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What is your favorite Keyword Research Tool?

Hi all,

I want to know which is your favorite keyword research tool you use that provides the best results and analysis.

- Trellian
- Wordtracker
- Fireclick
- **Add if I am missing some*
mmmmmmmmmmm............ Nothing works better for me than wordtracker.

however, some Industry leaders prefer KeywordDiscovery. Wordze and nichebot are other options to choose from.
manumiglani wrote:
mmmmmmmmmmm............ Nothing works better for me than wordtracker.

Is it free ? or there is a good free keyword research tool ?
I usually use wordtracker, google adwords selector and overture.
dude_xyx wrote:
manumiglani wrote:
mmmmmmmmmmm............ Nothing works better for me than wordtracker.

Is it free ? or there is a good free keyword research tool ?

It is not free -

However, they have launched a free tool for some time -

If you are looking for a free keyword research tool, and are pretty good.
Google offers a free tool through their Adwords program.

I had a bit of trouble finding it again, because if you're logged into your google account it makes you want to sign up for Adwords instead of letting you browse around for the link. Once you get to the tool, though, you can use it freely without any restrictions.

Here's a link to Google's Keyword Tool.

Some things I like about this tool...

You can submit your site and have it analyze your site for major keywords. You can then look at the variations to find related keywords and phrases.

You can also put in a keyword and find both more narrowed keywords, and related keywords that don't contain the original keyword you entered.

Finally, for each keyword Google suggests you can see the estimated traffic it receives in search queries. You can also look at the trend over time.

Seems pretty useful to me.

- Walkere
I use many different thing but googles ad word is what I mostly use.
With all due respect that should be plural not singular, i.e., keyword research tools. You should never rely on just one keyword tool to do the job but rather you should use several keyword tools and then compare and compile the data. It also helps to chart all your data visually like in a spreadsheet so that you can easily figure out when all your keyword tools are showing good results for a specific keyword (optimal), or just some (not bad) or just one (risky). There's nothing like spending a lot of time optimizing a web page around one or more keywords and then waiting to rank for those pages and then a month, two months, six months later finally getting in the #1 spot in Google and then being shocked to find you're only getting a trickle of traffic (and not the eleventy billion hits a day your 'favorite' keyword tool said you'd get).

My favorite keyword tools are:

Keyword Discovery
Google Adwords Keyword Tool

...and the Google search engine itself. Some advanced searches like allintitle can give you some really valuable insight into the competition.
google adword keywords tool is a good choice,you will benefit form them.
Google Adwords Keyword Tool is the one I have used for a while. specially if you have a site which has adsense text ads on it. Its nice tool to check keyword bid prices and trends.
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