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Chelsea :: Flop Signings

I think that Chelsea's new signings are going to turn out as big flops such as Ballack and Shevchenko.

I know it's too early to say but, honestly, Pizzaro seems quite pathetic in the Chelsea camp. Tal Ben Haim could have been better and Malouda was decent.

Also, if it goes on like this. Chelsea shall have major squad problems as Drogba, Terry and now Malouda seem to be quite badly injured. Anyway. Chelsea shall have a major problem during the African Cup of Nations.
I think Chelsea had got already a very good squad. The new signups will not add that much.
The main problem is the injuries. Mourinho must be carefull with that. Key players like Ricardo Carvalho must rest in some less difficult games.
The premiership will be difficult as MU got much stronger with Anderson and Nani.
And as you mention there's the african cup. Perhaps this year it will be better to bet on the champions league and leave the premiership for MU unless MU starts to drop points several times.
Patriot Players
Mourinho brought the new signings in specifically to deal with the African Cup. He knew in advance he was going to be missing those players. I believe he said something along the lines that the only player he brought in to add something new was pizarro, the rest were just there so that they dont have the injury problems that bothered them last season. Im hoping thats how its going to work out. I have yet to be able to see any of the new signings play, but from what I understand Malouda has been pretty quality, and Pizarro has been decent although hardly some sort of showstopper.

Game reports of the opening match against Birmingham say that Chelsea played very entertaining football, which is more than can be said of their season last year.
Chelsea chances to win the premiership seem to be better now. OK, just a shaky start, but now teams that play with MU will make it harder for MU. Rooney is out: the attack must be changed. Nani can make the difference or not (if he just passes the ball MU will not profit from his dribble skills, but if he dribbles he might exaggerate or not on that).
If MU keeps loosing points Chelsea might win a comfortable lead just before the African Cup. I believe that's important to win the premiership. Without the african players Chelsea will probably loose points in several occasions. That's why players like Malouda are important to try to keep the team's fighting spirit.
Anyway, the premiership is even better this year. Let's see what Nani can do. Now he has got a real opportunity.
I concur. It doesn't seem to matter when they spend so much money, as they have done with Shevchenko / Ballack. The two players were great at their former clubs, but I don't think that they can cope with the Premiership. If I were the manager, I would take it wise and look for fellow good players in England.
EaglesRC wrote:
I concur. It doesn't seem to matter when they spend so much money, as they have done with Shevchenko / Ballack. The two players were great at their former clubs, but I don't think that they can cope with the Premiership. If I were the manager, I would take it wise and look for fellow good players in England.

Exactly. What Chelsea need are young talented British players. Soon, Lampard and Terry may leave so you never know.
Compared to few seasons ago, Chelsea did not make any big signings this year...
yeah, there are rumors saying that Lampard might leave Chelsea soon... Cool
The teams quality is better than ever but english players have a lot more difficulty to take part on the big matches. That's happening in many places in europe. Italian football is an exception, with a lot of national players actually playing on their italian clubs. Perhaps because of that they are the world champions.
They've just played for 4 games only, let's just wait and see.
Yes. We need to wait and see how Chelsea deal with the African Cup of Nations. That'll be their real test. Otherwise, they have gotta win all their games and drop as less points as possible in these opening games.
Patriot Players
Pizzarro and malouda have both been excellent? Certainly far from flops. Tal Ben Haim could use some work, but I think he will do alright. And then theres Belletti who is, well hes a questionable signing but hopefully all will go well. But as others have said, many of the signings are preparation for the players that are going to be lost to the African Cup of Nations. That will hit chelsea very hard, but with these new signings I think they should be able to keep going without any super serious issues.
Belleti is by far the qorst signing. He was not up to the mark against Aston Villa yesterday. As a matter of fact, neither was Malouda, Alex or the entire Chelsea team.

You've gotta give Aston Villa some credit though. They were absolutely brilliant. Probably Chelsea didn't play that badly after all ...... they just didn't play as well as Villa.
1-1 against Rosenborg? What's happening man? With Chelsea playing so badly now, imagine what will happen during the African Cup. I doubt Chelsea are going to qualify for the Champions League this season.

Man Utd are going to whip them this weekend!

To make things worse, JOSE MOURINHO HAS BEEN FIRED!!!
Muriniho just stepped down, who's going to be the new manager for them?
Avram Grant is the new manager for Chelsea. They're looking to be whipped by United on Sunday!

There's a rumour that the likes of Drogba, Lampard and Carvalho have walked out.
Mourinho wins but also demands. Abramovic didn't satisfy Mourinho. So, better go to another club.
Chelsea still has a good team but needs key players: Carvalho, Drogba, Lampard. If the injury wave keeps going on, Chelsea will have no chances this year. I think Mourinho loss is even worse for Chelsea. His leadership and tactics will be missed at Stanford Bridge. Can Chelsea keep not loosing at home? I guess not. Who is this Grant anyway? Israel team coach? And suddenly Chelsea coach? That's probably the biggest flop of the season.
Yeah I agree.. They might really not have made the rigt choices.. But well we will see how it develops from here..
Theres a strong rumour that Abramovich was playing managers during Mourinho's tenure in the club. And this what pisses him off, where an owner of a football club should stay clear of football's matter.
This is it:

- This season, Chelsea will fight for a place in Europe and will miss out.
- Soon, they will lose at Stamford Bridge.
- Next season, Abrahamovic will leave them.
- Then, all their players will leave them.
- Then, they'll get relegated ....

Poor Chelsea fans ...

Your team has self-destructed ....
Mourinho has left the club, i don't see them winning and thuing this season under Grant. Maybe they'll coe back strong but after a goaless draw last week and it happen at Stamford bridge,OHHH thats what chelsea fans mustbe saying.
We'll miss mourinho thats for sure, he brought more fame and competative hustles in the premiership. He truely was the specail one, i don't know if rumors about bringing van basten to Stamford Bridge is true.
But i do know one thing chelsea has lost out in evey competition this season
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