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Color Business Strategy

Hello everyone, presenting in front of you little hot topic which i noticed. Everyone of us know what role a Color plays in our life. Life is there because of color. Today’s world has become a total market place. You get almost everything. Everything is available to sell. and what attracts us ,the presentation of the thing under sell. There is huge competition among product manufacturing companies. Everyone wants to put their product on the customers head. These companies stress on their presentation of the product. Most of us like to buy colorful things. We buy depending on color. What i have noticed about some companies is that they present their product as of different color and look, ie inner product is same, outer cover differs,

Imagine you are going to a store, there you see chocolate jug containing 4 color chocolate say red,blue,green,yellow. Suppose you buy one, say red. you liked it, next time when you will go to store you will buy chocolate of different color, to taste it. This will continue till you taste all four. then you will come to know that all are of same flavor. Same story with probably every person. So what is the moral?

Yes, chocolate jug is empty in a week. This situation in every village, in every store ,Imagine.
In India such things takes place everywhere. Agro industry make such color business and no one takes action against it. You may call this indirect fooling. I am in doubt about how to control this business and what action to take against this.It is spreading everywhere so fast that, a day will come where you will tell your friend “I spent 10 hours to choose a gift “.
i personally dont find anything in such a business. it is a smart marketing way. provided the colors are not harmful
Laughing You almost speak of it as something dangerous. Yes, colors have a strong influence on our choices. But it doesn't slow you down that much: you will just feel and act differently depending on the color of the room, the product, etc. I've heard that Mc Donald's were often orange because this color first makes you hungry, but after like 15 minutes create a faint sentiment of uneasiness, which leads you to leaving the store quickly as to get the customers running. Or just think of the new Inspiron computers from Dell: they've got 8 flashy colors. But when you need a computer, you'll just pick the one color you prefer. Shouldn't take you hours to choose between pink and red Wink
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