips (crisps) and could be one of the bigger (no pun intended) reasons why obesity is becoming an ever increasing problem in society. "Once you pop you can't stop" was the slogan for pringles which back in the day was the only crisps that had MSG in - now the same could be said for most crips! But I would be much more inclided to support organisation that use natural ingredients and invest in quality and healthiness over addictive additives to boost sales.
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