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Silkroad Online

What are you thinking about Silkroad Online
I am playing the warrior on 14 lvl . Before i strat to play Silkroad i was playing WoW , but i can not have next version ,So my friend tell me about Silkroad ,and i downloaded that game iand i am very happy .
I played for a short while but its just like any other Korean MMORPG. Its not all that fun just a grind fest like other MMO's.
Just searched it online. For other people who don't know what it is:

But to be honest, I didn't looked long: first link I try to follow to see what kind of game it is, and I get this:


Web page of Silkroad Online is optimized under below condition.
Windows Operation Systems ( Microsoft Windows 9X/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 )
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and above.

Well really now? Go away! I'll search and find something better!
It's a very boring MMORPG with no storyline, just kill monster after monster... Sometimes you kill 3-4 hours the same monsters (quite boring).
AND the servers are always full and I'm not gonna pay 20 euro's a month for a premium ticket !!

Not a very good game (I like guild wars more Wink)
I like it , but my acc was stolen by some one! Crying or Very sad
its all right if you like mmorpgs. there are far better free games out there tho
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I played it for a bit during my period of MMORPG hopping.

It had an interesting game story concept, but the game itself was just too unrefined for me.

I can't really recall clearly, but I do remember thinking:
1) it was way too crowded
2) the movement/controls were somewhat lacking
3) The graphics were not exactly to my liking
4) It was lagging big time

I disliked it so much that I quit it within 2 days of starting, which would make it the MMO that I stayed with for the shortest time. >.>; But then again, those above are only what I can recollect of my opinion of the game at the time, I'm sure there are people who like it and find it really interesting; it's just too bad I wasn't interested enough to keep it once I tried it out.

I just hate lag and graphics that don't suit me. So that's why I left it for games like GW and L2, which all had pretty 3D graphics. o.o;
Very nice idea was taken as a game story. Its very interesting at the begining to explore this world full of unusuall monsters and different places. But after some time you see that the quests are the same, and you stuck in the same place for more and more time to earn exp. points/to find quest items... You have much less time for exploration. Only farming and farming... It's BORING!
Only from time to time, when you excort caravans with your friends, remains the only interesting thing.

Servers are full usually, so I can't even enter the game. It takes a very long time to update europe servers up to corean. Too much lags: in the evening or on hollidays server lags every few minutes for a few seconds, or just kicks character off at all. In both cases character is dead if you had been in fight directly before lag starts and loose experience.
At last I had a character lvl 32 that stucks in the mountains and can't be moved from there because of landscape changes after europe continent add-on. A lot of people lost their characters because of this bug, but tech. supports do nothing with it... Even one answer on their own forum about this problem...
Omg i played this sux game and i stopped after 60lvl Razz

First of all game is so crowded
Quests like kill 2000mobs are fvckin` boring Razz
and farming is boring Razz
I'm playing it now for 3,5 years... I must say, if you use bot to get forward, it is ok, but without...
the quests are that boring, the servers are full and all areas are full with goldbots -.-
dont take it offensive but here in Turkey usually teenagers play is interesting?i ve tried it ...but still think KO is a better free alternative....
I think It is a good game to be free to play .. but it needs some filtering to keep only the gamers who want to role-play in that time and keep off those people welling to make real money or abuse others.

I saw many people who are playing this game to sell their characters or user those characters to abuse other young and simple gamers, I see their may be some effort to keep those people off but still need much more effort from the game team.
freebies are always good..agreed ! Wink
Hmm i played the game at a friend of my but i dotn like the style.
I saw many hackers when he was playing so Rolling Eyes

Maybe im going to play it when there less hackers
weird that i didn't like Silkroad, perhaps it was the way it threw me into the world and half expect me to know what to do.

i must say there are games out there that are much more worth your time like Perfect World ( OK fine, it's also another grindfest ) or you could try Runes of Magic ( Coming out soon ). Stuff like that makes Silkroad seem inferior.
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