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The Resident Evil Series

Now I all know that you have to know about the Resident Evil series if you are a true gamer. If not, you shouldn't be playing video games!

On with the subject, the Resident Evil series has skyrocketed through the charts with a lot of games for the PlayStation 1, PS2, GameCube, and even the GameBoy Advance. Capcom keeps releasing these games, and they won't ever stop. They are great titles for any console. Now, let's get into the Resident Evil games themselves.

The first RE game, Resident Evil for the PlayStation 1, was not that big of a hit back in 1996-1997, when it was released. The game featured a girl, Jill Valentine, and a boy, Chris Redfield. If you played as Jill, you would encounter different things, vice-cersa with Chris.

The second game, Resident Evil 2 for the PlayStation 1, was in fact a lot of a bigger hit than the previous title. Resident Evil 2 included Claire Redfield, she was looking for her brother, and Leon Kennedy, he was the new police officer in town. They met each other, blah blah, and they eventually ran into a few people--Sherry Burken, and her mother, and Sherry's mutated G-virus father, William Burken. They eventually killed William in the end of the game.

Now, I could go on and on about al the games, but by then you would have probably stopped reading this article out of boredom. There are many other Resident Evil games (also known as Biohazard) out there. For more information on them, go ahead and visit and for the RE website, visit

Thanks for reading my article, and I sure hope you read some more of my articles! Bye now.
I know about the Resident Evil Trilogy

I completed them on PS1 years ago... Got kinda boring towards the end though, but I stilll think Nemosis was the best by far.
The Resident Evil series has been one of my favorite games in the Playstation.. Its too bad that I was not able to completely play the whole seried.. But anyways this series really redefined survival horror.. Blasting zombies was a very fun thing to do during my playstation days.. (sigh.. i miss those days).. Very Happy
Resident Evil 3 is not the best, Resident Evil 4 for the GameCube is, in my opinion.
My dad have all resident evil on the gamecube Lol He spended like 200$ in resident evil game and accesories
I never played an RE game
I wanna play 4 but i'll wait till it comes PS2 side since my GCN controllers are messed up :/
I've played RE2... pretty fun, but hecka scary, ahha.
Part 2 was my fav of the series.
i think resident evil 4 is the best camara, aiming and the graphics are far supiror to any other resident evil in the seris and the charcters are far better and the movies are much more entertaing apart from you carnt put your pad down and have a rest in them lol
for me, the best RE game is the second installment, Resident Evil 2, wherein you could play to different characted with two different experience.

RE 3: Nemesis is a bit of disappointment. Well, it is good, but not that good to surpass the gameplay and storyline of RE 2.
I can't wait for resident evil 6, brand new storyline
I've almost played all Resident Evil (1,2,3,4,5) series .

Resident Evil 1,2,3 - Playstation
Resident Evil 4 - Playstation 2, PC Version (Geforce 6)
Resident Evil 5 - PC Version (Using Geforce GTX 260 OC graphics card)

Resident Evil 4, 5 is different than the previous trilogy of the series. It introduce new kind of virus and more faster and more intelligent zombie like creatures.
My dad have all resident evil on the gamecube Lol He spended like 200$ in resident evil game anaccesories
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