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Optimization for MSN

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Article by Sydney Adams:

Recently Microsoft officially presented internet community with its “new” long awaited search engine.

Although during the creation of the search engine the majority of the principles of optimization that were used won’t surprise professional participants in the on-line market, it is necessary to note several invisible at first glance differences in the optimization requirements for MSNBot, because of which the search engine can possibly be considered unique in its kind.

Described in the help files, this useful stuff will help the owners of sites, marketing firms and organizations, which provide the sites optimization, and also will help professionals in the area of the sites optimization to follow the state of MSN Search both for the personal purposes and for the clients. We should mention the fact that Microsoft has documentary founded the principles of the well organized and optimized site. However, stating that, Microsoft still advises to the owners of resource to turn for help to the competent firm for optimization in order to be indexed properly by crawler.

Professional approach to the optimization of a site will allow MSNbot (”MSN spider”) to easily examine, crawl the site and index it properly. Optimizing their resource in accordance with recommendations of MSN, the owners of sites have all chances to index their goods and services appropriately at the search database.

Here are several useful recommendations from MSN. First of all MSN acknowledges that MSNbot actively uses meta tags for the analysis of Web site. Meta tags represent a very important part of the html code and because of the new spider-type technology they play very important role in the algorithm of indexing. Just like in other search engines, tag of the title appears to be the most important part of the algorithm together with meta tag, which contains the description of page. Thus, the keywords must be included in both these elements. MSN does not say directly about the fact that within the indexing there will be used meta tags, which contain the keywords. However, it is obvious that the keywords must be included into the title, description, and content of the page.

Of course content plays the key role in MSNbot processing, allowing summing up the collected information. Apparently, at the present stage the spider will not identify the text, which is contained in the graphic objects. Therefore when graphic objects containing the keywords (especially on the main page) are present on the site, MSN recommends they be represented in the traditional text format, moreover be placed as close as possible to the title of page (which is highly connected to the menu issues).

MSN Search requires that the size of pages not exceed 150K, otherwise the spider either simply ends scanning or in the worst case it can, having determined the size of page prior to the scanning, ignore entire site.

It is interesting that MSN advises not to place words (even key words) in the tables, and in the bottom of the pages. This can lead to the entire redesigning of some sites. The graphic elements containing not relevant textual attributes (such as “alt” attribute) will simply be ignored. Readdressing is also going to be ignored.

Backward links are traditionally considered one of the most important factors in determination by MSNBot the “weight” of the page. They will be considered as the most important factor in two cases: firstly this must be a link from the home page and secondly references must have the depth of not more than three levels. This means that all hyper links for the maximum effectiveness must be accessible in three clicks. This can cause problems in work with large sites. However it seems that the depth of scanning in the course of time will become deeper.

According to the MSN Search documentation, some sites can be removed from the data base. To the owners of Web sites, to firms, which provide the optimization of sites, and to other clients MSN recommends to verify the inclusion into the data base or to examine the register of clients.
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