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Programming Help & Support Guidelines

Hey everyone,

I just had a look at this forum and realized that there was no guideline thread. Most programming help forums have a set of guidelines that should be followed in order to help the creator of the thread in solving their programming issue.

I suggest these following guidelines to be made :

1 - Use the [ CODE ] [ / CODE ] BBCodes
By using the BBCode dedicated for highlighting code, it helps a lot when it comes to reading the thread/reply in order to help decypher the code from the rest of the thread.

2 - Only Post the Code that is Giving you the Troubles
Only post certain sections of your code that are giving you the problems. Don't post your entire 3,000-line code and leave the job to us to figure out what the problem may be. Only post necessary code that is giving you the troubles.

3 - Post Any and All Errors that Your Code is Giving You
With PHP and ASP, there are errors that occur when there is something wrong with your code. Post the error that your code is returning when you try to run it, in order to try to help decypher what the problem is. For instance, if the error says that there is a problem with line 260, post the section of code that starts 5 lines before and 5 lines after.

4 - Please Don't Post Tutorials in this Forum
I've seen countless threads that look like people are asking for help, but they are posting tutorials and links to tutorials that aren't necessary. There is a separate forum for Tutorials on FriHost, please direct them there instead. The two that I made in this forum (pinned at the top) have been posted here because they help a lot with security and with programming troubles that people may run into with PHP.

5 - Use the Search Tool
It is considered rude to re-post the same topic or question more than once, so please be considerate on using the search tool in FriHost's forums to see if any other threads may help you solve your troubles. Take at least 5 minutes to use the search tool to find your solution. If you don't find it in at least that time, then I guess it would be appropriate to post your question.

6 - Post a Link to Your Page (If Possible)
If you are running into a trouble with a web page code, then it would be great if you can post the link to the page that's giving you the troubles, that can help out.

7 - Be As Specific As Possible
Explain everything you can about the trouble that you think you may be having and what you think the cause may be. I've seen a few threads in this forum before where people are posting 1-sentence threads without providing any details. People won't help you if you're not specific. Don't go too much over the edge and post too many details, you'll bore us to death. Razz

8 - Do Your Own Research First
Use Google as a tool to find external sites that might help you solve your problem. You don't have to ask for support on FriHost all the time, go search a little and you may find a tutorial that might be exactly what you've been looking for.

9 - Reply to All Questions You Get
Often, people who read your thread ask questions on some certain aspects on what they think the cause may be. Please be polite and answer them accordingly. If you don't know the answer (or don't understand them), don't be afraid to tell them that.

10 - Be Polite, Always
Remember that behind every computer is a human being. Talk as if you were right in front of them, without the computer in between. Don't get irate when something isn't going right. It isn't going to be the end of the world, there will always be a better day tomorrow. If you are getting stressed out with your error, take a few-minute break from the computer and return to it when you think you're ready to do so. It often helps me, to get a soda can or step outside for a brief moment to get a bit of fresh air.

I hope these guidelines are put into effect, as I believe it will help out FriHost's Scripting forum a lot. Smile

- Mike.
i would say i would have a problem with this because tutorials can help alot, or have a tutorial area... tutorials can help for people not to have to ask certain questions in the forum, and the moderators could do the job thats needed without headaches that could be demonstrated by a tutorial.

and if someone just postes code that is giving them trouble,,, how are they sure that is the code giving them problems? Ive worked with php scripting for since php4 first came out... if you cant read all the code dealing with the specific script,,,sometimes you cant determine the proper diagnoses, and try the script out for yourself... coming up with ideas to help that person with there code... im not saying post every single page for the script,, but the main page giving the problems because if they just post problem code, that code could be coming from some other place in the script... non the less,, people should know that posting too much code in the forum with cause the forum to be hard to read,,, if there is more than so many lines or more than one page of code,,, talking about an 8x11 page,,, then they need to make a zip for it, and try to make it downloadable for further review... but I wouldnt become picking on that or moderators would have a hard time trying to help that person with that code... been there... the post after post, after post would occure dragging it out to where when the moderator finally gets enough information about the script to where they can help with it...
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