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Install over lan.

I want to install an operating system onto a computer without an os over the lan, is this possible, how would I go about starting to do this?
It is possible if what you want to do is sit at the computer and install a os from the network.

Depending on your network and if it has Internet acces, and what os you are installing there is some methods:

1) Ghost install

2) Network install avalible with OS

Most GNU\Linux OS let you do 2. (I even think that MacOS allows that although...)

Ghost install means you need a ghost file to start with and ghost software with networking capacities

what is Ghost: wrote:

A: Ghost is a software program designed to dramatically reduce the time spent by system administrators when restoring, reconfiguring or cloning data on hard drives. Ghost was used to create an "image" of the software installed on the hard drive. This "image" was then copied onto the additional Smart Classroom computers.
With most Linux distros there is an option to download a minimal boot-disk containing the installer and have it pull the packages across the network instead of reading from the disk. Is this what you mean?

If you want to distribute Windows-based operating systems, you can use RIS of Microsoft.

Remote Install Services can deploy an OS to multiple computers on the network and it is free.

There are several commercial applications that do the same. You can use Altiris ( or Radia from HP. This products do a lot more than distributing operating systems.

If you are working in a small environment, I should take a look at RIS from Microsoft.

Regards, Sybje
Arno v. Lumig
And, if you got a lot of money to spend, you can also take a look at Zenworks from Novell, if you use that you are also able to distribute software packages so all the network installed computers get the same software. I wouldn't use that on less then 10 computers though, it's not worth the hassle of setting it up.
qscomputing wrote:
With most Linux distros there is an option to download a minimal boot-disk containing the installer and have it pull the packages across the network instead of reading from the disk. Is this what you mean?

Thanks, this is what I wanted Very Happy
Hi I have trouble downloading RIS, the microsoft site pulls up a document saying that it's part of Windows Server 2003. Is it really free and Does anyone have a link?
Arnie is a free alternative.
I use Altiris DS 6.9 Build 430 with PXE boot to send a basic image of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and even ubuntu linux. As long as you can get the correct network drivers for the boot pxe boot process you have no problem. Altiris (Symantex at the moment) has good support for this.
After the OS install, on windows I use VBScript to install the rest of my packages unattended.
let as know briefly... how can i install...
Fire Boar
If you don't understand what has already been suggested in the thread, then installing an operating system over a network is probably too difficult for you. It's not a trivial procedure, and is usually only really useful for IT administrators who deal with a large network.
thanks i will try
Fire Boar
That was an unbelievably inappropriate response.
i tired but its impossible to understand to me
I always wanted to install Operating system on network. Many Motherboards have option in BIOS to first boot from network. But I wonder how will this work. Even after full installation of windows Network card does not work until driver is installed for it. How can I install Network driver without installing Operating system? Even if there is any option to do so, most probably it will still require CD drive or pen drive to do so. So, why not just add CD Drive to the PC and install OS directly from CD-ROM. After installing OS and Network driver, other softwares can be installed from network.
ya i am also asking the same question of nam_siddharth
wait a lil long.
One of my firends is developing a software which not only can push (install) Applicatiosn over a network, but also pull (uninstall) tsowtware too.
This is done as a part requirment for his Masters degree. hope he get it working Smile
I was trying this last year, for RIS, and it didnt go too well, so I had to quit it. But its a very interesting topic and save a lot of time.
I had wanted to install OS's like w2k3 and w2k8, and I think w2k8 has this option of Windows Deployment services, but I was looking at the free alternative, using Linux images and files.

Winner sounds good, but does it also install windows 2003 server and Windows 2008? In its page, it only mentions windows XP.
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